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Introduction. The name of the animal I researched was the chipmunks are mammals. They live in the woods in new york state. Physical attributes.

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The name of the animal I researched was the chipmunks are mammals. They live in the woods in new york state

physical attributes

Physical attributes

Chipmunks look like baby squirrels. They have brown fur. All chipmunks have white and black stripes. All chipmunks have a small bushy tail. They have very sharp teeth.

habitat and shelter

Habitat and shelter

All chipmunks have burrows to live in. Burrows are tunnels under ground. They build the burrows around rock and fallen logs.

diet and predators

Diet and predators

Chipmunks eat lots of food . They eat seeds and berries. Some times they eat some grass, slugs , signal and some pissa form garbage cans and nuts . Predators like to eat chipmunks. Some predators like to eat chipmunks . Some predators are foxes and wolves . Some coyotes and some time people running them over with their cars.

interesting facts

Interesting facts

Chipmunks are good at climbing trees. Both male and female chipmunks watch there young. Chipmunks communicate with each other. Chipmunks cheeks stretch three times their head size



Chipmunks are cute animals. Some times they like to play with each other. I saw a chipmunk in my front yard. They nice to look at not to touch. Chipmunks have a nice family.