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Navigating the Verification Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Navigating the Verification Process

Navigating the Verification Process

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Navigating the Verification Process

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  1. Navigating the Verification Process Office for Child Nutrition

  2. Objectives • Define Verification • Discuss Changes in the Verification Process • Discuss Verification Process at the Local Educational Agency (LEA) Level • Discuss Verification Collection Report in CRRS

  3. Definition of Verification • Verification is the confirmation of eligibility for free and reduced price meals under the School Breakfast and School Lunch Programs • Households with eligibility determined through the application process (both income and SNAP applications) are subject to verification • Children directly certified or certified as homeless, runaway or migrant via agency documentation are not subject to verification

  4. Verification: LEA Level Verification Instruction Manual is on the ODE website • • Search word: verification

  5. Verification: LEA Level Complete the following steps: • Select a sample size • Conduct Confirmation review • Notify the households • Follow up with non-responders • Make a decision and notify the household • Complete Verification Collection Report Verify only 3%! No more…no fewer

  6. Step 1: Select Sample Size • If Verification non-response rate in prior school year was >20%, the LEA must choose the Standard procedure • LEAs meeting this criteria will receive a letter in the mail from ODE in August or September • LEAs not meeting this criteria can choose their sampling procedure from the three choices • Standard (Error-Prone) • Alternate One (random 3% or 3,000, whichever is less) • Alternate Two (1% Error-Prone PLUS ½% SNAP)

  7. Step 1: Select Sample Size The verification sample size is based on the number of paper meal applications on file as of October 1 • Students who were Directly Certified and any additional children in the household who were extended Direct Certification benefits are not subject to the verification process If district has 785 applications: 785 x .03 = 23.6  select 24 applications *Always round up!

  8. Step 2: Confirmation Review All meal applications selected for the verification process must receive a Confirmation Review • Confirming Official reviews selected applications for accuracy • Confirming Official cannot be the person who made the initial eligibility determination • LEAs using computer systems to approve applications may apply for a confirmation review waiver • Send waiver requests to ODE, OCN Attn: Assistant Director, School Meals

  9. Step 3: Notify the Households • Households selected for verification must be notified in writing • LEAs must assign a person to respond to verification questions • LEA must provide a toll-free phone number for households to call with questions • Direct Verification-LEAs can contact their County Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Office (SNAP, formerly the food stamp program) to attempt to directly verify households

  10. Step 4: Follow Up with Households • If a household fails to respond to the verification letter, LEAs must make at least one additional attempt to obtain the verification information. • The attempt can be one of the following methods (document the method used): • Letter • Phone call • Email • Personal contact

  11. Step 5: Make a Decision and Notify Household • Based on the information provided, the LEA will decide if the benefits are confirmed, increased, reduced or terminated • Meal benefits must be terminated for households who do not respond by the required deadline • Notify the households in writing of any benefit changes • Decrease in benefits: 10 days until change takes effect • Increase in benefits: change within 3 days • Remember to update any benefit changes on rosters, in POS systems, etc.

  12. Step 6: Completion of Verification • Verification is complete at the LEA level when: • All information from the household(s) is received • Letter of verification results and adverse action sent to household(s) • LEA must complete the CRRS Verification Collection Report

  13. General Notes for the Verification Process • Directly Certified children are not subject to verification. • includes siblings of directly certified children Ohio Direction Card numbers are not sufficient documentation • Medical Card numbers do not qualify a household for meal benefits • Households terminated for non-response that reapply must include documentation with their application • The LEA must maintain copies of all Verification documents (those sent from the LEA and received from the household(s))

  14. Verification Collection Report To complete the CRRS Verification Collection Report • Log into CRRS • Left Side of School Lunch Screen • Select Verification • Choose current program year

  15. Verification Collection Report The form may look different in CRRS Same questions as today’s example

  16. Verification Collection Report Top section of form This section contains more details than previously

  17. Verification Collection Report Section 1

  18. Verification Collection Report Section 2 If your schools do not operate any special provisions, place “zeros” in all boxes.

  19. Verification Collection Report Section 3

  20. Verification Collection Report Section 4 Be sure to complete both columns A & B Number of applications and number of students

  21. Verification Collection Report Bottom of page 1 Now report total Free and total reduced-eligible students

  22. Verification Collection Report Section 5 If none of your schools had to complete Verification, click the box in 5-1.

  23. Verification Collection Report Section 5- Continued 5.4 Report the total number of error-prone applications on file (ONLY if Standard method) 5.5 Report the total number of applications selected for Verification

  24. Verification Collection Report Section 5- Continued

  25. Verification Collection Report Section 5- Continued Report the number of applications that were selected due to Verification for Cause. These are in addition to the 3% selected

  26. Important Verification Dates • October 1: Sample size pulled for verification is based on the number of paper applications on file as of this date • October 31: Total enrollment should be counted and reported as of October 31 • November 15 - Verification complete at LEA level • Before January 14, 2012 – Verification Collection Report completed in CRRS • Please Note – November claim will not be processed until Verification Collection Report is submitted and error free

  27. Activity Time! Verification Collection Report What is wrong with this report?

  28. Activity Top of Verification Collection Report

  29. Is anything wrong with Section 1?

  30. Is anything wrong with Section 2? 2-1 & 2-2 is for schools operating P2 for both Lunch and Breakfast 2-3 is for schools operating the CEO Program 2-4 is for any other approved programs 2-5 is for schools that operate P2 for either L or B

  31. Is anything wrong with Section 3?

  32. Is anything wrong with Section 4? T-1 equals 3-2 +3-3 + 3-4 +4-1B +4-2B T-2 equals 4-3B

  33. Is anything wrong with Section 5? Total applications = 908 908 x .03 = 27.24  round up to 28

  34. Is anything wrong with Section 5?

  35. Corrected Verification Collection Report

  36. Corrected Verification Collection Report

  37. Corrected Verification Collection Report N/A

  38. Corrected Verification Collection Report

  39. Verification Questions?Contact Your Regional Consultant School Meals Regional Consultant (614) 466-2945 (800) 808-6325 – Toll Free