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Mrs. Clements’ Poetry Webquest PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. Clements’ Poetry Webquest

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Mrs. Clements’ Poetry Webquest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Instructions for Growing Poetry by Tony Mitton

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Mrs. Clements’ Poetry Webquest

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mrs clements poetry webquest

Instructions for Growing Poetry by Tony Mitton

Shut your eyes. Open your mind.Look inside. What do you find?Something funny? Something sad?Something beautiful, mysterious, mad?Open your ears. Listen well.A word or phrase begins to swell?Catch its rhythm. Hold its sound.Gently, slowly roll it round.Does it please you? Does it tease you?Does it ask to grow and spread?Now those little words are sprouting poetryinside your head.

Mrs. Clements’ Poetry Webquest

4th Grade Language Arts


Calling all fourth graders! Random House Books is looking for writers for a new book called Poetry for Fourths: A Collection of Poetry for Fourth Graders. Do you know the types of things that fourth graders like to read? Are you sometimes funny, serious, quiet, shy, athletic? Well then, Random House needs YOU!


Random House Books wants your help to make a new book Poetry For Fourths: A Collection of Poetry For Fourth Graders. By the time you are done with the "Process" step below you will have a poem book with:

  • A glossary,
  • several different types of poems you selected from the web of different styles, and
  • some original poetry written by you!

 Part 1: Glossary

You may work with a partner on Part 1. One person will be the writer, the other the researcher. You

will start by making a glossary.

1. Both partners should learn what a glossary is by visiting this link.

2. The writer will copy the words below into a Microsoft Word document.

  • stanza
  • rhymed poetry
  • free verse
  • alliteration
  • onomatopoeia
  • cinquain
  • haiku
  • limerick

3. The researcher should use the following web links to learn what each word means. Both partners then work together to write a definition that a fourth grader would understand. The writer should type this definition into the word document.

  • Kathi Mitchell
  • Schmoop
  • Shel Silverstein

4. Print the glossary you have created with your partner. Both partners need to put a copy in their poetry folder.


Part 2 – Examples

  • Use the following links to look for examples of different kinds of poetry. Read through several poems on each site. Look for poems about different subjects. Look for rhymed poems and free verse poems. Look for good examples of cinquains and haikus. Take your time!
    • Poetry 4 Kids
    • Giggle Poetry
    • Graham Lester
    • Just Poems
    • Fizzy Funny Fuzzy
    • ABC Teaches Haiku Poems
    • Jeff's Poems for Kids
  • Choose one rhymed poem, one free verse poem, one cinquain, and one haiku to submit to the editors for inclusion in the Poetry for Fourths book. Print those 4 poems and place them in your poetry folder. Be sure to include the authors’ name.

Part 3 – Write Your Own

The publishers have asked that you include some original pieces of

poetry in their new book.

1. Click the poetry engine link to help you write your own limerick.

  • Write either a cinquain or a haiku using help from one of the links below.

Writing a cinquain

    • Cinquain help
    • Read-Write-Think Cinquains

Writing a haiku

    • Haiku 4 Kids
    • Read-Write-Think Haikus

3. Write one other original poem in any style. Illustrate this poem using whatever medium you think would work best - watercolors, colored pencils, crayon, or collage. This site can help you find words that rhyme.


Choose one poem from your folder to share with the class. Return all folders to me so I can put them in a class Poetry for Fourths book.