pointillism n.
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Pointillism. Elisabet Ballester Fina Carrillo Carlos Giménez Teresa Longueira Carla Rivas. Our task is aimed at children of initial cycle, 6-7 - years. Materials needed. Toilet paper Coloured Felt-tip pen (rotulador) Coloured Card (cartulina de color) Paper Pencil Rubber. Timing.

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Elisabet Ballester

Fina Carrillo

Carlos Giménez

Teresa Longueira

Carla Rivas

materials needed
  • Toiletpaper
  • ColouredFelt-tippen (rotulador)
  • ColouredCard (cartulina de color)
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • One introductory session
  • Two sessions for the task preparation and the task realization
  • One session for the post task
pre task
Pre task
  • We introduce the topic through several questions, as: - What do you think pointillism is?- Have you ever seen any work done with this technique?
  • Explanation of this art style by the teacher.
  • Introduction of the most important authors (two) and images of their works.
  • Finally, we will want the pupils to bring the coloured felt-tip pens for the next session, and the school will provide the rest of the necessary material
task preparation
  • They bring the coloured felt-tip pens.
  • The teacher distributes a piece of toilet paper to do the first task and the coloured card for the picture.
task realisation

First taskUnderline the different points of

the toilet paper piece to practice

the technique.

Second taskWhen they' ve finished the first task, they start their first pointillist works drawing their own pictures.

post task
Post task
  • The works of the students will be shown on the school hallway, and their parents will be invited to see what their children have done.
  • For all the families who can not come to the school, there's an online exhibition available.
  • Finally, we will ask the students their opinion about the activity