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  1. An Overview JULIA LATHROP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL School Support Visit January 21, 2014 Penny El-Azhari, Principal Thanks to Jennifer Wood for her contribution with regards to PLCs at Lathrop Thanks to Jesus Medrano for photography

  2. Mission “Our mission is to provide the best opportunities for academic success and social achievement for our diverse student populationin a 21st Century learning environment.”

  3. Demographics of Students at Lathrop

  4. TOTAL NUMBER OF STUDENTS: 402 Bilingual: 11 classes Monolingual: 8 classes Bilingual program: 227 students Monolingual: 175 students Average class size: 24 Students mobility: 17%

  5. COLLABORATION PLCs meet officially every two weeks for the purpose of data analysis and planning. Grade level teams meet on a weekly basis to discuss instructional strategies, resources, etc. PLCs also meet for an entire day, once every 8 weeks, to plan instruction.

  6. Ensuring students learn:

  7. A Culture of Collaboration

  8. Focus on results

  9. Celebrating

  10. Taking charge from the beginning!

  11. The Planning Cycle The Planning Cycle incorporating : CCS alignment with curriculum maps and pacing guides Data - now truly driving instruction Bridging Technology Professional Development Student progress monitoring

  12. ESA/DEA Data – 2013/14

  13. Example of cohort growth

  14. ISAT data

  15. DISCIPLINELathrop is a well-established PBIS school. This is reflected in the discipline data. The Universal (Tier 1) and Secondary (Tier 2) PBIS Teams meet monthly. All tiers of behavior interventions are offered at Lathrop through RtI and PST.Graph showing Average Number of Referrals per Day for 2014 compared with 2013

  16. RtI and PST Lathrop offers all three Tiers of RtIin English and Spanish. There are 4 HQ tutors who provide interventions to small groups of students, on a daily basis, for Reading and Math. Our PST is fluid and involves the appropriate members of staff needed to address the needs of an individual student.

  17. Specialists Lathrop recognizes the importance of the Arts and Physical Education in the development of the whole child. Students are encouraged to excel in Music, Art, and P.E.. Lathrop offers opportunities for students to participate in extra curricular activities in all three areas including REBA, Cheerleading, Choir, and a variety of community Art competitions and exhibitions.

  18. Technology Lathrop is fortunate to have wall-to-wall iPads. We have made enormous strides when it comes to incorporating technology into our lesson planning. We not only utilize DE, but our teachers are gradually becoming more and more accomplished at finding appropriate apps and primary sources to enhance instruction.

  19. Professional Development PD is now embedded into the PLC culture at Lathrop. Professional development is determined from data collected during PLC s, and Instructional Rounds. PD is offered twice a month and addresses Reading, Math, and technology, as well as other topics such as Student-Led Conferencing, CPR, etc. Teachers also receive in-classroom coaching from the Literacy Leader and DE Coach.

  20. Reflection and Accountability The principal is held accountable. She meets with here supervisor once a month to reflect on all aspects of Lathrop’s progress. The Literacy Leader reflects and plans with the principal weekly. Teachers are held accountable. They are evaluated as per contract and the principal conducts Instructional Rounds regularly. All observations and Instructional Rounds are followed by a reflection meeting.

  21. Family Involvement Lathrop is fortunate to have a steady number of parent volunteers who help out at lunch times and to fundraise. Family Nights are embedded in the school’s calendar. Each month, Lathrop organizes a Reading or Math Night for families. These events are well attended. The principal holds a Coffee Morning once a month for parents, and we also enjoy Family Fun Nights such as Skate Night, McTeachers’ Night, etc.

  22. Community Involvement Lathrop has partnered with 2 churches, Pilgrim Baptist and , more recently, Providence Missionary Baptist. Students receive mentoring from community members and volunteers from Rockford Reads, and United Way’s I READ program.

  23. All-school events Lathrop students and staff celebrate the great behavior at Lathrop once every trimester with an all-school PBIS celebration. We also celebrate special occasions such as Veterans’ Day (above) and fundraising successes.

  24. Building improvements at Julia Lathrop Elementary School Lathrop School held an Open House on January 15th, 2014. Members of the community were invited to tour our new cafeteria and resource room, as well as the updated office area. Lathrop has also had new locks installed on classroom doors and a new security system installed at the main entrance. We are very grateful for these improvements.