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57% of all College Students in the US & Missouri are female - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women at S&T and Planning for the Future Jay W. Goff Vice Provost and Dean for Enrollment Management Panhellenic Council October 29, 2008. 57% of all College Students in the US & Missouri are female The college student gender gap is expected to grow to 60% female: 40% male by 2012.

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Women at S&Tand Planning for the FutureJay W. GoffVice Provost and Dean for Enrollment ManagementPanhellenic CouncilOctober 29, 2008

Fall 2008 all students by academic field
Fall 2008 All Students by Academic Field

19%: National % of Women in Engineering Majors

22%: Missouri S&T % of Women in Engineering Majors

Fall 2008 female student enrollment highlights

  • 1419 total females enrolled

    • 3rd largest in Missouri S&T history, +28 over last year

    • 5th largest on-campus enrollment at 1318

  • 15% increase in female freshmen over Fall 2007

  • 240 total full-time freshman females

  • 273 total freshman female “headcount”, goal was 277

  • 18 years of decline (1982-2000) from the all-time high peak of women’s enrollment

    • In 7 years (2001-2008), we have almost grown back to our peak point.

Fall 2008 Female Student Enrollment Highlights

Student demographics fall 2008
Student Demographics – Fall 2008

On-Campus Distance


Average Age: 21.7 20.8 27.1 34.8


Female 22.3% 22.4% 25.5% 16.3%

Male 77.7% 77.6% 74.5% 83.7%

First Generation

College Students

2004-07: N/A 34% N/A N/A


Missouri: 70.5% 80.9% 31.7% 40.4%

Out-of-State: 19.1% 16.2% 8.0% 58.7%

International: 10.5% 2.8% 60.2% 0.8%


African-American: 4.7% 4.9% 2.0% 7.3%

Asian-American: 3.0% 2.7% 1.4% 8.1%

Caucasian: 75.2% 83.0% 33.8% 72.0%

Hispanic: 2.1% 2.0% 0.3% 5.4%

Native-American: 0.5% 0.6% 0.1% 0.3%

International: 10.6% 3.0% 60.2% 0.8%

Not Disclosed: 3.9% 3.9% 2.2% 5.9%

Increases in female student recruitment enrollment and success rates since 2004

15% (n=182) increase in female students enrolled since 2004

32% (n=341) since 2000.

5 majors now have 50% or greater female enrollments:

biology, chemistry, English,

psychology technical communication

25% (n=225) increase in female engineering majors since fall 2004

91% average female retention rate (2005-2007)

68% average female graduation rate (2005-2007)

16% (n=161) increase in female ACT score senders

32% (n=72) increase in females sending ACT scores for engineering majors since 2004

34% (n=1015) increase in UG female inquiries since 2004

17 % increase in qualified female applications since 2004

Increases in Female Student Recruitment, Enrollment and Success Rates since 2004

S t women are leaders
S&T Women are Leaders

  • +91% of freshmen women plan to be involved in a student organization during their first semester

  • In 2004, +40% of the student leadership positions were filled by women

Recruitment activity summary
Recruitment Activity Summary

  • High school visits and selected college fairs of all-female high schools in St. Louis and KC areas, also

  • Visit top “feeder” public schools for incoming freshman females in MO and KS, concentrate on schools of the female camps and overnight lock-in participants.

  • Individual presentations on engineering and science careers at selected high schools

  • Email marketing to all prospective females on the ACT (AIM) and University (EMT Connect 2) databases to encourage applications, invite to on-campus events, etc.

  • Direct mail campaign: pre-college outreach summer programs and school year on-campus programs such as the Lock-In or Girl Meets Missouri S&T

  • Information table at all Admissions sponsored recruitment events such as Open House, PRO days, Student Receptions at corporate locations, transfer receptions at community colleges, etc.

