because of bee mighty our son s brain came alive mother to noah bee mighty recipient n.
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“Because of Bee Mighty, our son’s brain ‘came alive!’ – Mother to Noah, Bee Mighty Recipient

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“Because of Bee Mighty, our son’s brain ‘came alive!’ – Mother to Noah, Bee Mighty Recipient - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Because of Bee Mighty, our son’s brain ‘came alive!’ – Mother to Noah, Bee Mighty Recipient. Sponsorship Opportunities. What is Bee Mighty?

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because of bee mighty our son s brain came alive mother to noah bee mighty recipient
“Because of Bee Mighty, our son’s brain ‘came alive!’

– Mother to Noah, Bee Mighty Recipient




What is Bee Mighty?

  • Bee Mighty provides resources for medical therapy and equipment to families with long term stay Neonatal Intensive Care Unit survivors, who continue to have medical challenges. Bee Mighty is a fund, managed by Novant Health Foundation Presbyterian Medical Center.
  • Bee Mighty gives children a chance to reach their full potential, enhancing the child’s development and quality of life, further allowing families to focus on each other and the special needs of their child without the added stress of financial ruin.
  • How does Bee Mighty help?
  • The cost of post-NICU therapies and medical equipment quickly outpace most insurance coverage. Bee Mighty’s financial assistance allows families to focus on the development of their children.
  • Because the Foundation manages Bee Mighty and incurs the administrative costs, 99% of funds donated go directly to support the medical needs of children.
  • Bee Mighty paysdoctors, medical professionals and equipment providers directly.
  • Bee Mighty screens applicants for medical and financial need.

Why Preemies?

  • 1 in 8* children are born premature
  • $5.7 billion in estimated yearly losses of household income and labor market productivity due to disabilities associated to pre term births
  • A family with a premature baby incurs 10.8times the cost in their first year versus a healthy baby with no complications. ($49,000 vs $455)
  • 60%*of extremely premature infants have moderate to significant developmental delays
  • 45%**of children born with extremely low birth weight were in Special Ed programs at age 14.
  • 20%of Preterm infants born between 24 to 26 weeks gestation are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy
  • *Based on 2009 March of Dimes report, 2012 Tampa Bay Times series, “Never Let Go: A Micropreemie’s story”
  • **Based on 2012 USNews & Health and March of Dimes Preemie event

What are some of the long term medical challenges for preemies?

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Breathing and Respiratory Issues
  • Vision, hearing loss and impairments
  • Feeding issues
  • Gross Motor skills deficiencies
  • Neurological deficiencies
  • Speech Delays
  • Developmental delays
  • Learning disabilities
  • Cognitive delays
  • Social and emotional disorders

Family Examples:

  • Baby S.:
  • Physical Therapy @$75/wk = $3,900
  • ABM Therapy @$700/month = $8,400
  • Equine Therapy (summer only) = $1,800
  • Music Therapy = $4,680
  • Private Insurance covers only 35 sessions of PT/yr
  • Out of Pocket Expense to Family: $18,7780/yr
  • Baby B.:
  • 2 Physical Therapies @$150/wk = $7,800
  • Occupational Therapy @200/wk = $10,400
  • Speech Therapy @$150/wk = $7,800
  • Equine Therapy (summer only) = $1,800
  • Aqua Therapy (summer only) = $2,400
  • Leg Braces (2 sets) =
  • Private Insurance covers only 25 sessions of PT/yr
  • Out of Pocket Expense to Family: $ /yr

How can you help?

Therapeutic needs vary with each child. By supporting Bee Mighty, you can directly and immediately provide vitally important therapy or equipment for a child.

  • Here are some examples of how your support could impact a family in need:
  • $10,000 Music therapy for 12 children for 1 year
  • $6,000 Equine/Horse Therapy for 6 children for a season
  • $3,000 Speech Evaluation & 30 subsequent therapies
  • $1,800Physical Therapy for 6 months
  • $1,200 6 sessions of complementary therapies
  • $6003 children opportunity to attend 2 wks of therapeutic summer camp
  • $75 One Physical Therapy Session
  • $25 Copayfor one Speech Therapy Session
  • 99% of funds donated to Bee Mighty are used to pay providers directly to support the developmental needs of children

Based on your level of commitment, your company can receive:

  • Logo on Bee Mighty website
  • Event Signage
  • Logo in bi-annual newsletter
  • Featured Interview on BM Facebook page
  • Partner status in Bee Mighty printed material
  • Inclusion on t-shirts for special events
  • Event admissions, guest passes and raffle tickets

Carrie Sawulski, Physical Therapist -“Families still have to pay quite a lot for equipment and there is a HUGE need for families to help pick up the cost of therapies AND equipment. Even families with relatively thorough insurance coverage still face large co-pays or just need equipment that the insurance company deems not MEDICALLY necessary, but the therapist wants to recommend because FUNCTIONALLY it would be helpful and could increase participation and quality of living.”

Bee Mighty Recipient – “We used Bee Mighty Funds for Anat Baniel Method Therapy for our 25 weeker to improve our son’s oral aversions and overall physical strength. During his ABM sessions, it is as if our son’s brain ‘came alive’ more after his week of ABM therapy and we are so thankful for Bee Mighty for providing this opportunity for him.

Leslie Glenn, PT Carolinas Medical Center/Levine Children’s Hospital (8/12) -As a pediatric therapist who works in a hospital, I see the effects of limited or no therapy as children enter my doors for other procedures or recurrent illness. Lack of access to therapy can lead to serious deficits like permanent deformity, limited skill development, or lack of motion.

I am still haunted to this day by a child, who lived in this state who was denied both therapy services and a wheelchair by insurance. Bee mighty will fill such a need for so many families. Therapy should not be budgeted out by families in need because their insurance is insufficiencient.


For more information:

  • Candace Richter

Phone: 980.275.2577




  • Press List
  • Various therapies and associated costs that a Bee Mighty recipient might need