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FELLOWSHIP. 2012-2013 CDCKI Membership Development and Education Committee. Fellowship. Fellowship is one of the three main tenets of Circle K International. Through Circle K, you will develop lifelong friendships with fellow collegians, advisors, Kiwanians, and citizens in the community.

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2012-2013 CDCKI Membership Development and Education Committee


Fellowship is one of the three main tenets of Circle K International.

Through Circle K, you will develop lifelong friendships with fellow collegians, advisors, Kiwanians, and citizens in the community.

Circle K has many ways to meet new people, strengthen friends, and have tons of fun!

Club fellowship
Club Fellowship

There are many fellowship opportunities available at the club level.

You’ll meet new people and form lasting friendships while you’re working side-by-side with fellow students to better our community.

Many clubs also have socials, where members get together and do something fun such as bowling or going out for dinner.

Some clubs also have intramural sports where Circle K can play against other organizations in a variety of sports.

Divisional fellowship
Divisional Fellowship

Interclubbing is a really easy way to meet new people, to collaborate on a project, or to just have a good time.

Try doing a joint project or event with another club in your division. Try inviting all the clubs in your division to an event you’re holding.

Take a trip and visit another club’s meeting or project. Not only will you meet new people and have fun, but you’ll also get ideas on things your club can do from seeing what others are doing.

District fellowship
District Fellowship

The Capital District has several events that promote fellowship.

At our Fall Membership Rally you can learn more about leadership and Circle K but you will also meet many new people from all over VA, MD, DC, and DE.

Our District Convention is another event that is both educational and fun! There are several social events throughout District Convention that allow you to meet with other Circle K’ers.

If there is one thing that Circle K does best it’s roadtrips! Nothing is a better bonding experience than a 4 hour trip in a car with 4 other awesome Circle K members!

International fellowship
International Fellowship

Since Circle K is an International organization, there are opportunities to meet people from all over the world.

At International Convention, you will meet Circle K-er’s from many different countries. This is a multi-day convention with several social activities to promote fellowship.

There are many other training conferences, such as Leadership Academy, that are great ways to learn more about leadership in Circle K and to also meet new people!

Circle k lingo
Circle K Lingo

When you’re hanging out with your Circle K friends, be sure you can talk the talk!

CKI ~ Circle K International

CDCKI ~ Capital District of Circle K Int.

ICON ~ International Convention

DCON ~ District Convention

FMR ~ Fall Memership Rally

SOTC ~ Spring Officer Training Conference

SI ~ Service Initiative

MRF ~ Monthly Report Form

LSSP ~ Large Scale Service Project at International Convention

IT ~ International Trustee

LTG ~ Lieutenant Governor

PCM ~ President’s Council Meeting

OTIC ~ On to International Convention Chair

CRABS ~ Circle K’ers Responding to And Bettering Society

BC ~ Builders Club

KK ~ K-Kids

KI ~ Kiwanis International

KC ~ Key Club


While we do not condone stealing in Circle K, we do condone “borrowing” of club bells, banners, gavels, and mascots.

The next time you are at another club’s event you can try to steal one of these things! Then, make them come to one of your events to get it back!

There are a couple of rules when you are “stealing” things.

  • You may not take anyone’s personal belonging!

  • It must be at an official club event and the items must be on display.

  • You may not damage any of the items. If this happens then you are held responsible.

  • You may not take any District or International bells, banners, etc.

  • You must leave a “ransom” note on what they need to do to get it back.

  • You must be flexible on how many people they have to bring or what they have to do. Be reasonable and fair.