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Yiling Pharmaceuticals

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Yiling Pharmaceuticals

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  1. Yiling Pharmaceuticals • Yiling Pharmaceuticals Group - One of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in China Your partner that adds to your value!SEPTEMBER 2010

  2. The Company 1 Strategic Vision 2 Our People and Services 3 Products,Contacts, Facility 4 Contents

  3. Yiling Pharmaceuticals • YILING PHARMACEUTICALS INC. is the business and marketing arm of Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., one of the strategic business units of the Yiling Pharmaceutical Group, located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, P.R. China (three hours south of Beijing) • The privately owned and financially secure company was founded in 1992. There are over 3000 employees with a sales force of 2000 covering 90% of leveled hospitals throughout China. 1.5 billion RMB annual sales in 2009, with an exceptional annual growth of 50%

  4. Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co Beijing Yiling Pharmaceuticals Yiling Group Beijing Yiling Drug Distribution Company Beijing Yiling Biopharm Hebei Yiling Hospital Yiling R&D Institutes Affiliated Companies

  5. Our Mission and Added Value • OUR MISSION • An integrated and highly motivated company committed to innovation, cost-effective and efficient development and manufacture of quality drug products • ADDED VALUE • Providing products and services of the HIGHEST QUALITY ON TIME • Fostering mutually beneficial relations with all our business partners • Managing our operations – to maintain the highest regulatory cGMP standards and full compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations • Being a responsible corporate citizen

  6. Broader range of services and activities than most pharmaceutical companies Manufacturing R&D Unique Business Model Sales Clinics Distribution Unique strength of the Yiling Group

  7. Locations • Two manufacturing sites in Beijing • The Headquarters and a manufacturing site in Shijiazhuang Beijing Shijiazhuang

  8. The Founder • Yiling Pharmaceuticals pedigree originates through the Yiling Group being the innovator in China of modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This position is further supported by patented products with high brand image, contributing to 1 billion RMB to sales locally • Prof. Wu Yiling, the founder and Chairman of the company is internationally recognized as an authority in this area

  9. Our People • Yiling understands that only the highest level of quality and service will be accepted • To maintain the highest regulatory cGMP standards and full compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations, the company recruits and retains a globalized management team with broad experience: • New Zealand – Head of Quality • Canada – Heads of R&D and Analytical Method Development • The company also has established a platform for staff career growth and invests extensively in local talent for future growth • China – Head of Production, ex GSK China

  10. The Strategy & Progress • The company started to manufacture and distribute pharmaceutical products along with TCM products in 2000 • Over 50 generic products have been registered with the Chinese SFDA and sold in the domestic China market with approximately 100 million RMB sales a year • Based on the company’s vision, the Group has a strong willingness to balance TCM and pharmaceutical products with their combined strength in marketing and sales

  11. The Strategy & Progress (continued) • Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. • A 5 billion solids dosage (tablets and capsules) facility designed by European consultants (NNE Pharmaplan) to meet with regulatory requirements of the EU, USFDA, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand authorities has been commissioned in 2008 • The facility is REGULATORY APPROVED By Chinese SFDA ; New Zealand authorities (2009) AND UK MHRA (April 2010) In addition, tech transfer of products to initiate regulatory inspections by the Canadian HPB and USFDA are in process. • FUTURE: 3 more lines with highly potent drugs and hormones are being qualified in a new ‘Clean industry area (Miyun)’ located one hour north of Beijing

  12. Services • Yiling offers contract manufacturing services over a wide range, which includes: • FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT • A full team with expertise from instant release to extended release oral solid dosage forms provides responsiveness. In addition Yiling has access to innovative drug delivery systems, including nano technology

  13. Services (continued) • ANALYTICAL DEVELOPMENT • Experienced analytical technologists supported by full equipment capabilities offer: • Analytical Method Development • Analytical Testing including STABILITY STUDIES • FINISHED DOSAGE TECH TRANSFER • All activities are supported by a dedicated in-house Project Management Team to liaise with clients to meet their requirements ON TIME

  14. Major Production Equipment – Shijiazhuang Facility

  15. Product Portfolio – Anti-Cancer

  16. Product Portfolios – Anti-Cancer (continued)

  17. Product Portfolios - Hormones

  18. Generic Products Sold in Chinese Domestic Market

  19. Views of our Shijiazhuang Facility • The view of a corridor

  20. The Bottle Packing Line • Bottle Packing line

  21. The Blister Packing Line Blister Packing Line

  22. The Bin Blender Current Batch sizes can be varied from 200Kg to 700Kg according to different size bins – If required bins up to 5000Kg can be installed

  23. Fette Tablet Compression

  24. Bosch Capsule Filler

  25. Contacts • Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. • Yu Liu, Regional Manager, Business Development Dept. • Telephone: +86-10-69076263 • Facsimile: +86-10-69076979 • Mobile: +86-15911040102 • E-mail: yu.liu@yiling.cn • Website: http://www.yiling.cn/cont.htm

  26. Yiling Adding to your value Yiling’s integrated supply services Cost- Effective Effective R&D Quality Deliverable How Yiling adds to your value? Thank You