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  1. Wordsplash Ms. Garza Ms. Knorowski

  2. Your job: • Get in Groups • I will ‘splash’ a group of words on the board • Your group’s task is to create a piece of writing using the words shown (i.e. a poem, song, rap, story, etc.) • There is only one rule: you must use EVERY word! ( It can be non-sense or make sense.) • You will have 10 – 15 minutes to create your piece. • Each group will share at the end! • You may use the link to “hear” the pronunciation of the new vocabulary Lesson Plan:Day 1

  3. http://www.learnersdictionary.com/search/obsequious http://puhsd.visualthesaurus.com/ recapitulate latent paragon cavorted cadence placate gregarious recalcitrant ratiocinate elocution verbose tedious ostracized myopic Lesson Plan Day 1 con't. daft

  4. There is only 1 rule: • You must use EVERY word!

  5. “Transformation” • Copy the Prefix/Root/Suffix in Cornell Notes • Listen to the song Transformation by Flocabulary • List all Wordsplash vocabulary you hear on the song in Cornell notes. • Read:Transformation & underline the key vocabulary words as we read • Circle any words or phrases that are still unfamiliar to you. • You must use correctly 10 or more of the 40 “Transformation” vocabulary in your writing pieces for the month of September. Lesson Plan Day 2

  6. Transformation: You tube video • Watch Video Here!

  7. Word Parts: Prefix/Root/Suffix: • log/logue= word; thought/ ex: dialogue • verb= word/ ex: verbose • re= again/ ex: recapitulate • -tion=quality or state of ex: elocution/circumlocution • -ic=relating to ex: myopic • ology=the study of/ex:entomology <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/mRdMYuNeAng" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  8. Endings that change the meaning of the word are called "derivational suffixes." Lesson Plan Day 3

  9. Wrap - Up • What words did you use correctly in your creative writing pieces? • What words were new or had meanings that surprised you? • What was the general “theme” or context that most of these words could be categorized under?

  10. Word Bank

  11. Copy the Vocabulary Sentences & Parts of Speech for each word. Lesson Plan Day 4.Homework

  12. Flocabulary: Transformation 1. He has criticized the government's myopic diplomatic policies. (adj.)[=shortsighted] 2. The academic decathlon team ratiocinates on a variety of provoking topics. (v){to think} [rash-ee-os-uh-neyt] 3. The sight of her rendered him speechless. {to say or make} (v) 4. We understood your point, there's no need to recapitulate {to repeat}(v). 5 Many citizens consider President Obama a loquacious leader. {talkative} (adj). 6.She has a verbose writing style.{wordy} (adj) 7. She is outgoing and gregarious. (adj){sociable} 8. He took lessons in elocution. {the art of public speaking} (n) 9. I'm trying to avoid circumlocutions in my writing. {indirect language} (n) 10. The recalcitrant prisoner refused his last meal before his execution.{defiant} (adj) 11. She offers some cogent reasons for building new schools. [=intelligent,viable](adj) 12. Shakespeare’s Othello was considered a seminal tragedy in Elizabethan times. {original;groundbreaking} (adj) 13. She was given an award for meritorious service. {deserving of praise or merit} (adj) 14. The newspaper editors often redact the writing of the less experienced columnists. {revise;edit} (v) Lesson Plan Day 4.Homework

  13. 15. The administration placated protesters by agreeing to consider their demands. {soothe; appease} (v) 16. The work is tedious, but it needs to get done. {dull; boring} (adj) 17. They have a tome on European history in their home. [tohm] {a large book} (n) 18. Would you like something to drink while you peruse the menu? [examine carefully] (v) 19. I think many curious teens should declare entomology as their major in college.{study of insects.} (n) 20. The other girls ostracized her because of the way she dressed. {to exclude from a community} (v) 21. He's a talented player but his angry outbursts have made him a pariah in the sport of baseball. {an outcast}(n) 22.She persevered in her studies and graduated near the top of her class. {to persist} (v) 23.The house they bought had latent defects.{present but hidden} (adj) 24.The market for collectibles has burgeoned in recent years. {to come forth; blossom) (v) 25.Many hours of diligent research were required. [=painstaking, careful] (adj) 26.The company is a paragon of modern manufacturing techniques. {model of perfection} (n) Lesson Plan Day 5. homework

  14. 27. The college coeds wanted to rent a commodious apartment. {spacious} (adj) 28. Why does it seem that moms have clairvoyant powers? {able to see and detect things that others cannot.} (adj) 29. Greater cultural diversity has led to a more cosmopolitan attitude among the town's younger generations. {worldly; sophisticated} 30. She has a vast amount of knowledge on this subject. {enormous; immense} (adj) 31. The downtown loft has high ceilings and voluminous spaces.{large; ample}(adj) 32. They were charged exorbitant rates for phone calls. {excessive}(adj) 33.He went to extravagant lengths to impress his boss. [=elaborate, extreme] (adj) 34. The pyramids are an ancient Egyptian colossus.{an enormous structure} (n) 35. She gave us a brief synopsis of the story. {summary} (n) 36.Boat oars moved back and forth in smooth cadence. {rhythm} (n) 37. Otters cavorted in the stream. {to prance; dance about} (v) 38. A large and boisterous crowd attended the concert. {loud; energetic} (adj) 39. He's got a daft sense of humor. [=silly, daffy] (adj) 40.The photographer is known for her deft use of lighting. {skilled;adept} (adj) Lesson Plan Day 5. homework

  15. Lesson Plans • Day 1: Pronounce word splash words and have students repeat the 15 words from the slide. • Group work of creative writing piece. • Each group leader reads piece to class. • Class listens for groups’ mispronunciations and models teacher’s correct pronunciation of the word. • Homework: handout #1: First 21 sentences using vocabulary words. Students are to copy each sentence, definition and part of speech. • Day 2: Cornell Notes • Copy/Listen/List/Read/Circle Slide • Homework: Write 2nd set of sentences 22-40. • Day 3: Cornell Notes: Endings that change the meaning of words. Derivational suffixes • Complete word study handout for each suffix. • Homework: Chapter 2: Transformation handout. Synonym matching; sentence completion; Reading Comprehension pp14-17. • Day 4: Revise Creative Writing piece so that the story makes sense. Minimum of 7 words used correctly. • Create a 1-2 minute drama using pre-determined vocabulary. Teacher will assign vocabulary to groups. • Homework: Vocabulary 3x each and definition 1x. • Day 5: Dramatic presentations. • Wrap Up Slide • Practice: Students must incorporate 10 of the 40 words into their writing for the current month.