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Report to the ‘08 AGM PowerPoint Presentation
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Report to the ‘08 AGM

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Report to the ‘08 AGM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Report to the ‘08 AGM. Management Committee Working Group Executive. Overview. New structure New strategy Unifying principle. Membership. New structure. Advisors. Management Committee. Working Group Coordinators. Executive Offices. Admin. SIG. Web. Pub. M&M. Sec. AVP. GVP. P.

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Report to the ‘08 AGM

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    1. Report to the ‘08 AGM Management Committee Working Group Executive

    2. Overview New structure New strategy Unifying principle

    3. Membership New structure Advisors Management Committee Working Group Coordinators Executive Offices Admin SIG Web Pub M&M Sec AVP GVP P Treas Action groups Journal Newsletter Relationships Products Comms Docs Constitution Aus dvt Global dvt Strategy Finance AC WC

    4. New strategy Governance Development Learning Activism Strategic Plan Action Plan

    5. Unifying principle “Collaborative Autonomy” Reflections An organic/intuitive balance between leadership and inter-dependency

    6. Management Committee reports to the membership

    7. Special Interest Groups Since the 2007 AGM, guidelines for setting up and facilitating a SIG have been written Two SIGS have been formed AR and Postgraduate Research AL&AR Training and Mentoring Access to SIGs from the Activities icon at the top of the website

    8. ALARA Public View Home About us About AR/AL Activities Publications Contact us Structure & functions Content GroupsAction Plan ALARA Members View • Progress 2007-08 • Members home page accesses interactive content • Can create groups for specific purposes, with individual manager for their content • Rebuild of public view • More secure version of drupal software, many glitches ironed out, “how to use” building up • Blogs and discussion building up • Major facility for MC business The Web • Upgrade platform • Upgrade Nav Bar • All MC members contribute their own information • Problem solving • Scenario #1 - Use what we’ve got • Educate new members about use of site • Face-to-face local activities use website to announce, report and keep discussing • Deepen materials at “About AR/AL” • Run 2 on-line discussion events with Special Interest Groups • Continue MC use of Action Plan and meeting area $3,500 • Scenario #2 - Services on-line • Scenario #1, plus… • On-line shop for publications, AR conferences • Journal item by item reviewed, viewed and discussed online • Integrate phone conferencing for coaching in AR • Monthly podcasts by practitioners $7,000

    9. Publications Publications Group now has 14 active members with international representation Successfully produced 3 journal editions (incl. special edition for 2007 conference) regular newsletter to members Working on developing a monograph series assessing potential of online publications / articles / works new look journal to complement new look ALARA Information available on web via ‘Publications’ link

    10. Marketing and Membership New corporate livery Support of marketing for Australian conference New ALARA flier Marketing strategy drafted

    11. 2008 was a great year for learning. I started the year working on ALARA’s visioning and strategic planning process with Bob Dick and Iain Govan. Very energising. Simultaneously with taking on the role as Australian Vice President, I accepted the role of teaching in a remote Homelands setting in Utopia in the Northern Territory. There, I learned a great deal about inequality of educational provision. I’m back in Utopia now which is why I can’t be at the conference. Lack of Internet access, indeed the lack of a phone at my school, made my VP role in organising the national conference challenging. I learned a great deal about how to work remotely as a team with other members of the executive. Very uplifting. I’m looking forward to 2009 and to applying my learnings to support ALARA’s growth. Australian VP Report

    12. Australian VP Report

    13. Global VP Report • Position vacant for ‘07-’08 year • World Congress Generic Memorandum of Understanding drafted by Allens, Arthur and Robinson to secure future Congress arrangements • Contact made with global network organisations (NAARA, CARN, Bath School, NZ AR) to negotiate future collaboration principles and activities • CARN/ALARA negotiations developing

    14. Constitutional Secretary: • In collaboration with Donna Alleman Notices, agenda and nomination forms for AGM were distributed. • Office of Fair Trading has been consulted about processes to be followed re future amendments to the constitution. This has been tabled for incoming committee. • Minute secretary: • Yearly Schedule of meetings convened (mostly learning efficacy of various technologies) and minuted (6 Executive, 5 Working Group, 2 Management) • Action Plan reporting structure established at website • Administrative Officer: • Organisational operations associated with membership applications & renewals, journal printing & distribution, conference dealings, financial transactions - Correspondence (fax, emails in/out, etc,), communications (telephone, etc), records (financial reports, website, master files & archive) - managed and maintained • Name change transition progressively implemented through ALARA processes and documentation Secretaries’ report

    15. Treasurer’s Report Statement of Income and Expenditure Year ending 31 March 2008

    16. Treasurer’s Report Balance Sheet as at 31 March 2008

    17. Treasurer’s Report Balance sheet history and projections 2002 to 2011

    18. Treasurer’s Report Balance sheet history and projections 2002 to 2011

    19. Treasurer’s Report Balance sheet history and projections 2002 to 2011

    20. Presidents’ report • New policy drafting, endorsement and implementation (MC roles and structure, communications, conferences and workshops,Life Membership, SIG) • Support all Working Group functions as needed to enable delivery • Participate in all Executive functions • Initiate Vision Project, support consultation and lead/support strategic plan implementation • Undertake MC progress reviews and overviews • Initiate, lead and support member survey • Support Australian conference • Explore activist/advocacy possibilities

    21. End thoughts Slowly foundations in place, hard work to reach understanding of what is needed and then to build it. Little face-to-face, which is tiring, but the virtual decision-making is getting easier (Ross).