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Creating a. brighter future. for humanity through. SOLAR ENERGY. Stirling Energy Systems, Inc. Orange County Business Council March 10, 2009. Introduction to SES. About SES. Overview

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Stirling energy systems inc

Creating a

brighter future

for humanity through


Stirling Energy Systems, Inc.

Orange County Business CouncilMarch 10, 2009

Stirling energy systems inc

About SES


  • SES acquired the world’s most efficient solar technology, the McDonnell Douglas solar Dish Stirling system, developed at a cost of $400 million by McDonnell Douglas, U.S. DOE & Kockums of Sweden

  • SES develops central station solar electric plants and sells electricity through Power Purchase Agreements with leading utility companies

  • SES will sell equipment for turn-key solar thermal Dish Stirling electrical power plants

Stirling energy systems inc

SES & NTR Partnership

Strategic Partners

  • SES founded in 1996, based in Phoenix, Arizona

  • SES has outstanding technical expertise in solar energy development

  • NTR invested $100 million in April 2008 and continues provide millions in funding, as well as excellent proficiency in large scale infrastructure and renewable energy

  • Together SES and NTR are capable of building the world’s largest and most efficient solar generating facilities

Stirling energy systems inc

Power Conversion Unit (PCU)

PCU Boom

Azimuth Drive

Elevation Drive

Main Beam

Mirror Facet

Box Trusses

Dish Controller(inside pedestal)


SES Solar Dish Assembly

Hydrogen Storage

Stirling energy systems inc

The SES Solar Dish Assembly

SunCatcher is modular for ease of assembly

and maintenance



Power conversion unit pcu

Stirling Engine


Stirling Engine










Power Conversion Unit (PCU)

Stirling energy systems inc

Significant Competitive Advantages vs. Other Solar Technologies

  • 2 - 3x more efficient at producing grid-quality electricity. We hold the world’s record for efficiency at 31.25% (Converts 31.25% of the energy that hits our mirrors into grid quality electric power).

  • Requires approximately one-half of the raw materials and cost of a solar power plant of equal output.

  • Uses <1% of water used by other CSP

  • Modular system and high availability

  • More flexible siting

  • Lower startup costs

  • Targeted for utility-scale power

SunCatcher Efficiency vs. Other Solar

Source: Southern California Edison and Sandia National Laboratories

Efficiency is key to SES’ cost-competitiveness

Stirling energy systems inc

High Volume, Low Cost Manufacturing Model Technologies

  • Projected cost reductions are based on a learning curve approach widely used in industry

  • SES is leveraging potential strategic partners and key suppliers to transform hand-built units into a high performance, low-cost product

  • Detroit high-performance engine manufacturer will build Stirling engine

  • Cost Reduction Drivers:

  • Economies of scale

  • Automation

  • Simplify product / reduce number of parts

  • Off-the-shelf components

  • Simplify assembly

$ / kW

Production Rate

The SunCatcher is like a “funny-shaped” automobile

Stirling energy systems inc

Pathway to Commercialization Technologies


“Bridging the Gap”


Past… Today


  • Goals

  • US & International markets

  • Supply chain—US based

    with global reach

  • Ultra-low cost systems

  • High-volume manufacturing

  • Advanced systems

Starting Point

  • 20-year history

  • Development units

    • Model power plant

    • 6 systems

    • SES supply chain

  • Commercialization Program

  • Product commercialization

  • Supply chain development

  • Development projects

    • Model power plant

    • Company infrastructure

Commercialization program is the pathway to fulfilling production contracts

Stirling energy systems inc

SES Model Power Plant Operating at Sandia Technologies

  • Located at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF) at DOE’s Sandia labs. – partners for more than 10 years. We are putting 150,000 watts into the Kirkland, AFB power grid.

  • Proving ground & showcase

  • On-Going system testing

    • Performance

    • Reliability

    • Systems Integration

  • Augmented SES with Sandia scientists & engineers

Stirling energy systems inc

El Centro Plant Technologies

SES Solar Two

Stirling energy systems inc

Solar Two Plant Technologies

  • Imperial Valley site designed for 750 MW, enough energy for approximately 500,000 homes

  • 30,000 Solar Dish Stirling systems

  • 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with SDG&E up to 900 MW

  • Sited on 650,000 acres at Plaster City, 10 miles west of El Centro

  • Construction scheduled for 2010 – 2014

  • SDG&E and SCE contracts support supply chain sustainability

Schedule and process
Schedule and Process Technologies

  • Application For Certification filed with the California Energy Commission June 30, 2008

  • Memorandum of Understanding with CEC and Bureau of Land Management

  • State and federal approvals required

  • Estimated approval 12 to 16 months

  • Construction Spring 2010

Jobs and cost
Jobs and Cost Technologies

  • Total cost to build plant is approximately $1 billion

  • Construction jobs will range from 300 to 700 during four years

  • Solar Two will create more than 160 new full-time jobs to operate solar generating facility

  • Local job impact will be even greater with multiplier effect

Additional benefits
Additional Benefits Technologies

  • Stirling Energy will emit no greenhouse gasses and displace tons of harmful emissions from old power plants in San Diego

  • Stirling will enhance economic development, spark solar energy generation and produce millions of dollars of new revenues for the County of Imperial

  • Solar Two will require only 33 acre-feet of water to generating 750 megawatts of clean solar energy