decentralized computing n.
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Decentralized Computing

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Decentralized Computing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Decentralized Computing. Group: Goce , Patrick, Claudia, Chris, Ouri, Robert, Markus, Moni. Goce ran off after review session …. And left me with these slides. General. “there is work already done in all relevant areas” (Ouri) – what is specific in context of CTS?

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Decentralized Computing

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decentralized computing

Decentralized Computing


Goce, Patrick, Claudia, Chris, Ouri, Robert, Markus, Moni

Goce ran off after review session …. And left me with these slides

  • “there is work already done in all relevant areas” (Ouri) – what is specific in context of CTS?
    • Highly temporal data, rapidly changing information, heterogeneous data, data streams
    • Link between (distributed) analysis and control


cargo (ships)




Data; Information




Accuracy vs. Latency



Single location






(P2P; roadside)




No Infrastructure

Full trajectory


Global Overview of Issues in

Transitions Among Contexts and Impact of Decentralization

possible research questions
Possible Research Questions
  • Anonymization of Aggregates (full trajectories)
    • Background: Regulations, insert random objects, obfuscation/blurring
  • Methodologies/Tools to orchestrate and control the information flow (in/across infrastructure net)
  • Inventory of transportation tasks (w.r.t. decentralization, hierarchy, localization accuracy (precise position …. Daily plans)
  • Novel information-theoretic formalisms and measures for complexity/efficiency
    • Data freshness/staleness
    • Communication costs
    • Transition among the different levels of hierarchical decentralization
    • Current status / Background:
      • Kolmogorov Complexity in Wireless Sensor Networks;
      • Relational Complexity for Traditional Databases;
      • Triggers from Active Databases and more novel applications (TRG project)
possible research questions1
Possible Research Questions
  • Quality of Data guarantees (what are the trade-offs imposed by decentralization, transitioning across layers and the Quality of Service?); influence of local, i.e. usually only partial knowledge
    • Background: different error measures (probabilistic, fuzzy, …);
  • Quality measures for cross-layer execution of decentralized algorithms?
    • Background: Distributed Robots Coordination (Swarms); Data Integration/Quality
  • What constraints in CTS “force us” to use decentralized computing? Constraints Satisfaction in Decentralized Settings;
    • Categories of resource constraints (e.g. bandwidth, energy limits, computational capabilities in different contexts, …)
    • Dealing with Heterogeneous Contexts
    • Mobile networks
    • Background: Energy issues in Wireless Sensor Networks, Constraint Databases
possible research questions2
Possible Research Questions
  • Data Reduction + Aggregation in the context of streaming settings:
    • How to distribute the storage and management across hierarchical layers, where:
      • The structure of different layers evolves/changes over time (e.g., V2V ad-hoc networks);
      • Enrichment of granularities of information
      • The delegation of the computational tasks across the layers based on necessity vs. efficiency
  • Global:
    • Coupling of streaming data management and distributed control activities across the different layers in the hierarchy (Quality of Service vs. Quality of Data trade-off);
    • Traffic Flow Optimization in Decentralized Transportation Clusters (e.g., fleet mgmt “+” traffic controller”);
  • Current status/background:
    • Distributed Computing/Databases/
    • Data Mining;
    • Swarm Intelligence;
    • Mobile/P2P Computing;
    • Data Integration/Quality;
    • Distributed Control;
    • Context-Awareness;
    • Views (Databases);
    • (Cartographic) generalization
possible research topics
Possible Research Topics
  • Modeling and Representation of highly heterogeneous data
  • reconciliation in different contexts
  • Interpretation*
    • Ontologies, Semantic Interoperability (dynamic learning)
      • New categories (e.g., large-V2V-networks) emerge and vanish + interoperability managed dynamically.
  • Data Warehousing*
    • Rollup/Drill_Down in hierarchical decentralized settings

Current Status/Background:

- Ontologies/S.O./SOA

- Business and Spatial Data Warehousing

*NOTE: subject to discussion with the KD-group

comments from mixandmatch group
Comments from MixAndMatch-group
  • Different epistemic levels of P2P to substitute the current “regional servers” concept;
  • Delegating/Hand-off-ing the responsibility of “boss”:
    • Information transfer among nodes
    • In case of loss of “boss” – what is effect?
  • Basic assumptions about computational capabilities in different contexts (vehicles, pedestrians, road-side sensors);
  • Is there some “global” virtual machine
  • Restrictions on (de)centralizations/distribution(s) of non-technical/political/institutional/sponsorship nature.
  • Example(s) of entities involved in last bullet of Slide #4
  • Generalizing the issues related to DW/DM outside the transportation world
  • Decision making, predictions