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Senior Specific Class of 2012

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Senior Specific Class of 2012. For Students & Parents! Las Lomas High School Counseling Department and College/Career Center. Welcome Senior Students and Parents. UNDERSTANDING SENIOR YEAR Senior Year Mythbusters Naviance Dealing with Stress and Senioritis College Systems Overview.

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senior specific class of 2012

Senior Specific Class of 2012

For Students & Parents!

Las Lomas High School

Counseling Department and College/Career Center

welcome senior students and parents
Welcome Senior Students and Parents
    • Senior Year Mythbusters
    • Naviance
    • Dealing with Stress and Senioritis
    • College Systems Overview
common myths
Common Myths…
  • Freshman Grades Don’t Count.
  • Senior year is easy!
  • I can do senior project in a week.
  • Scholarships are only for 4-year colleges.
  • No one cares about senior grades.
  • I can’t afford a 4-year college, so I’ll go to a Community College.
what is naviance
What is Naviance?
  • A web-based program offering a database of post-high school programs
    • Admission requirements and statistics
    • Application procedures and deadlines
  • A communication tool
    • Order transcripts
    • Request letters of recommendation
    • Alerts for up-and-coming workshops, presentations, and important information
    • Lists of college representative visits and sign-ups
    • Up-to-date scholarship lists
why naviance
Why Naviance?
  • It’s your own personal one-stop shop
    • Quickand easy college/vocational program searches
    • Manage applications and monitor deadlines
  • It’s your ticket to transcripts and letters of recommendation
    • Letters of Recommendation – 4 weeks advance notice required!
      • Teacher Recommendation Form
        • Complete on Naviance, print, and give to teacher


        • Pick up blue form in College/Career Center, complete, and give to teacher
      • Counselor Recommendation Form
        • Complete on Naviance and e-mail counselor to notify
how do i get on naviance
How do I get on Naviance?
  • If you have not already registered, visit Ellen Smith in the College/Career Center to get started.
  • If you have already registered, but forgot your username:
    • Try your e-mail address as your username and your corresponding e-mail password as your password.
        • or
    • See Ellen Smith to reset your username.
college career center
College/Career Center
  • College Representative Visits – see full schedule of local college fairs, information sessions and college reps visiting LLHS on Naviance and

  • Facebook
    • Check out Facebook pages for colleges you are interested in
    • Be careful of what you post on Facebook – Colleges and Employers are looking!
  • California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Honor Society
  • Assistance with college applications; info about specialty schools and apprenticeships
  • Lending library of college related and career materials
  • NCAA Clearinghouse
financial aid cost to attend college
Financial Aid/ Cost to Attend College
  • Financial Aid Seminar – Oct. 25 @ 7pm LLHS Cafeteria
    • Financial Aid may be available/FAFSA is applicable at all accredited schools
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Workshop – January (TBA) 2012
      • FAFSA www.fafsa.ed.govFree to apply!
        • Apply online January 1, 2012 – March 2, 2012
  • Cal Grant Free to apply!
        • Pick up GPA verification form in College/Career Center
        • Submit to Counseling Office Jan. 1, – March 2, 2012
  • CSS Profile
      • Selected private universities will require this profile.
      • Fee charged.
  • Colleges may have own forms and priority due dates
college systems overview
College Systems Overview
  • Community Colleges
  • California State Universities (CSU)
  • Universities of California (UC)
  • Private/Independent Universities
  • Public Out-of-State Universities
  • College Fair at SRVHS, Sept. 26, 6:30-8:30 pm
community colleges13
Community Colleges
  • Associate Degree & Vocational Certificate Programs are offered
  • Transfer programs to 4-year colleges.
    • Using can help you prepare.
  • 112 campuses to choose!
    • 12 have dorms on site!
  • No SAT or ACT required for any Community College
  • Apply EARLY in the Spring semester
  • Must be a high school graduate or 18 years old to attend
community colleges14
Community Colleges

Diablo Valley College (DVC)

  • DVC Night - February 1st @ 7pm LLHS Theatre
  • DVC application workshops at LLHS in the spring
  • English & Math Placement Exams will be offered at LLHS
    • Specific date TBA (March/April 2012)
  • DVC Special Programs:
      • Disability Support Services (DSS)
      • Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)
      • English as a Second Language (ESL)

Check in the College/Career Center for information on

other California Community Colleges.

applying to college
Applying to College
  • Apply EARLY and on time!
  • Classes which meet college admission requirements are on the “a-g” list by year
  • Pass all your senior courses with a C or higher!
senior year does matter
  • Grades & course selection do make an impact on your acceptance!
  • Keep up senior grades or acceptance can be rescinded!
student checklist before you begin your application make sure you have
Student Checklist Before You Begin Your Application Make Sure You Have:
  • High School/College Transcript
    • Use to correctly enter your classes and grades
      • Do not report classes and grades by memory
  • Test Scores
    • Send your SAT/ACT, if applicable Subject Exams
    • Scores are only considered official if sent directly from the testing agency (College Board or ACT)
  • Activities & Awards
    • Make a list of most significant awards, volunteer work, paid work and extra-curricular activities.
    • Make note of time involved in activity. BE SPECIFIC! Use details of what you did!
student checklist before you begin your application make sure you have19
Student Checklist Before You Begin Your Application Make Sure You Have:
  • Parents estimated annual income (optional)
  • Las Lomas School Code (CEEB Code): 053680
  • Credit card to pay for applications.
    • Fee waivers available
  • Statewide student ID for UC and CSU applications.
    • Your ID number is listed on your transcript.
  • Email account
    • Set up an account (with a proper name) that you will check regularly.
after you apply
After you apply….
  • Check your email often!
  • Most campuses will create an additional email account for you through their campus web portal. Check your campus web portal and corresponding email account.
  • Student must notify all colleges if courses listed on the applications change, or if a semester grade is a “D” or “F.”
  • Apply early for housing!
a g subject requirements uc and csu systems
A-G Subject Requirements UC and CSU Systems

