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quality management and statistical analysis project

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quality management and statistical analysis project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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quality management and statistical analysis project
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  1. quality management and statistical analysis project Analysis of the Staybridge Suites Service Score Decline By: Codie Meehan

  2. Problem Statement for Staybridge Suites • The hotel has seen a decline of the service scores both in the rolling 12 month average and the rolling 3 month average. The decline has dropped the hotel from being ranked the 1 Staybridge in the guest service scores to 11 according to ranking of the 12 month rolling averages. The 12 month rolling average is the score that determines whether the hotel will win an award at the 2014 IHG Conference. Also, quality service is an important factor in driving revenue. The problem we are facing is determining the reason for the decline in customer satisfaction.

  3. CAUSES OF DECLINE IN OVERALL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – “When you have a serious problem, it's important to explore all of the things that could cause it, before you start to think about a solution” (Pavey, n.d., para. 1). CONDITION CLEANLINESS Quicker Turnover of Rooms Only one part-time maintenance person More people per rooms; i.e. families, group reservations More people per room; i.e. families, group reservations Training DECLINE IN OVERALL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SCORES CHANGE FROM MOSTLY A CORPORATE DRIVEN MARKET TO A GROUP/LEISURE MARKET Not making personal connections Longer Wait Times for Reservations/Check-in/Checkouts Need additional training on service recovery FRIENDLINESS OF STAFF

  4. Cause and Effect Analysis • In the third quarter of 2013 the hotel lost a piece of extended stay corporate business. The loss of this account has caused the hotel’s stream of revenue to change from extended stay to being driven from short-term corporate, leisure and group business. In 2014 we have seen a drop in the overall satisfaction scores of the hotel. The effects of the revenue stream could be causing the decline in services scores. There are three areas on the survey that could be effected and they are: Cleanliness, Condition and Friendliness. The chart on the next slide shows a good side by side comparison of the averages for these categories and the overall satisfaction over the first four months of both 2013 and 2104. It is from these charts that I can identify the main driving factor in the decline of service scores as being friendliness of the employees. This score is effecting the ratings of the overall satisfaction scores.

  5. Service Score Averages by CategoryJanuary-April2013 vs. 2014

  6. Force Field Analysis: Hiring to improve Friendliness Score and Overall Satisfaction RestrainingForces Driving Forces Improve wait time for reservations/check-ins/check-outs/breakfast bar Relieves stress from front desk and housekeeping during busy times Allow the team more to time to individualize their conversations with the guests Training for new employee and prompt cross training of current staff Increase payroll costs Time has to be dedicated to training In order to stay in budget it will require cuts in other expenses to accommodate the increase in payroll Driving Forces Restraining Forces 4 3 “It is a powerful method of gaining a comprehensive overview of the different forces acting on a potential organizational change issue, and for assessing their source and strength” (Management Techniques: Force Field Analysis, 2009, para. 1). .

  7. Actions to Be Taken Schedule General Manager or Assistant General Manager on a mid-shift to help cover evenings at the desk when we are busy. Create a check-list for the Manager on Duty to include assisting Front Desk, Housekeeping, and Food & Beverage during the weekend. Provide current staff with more in-depth training on customer service and guest recovery actions. Cross Train current team in the different departments to help accommodate shortage of staff in other areas of the hotel. Hire one part-time person to act as a floater between departments .

  8. Follow-up Actions Review budget to see what other areas can be cut in order to accommodate extra labor costs Review schedule to make sure mid-shift is covered by a manager on busy days. Create check-lists for managers on duty (MOD) Schedule meeting with managers to go over MOD checklist items and hiring needs Place ad, hire, train, and evaluate the new team member Review current team members to see who can and who is willing to do crossing training in other departments

  9. Evaluation of Corrective Actions • Follow up meetings with manager to ensure use of MOD checklist • Testing and role playing with employees to measure training efforts • Evaluating the service scores on a weekly basis with the management team and on a monthly basis with the entire team • Conduct an employee survey to see feedback about the improvements to staffing levels and training

  10. Implementation Plan General Manager Assistant General Manager Director of Sales Create Analysis of Service Score Decline Role Playing and Training Schedule Manager for Mid-shifts Create MOD Checklist Hire New Employee Meetings to Discuss Implementation and Outcomes of Scores Conduct employee job satisfaction Survey Cross Training of Current Employees

  11. Are the changes working to improve the friendliness and overall satisfaction score? May Month to Date Friendliness Score 10 Overall Satisfaction Score 96.67 Completed Actions • Service scores have improved but we are only 9 days into the new month. • We have hired one new employee and are currently training. • An MOD schedule has been made as well as a new checklist for the managers to use. • A mid-shift manager is being scheduled on Fridays and Mondays to assist the front desk with heavy check-ins. Actions Left to Complete • We still need to do cross training with the other employees. • We also need to create a test for each department to ensure understanding of job duties. • We need to implement role playing in the monthly team meetings. • We need to conduct an employee survey regarding job satisfaction.

  12. Resources Management Techniques: Force Field Analysis. (2009, January). Retrieved from ODI: http://www.odi.org.uk/publications/5218-force-field-analysis-decision-maker Pavey, S. (n.d.). Cause and Effect Analysis . Retrieved from MindTools: http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_03.htm Staybridge Heartbeat Portal. (2014). Retrieved from IHG Merlin: https://clientportals.ipsos.com/sites/IHGHotels/SB/SitePages/Report.aspx?rpturl=/RS_IHGHotels/GuestSummary&P=GuestSummary