brain development n.
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Brain development

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Brain development. The beginning. The beginning. The beginning. Spinal chord and PNS. Spinal chord and PNS. Migration of cells from spinal chord to periphery. Development of motor neurons. Alignment of sensory and motor neurons (motor & proprioception)

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spinal chord and pns1
Spinal chord and PNS

Migration of cells from spinal chord to periphery.

development of motor neurons
Development of motor neurons

Alignment of sensory and motor neurons (motor & proprioception)

Proper CPG and reflexes require proper development of local circuits

anterior segments
Anterior segments


Signaling cascades govern

Cell differentiation & Migration





cortical layers
Cortical layers

Glial fibers

olfactory neurons
Olfactory neurons

From sub-ventricular zone to olfactory bulb

setting up the connections
Setting up the connections

Where and when should the axon grow?

eyes to brain
Eyes to brain

Setting up topography…

motor neurons to muscles
Motor neurons to muscles

Setting up innervation

nerve growth factor
Nerve growth factor

Cells are programed to die unless they get NGF….

synaptic pruning pns
Synaptic pruning - PNS

Competition among synapses

synaptic pruning cns1
Synaptic pruning - CNS

Occular dominance in a neonate monkey V1

synaptic plasticity
Synaptic plasticity

Map space with inter-aural differences

synaptic plasticity2
Synaptic plasticity

Axonal projections from the Inferior Coliculus to the visual tectum shift.

This shift can only happen in young owls…

critical periods
Critical periods

A developmental period with enhanced plasticity.


critical periods1
Critical periods

Bird song development

critical periods3
Critical periods

Innervation of primary visual cortex