A: 2 yrs History/Social Science

B: 4 yrs of English

C: 3 yrs (4 recommended) Math

D: 2 yrs (3 recommended) Laboratory Science

E: 2 yrs (3 recommended) Language Other than English

F: 1 yr Visual & Performing Arts

G: 1 yr College Preparatory Elective

california state universities csu23
California State Universities (CSU)
  • 23 campuses
  • 4 Impacted CSUs for 2011-12
    • Fullerton
    • San Diego
    • San Jose
    • San Luis Obispo
  • Impacted means there are more applications received than there are available freshman spots at that campus, resulting in increased competitiveness.
california state universities csu24
California State Universities (CSU)
  • Local area CSUs: East Bay and SFSU
  • Non-impacted campuses may have impacted programs
      • Nursing, Criminal Justice, Business
      • Check on for complete list
  • Visit impacted majors/campuses
california state universities csu25
California State Universities (CSU)
  • Admission based on “a-g” courses, GPA and SAT or ACT test score. CSU does not review “writing” portion of the SAT/ACT.
  • No essay or recommendations required or accepted
  • Application period Oct.1- Nov.30, 2011.
    • Fee $55* per campus. Fee waiver available.
  • Visit to apply & get info on all CSU’s
california state universities csu26
California State Universities (CSU)
  • Send transcript when the campus requests it. Failure to submit transcript or SAT/ACT scores will result in admission denial.
  • Confirm acceptance ASAP. No later than May 1st.
  • Cal Poly - Early Decision Option (except for Art and Music Majors) Only CSU to use 9 – 12 GPA
  • Eligibility Index Table:
california state universities csu27
California State Universities (CSU)
  • The majority of CSU campuses do not accept coursework the summer after graduation to complete admission requirements.
  • The EPT (English Placement Test) and/or ELM (Entry Level Math) placement tests may be required in the spring of senior year.
    • Check email from the college for more information.
  • Meet all deadlines!
universities of california uc29
Universities of California (UC)
  • 9 Undergraduate campuses
    • 1 Graduate campus (UCSF)
  • Admission based on comprehensive review of:
    • “a-g” courses & GPA
    • SAT or ACT score
      • SAT Subject Tests not required, may be recommended
    • Personal statement
      • same prompts as last year
    • Extracurricular activities & honors/awards
    • No letters of recommendation
universities of california uc30
Universities of California (UC)
  • Application available Oct.1; Submit Nov. 1- Nov. 30, 2011
  • Send a transcript when requested by the college.
    • You will need to submit a final transcript after graduation.
  • Eligibility Calculator:
  • Apply online at:
    • Fee to apply $70 per campus
  • For personal statement
universities of california uc31
Universities of California (UC)
  • Online UC college fair: Thursday, October 7th 9am -7pm video/online chat
uc admissions averages fall 2010
UC Admissions Averages – Fall 2010
  • Campus                     SAT                 GPA
  • UC Berkeley 2060 4.15
  • UCLA 2035 4.14
  • UC San Diego 1980 4.07
  • UC Davis 1908 3.99
  • UC Santa Barbara 1887 3.98
  • UC Irvine 1877 3.99
  • UC Santa Cruz 1799 3.76
  • UC Riverside 1675 3.62
  • UC Merced 1653 3.55
independent private universities34
Independent/Private Universities
  • 77 campuses in CA
  • Admissions criteria--check with each individual campus!
    • Most require SAT or ACT
    • Subject Tests may be required
    • Most require essays, letters of recommendation, and transcript upon application
    • Extracurricular activities, work experience, and honors/awards may be considered
  • Common Application
    • Secondary School Report = Counselor Letter of Recommendation
    • Common Application deadlines vary
independent private universities35
Independent/Private Universities
  • Early Decision/Early Action/Rolling Admissions
  • Helpful websites:

out of state public universities
Out of State Public Universities
  • Check individual admission policies and deadlines
  • SAT/ACT are usually required
  • Essay and/or letters of recommendation may be required or considered
  • Extracurricular activities, work experience, and awards/honors may be required or considered
  • College/Career Center will host admissions representatives on our campus
    • Sign up to meet these reps!
  • Consider Western Undergraduate Exchange
need help with your applications
Need Help With Your Applications?
  • Tuesdays in October in the computer lab (room 203) during 6th & 7th period
  • Wednesdays in October & November in the College/Career Center during lunch
  • Application tips:
    • Government and Econ are one semester classes.
    • For UC and CSU apps, Econ is in the drop down menu for college-prep electives.
    • Current semester classes should be listed as “In Progress”; spring semester classes as “Planned.”

CONTACT INFORMATIONCounselor (A-Cha) Ade Villaseñor-Melgoza ext. 2126Counselor (Che-Ha) Hanalee Washburn 2124Counselor (He-Me) Kara Bloodgood 2127Head Counselor (Mi-Se) Scott Swain 2123Counselor (Sh-Z) Valerie Wright-Smith 2125 Registrar Beth Chastain 2119College Advisor Ellen Smith 2117Testing Coordinator Yvonne Richmond 2116