  • Provide one-on-one meetings with female campus visitors about WLI and WISE as scheduled

  • Attend national conferences (such as SWE) and purchase exhibit booth space at career fairs to recruit potential graduate or transfer students

  • Award over 200 Women in Science and Engineering scholarships annually to incoming freshman totaling over $100,000

  • Telephone follow-ups with scholarship awardees, and other potential recruits with questions

  • Work with the Athletic Department to visit with recruits about our programs and determine scholarship eligibility

Converting admits to enrollees is key to our growth female freshmen enrollment yield funnel fs2008

Converting Admits to Enrollees is Key to our Growth!Female Freshmen Enrollment Yield Funnel FS2008

Inquiries: 4705

Applicants: 545

Admits: 502

Enrollees: 239

48% Admits Enrolled

5% Inquiries Enrolled

FS2008 First Time College Female Freshman

FS2008 First Time College Female Enrollees

FS2008 First Time College Female Admits

FS2008 First Time College Female Applicants

FS2008 First Time College Female Inquiries

FS2008 First Time College Female Freshman from Missouri

FS2008 First Time College Female Enrollees

FS2008 First Time College Female Admits

FS2008 First Time College Female Applicants

FS2008 First Time College Female Inquiries

Female focused pre college outreach

3 summer camps and 4 academic year outreach events for female students from 7th-12th grades

NEW CAMP: “Girls Go Green” focusing on STEM careers that help improve the environment (20 attendees: 12 seniors, 8 juniors; 8 out of the 12 seniors applied for Fall 2009)

2 other summer programs, “It’s a Girl Thing” and Summer Solutions had record attendance (n=45, n=38)

Since 2002, 70% (n=126) of 12th grade girls who attended one of the WISE pre-college events have enrolled at S&T. Many have attended one or more other camps for girls as well.

Each event has current female S&T students as counselors/mentors, interaction with faculty, and lots of hands-on activities

Created Facebook group pages for WLI and Girls Go Green

Female Focused Pre-College Outreach

5 most effective recruitment activities

WISE/SWE Lock-ins (2 per year)-70% yield for seniors

Girl Meets Missouri S&T- over 80% yield for seniors and transfers

Summer programs – over 24% of the freshmen attended an S&T summer camp

High School visits/presentations at all-girls schools or specific visits w/girls at high schools

Student receptions with current S&T women serving as hosts

5 Most EFFECTIVE Recruitment Activities

5 most important retention activities

Women as Global Leaders Class- 58 enrolled, not all women

Social activities such as Chocolate Lounge, Welcome Back Picnic, Opening Week-Women’s Night Out

Professional Development activities such as Night to Network, SWE national conference

MentorNet e-mentoring program

Scholarship awards and renewals

5 Most Important Retention Activities

We can always use MORE HELP!

The more women who visit campus,

the more women enroll.

GOAL 2.1: Grow overall enrollment to 6,550 by 2011-12 with diversity that reflects the State of Missouri and the global environment in which we compete.

Factors most noted in choosing a college

Majors & Career Programs Offered

Location/Campus Characteristics & Activities


Campus Size/Safety

Characteristics of Enrolled Students


Factors Most Noted in Choosing a College

More women are attracted to greek life or sororities
More Women are Attracted to “Greek Life” or Sororities

  • National Interest (2007 CIRP):

    • Greek: 12%,

    • Men/fraternity: 8%

    • Women/sorority: 13.9%

  • Missouri S&T Freshmen (2008 S&T NSS):

    • Greek: 23%

    • Men/fraternity: 25%

    • Women/sorority: 19%

Core planning questions
Core Planning Questions

  • If we enroll 1135 undergraduate women, can we support another sorority?

    275 Freshmen 90 New Transfers

  • What do we want House Quota to be?

    65? 75? 85?

  • What is the goal for % of women in sororities?

    19%? 21%? 23% ? +25%?

    53-70 pledges 58-75 pledges 63-80 pledges 70-90 pledges

  • What type of Chapter should we add?

    If we hit our diversity goals, 79 of the women will be African-American and 45 will be Latina/Hispanic.

Questions discussion

Jay W. Goff

Vice Provost and Dean for Enrollment Management

207 Parker Hall


[email protected]