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Programme Representation System

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Training handbook . Programme Representation System . Welcome Rep!. Hello!

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welcome rep
Welcome Rep!


My name is Alice Swinscoe and I am the current VP Education here at Loughborough Students Union. One of the main areas of my job is to promote and coordinate all student representation; this includes giving training, briefing and helping programme reps.

Representation is so important because it gives the student body a chance to say not only what’s bad

about the student experience, but also the opportunity to be proactive, i.e. to say what’s good and works

well, to promote new teaching and learning methods, and encourage better methods of support.

The aim of this handbook is to help you through your time as a student rep by equipping you with

information you need to be an effective rep. All that’s left for me to say is good luck with the year


Best Wishes

Alice Swinscoe

Programme Representation Handbook

facilitators of change
Facilitators of Change

My Name:

Programme Rep:

your role and responsibilities
Your Role and Responsibilities


Taking everything into consideration, it would seem that it’s the programme rep who is the front-line

representative for the students on their courses. This puts you in a unique position of being able to

influence your own learning and that of others in their peer group. This can be achieved through you as

programme reps providing staff with information about how their course can be effectively improved.

They can also support staff in their bid to introduce new teaching and learning projects. To put this into

layman’s terms, you are there to make sure the course is GOOD! You will have specific responsibilities,

and although these may vary between Departments, they should include the following:

  • To liaise with the Students’ Union
  • To attend training
  • To identify yourself to your peers as their rep
  • To gather student feedback
  • To attend meetings with University staff
  • To provide both positive and negative feedback
  • To be accountable to those who elected you
  • To campaign effectively on relevant issues
  • To provide a link between staff and student

Facilitators of Change:The Role of a Programme Representative Programme reps are there to protect, defend and extend the rights of the students on their course!

Active facilitators/organisers of change rather

then passive observers:

>> Programme reps are not an advice centre that

solves everyone’s educational issues.

Decisions are made before meetings not during


>> There is a misconception that the only way to

solve students problems is in the meetings.

>> Put simply this just isn’t the case!!

>> Programme reps should be active participants; both themselves and in organising other students to take action before meetings take place.

>> Taking action before meetings involves . . .

Lobbying, writing reports, generating student

opinion, influencing student opinion, generating

support and involving, the list endless!!!

resource sheet 2a identifying issue widely deeply winnable
Resource Sheet 2a: Identifying Issue: Widely, Deeply & Winnable

Now its time to think about the learning experiences on your course, can you identify any issues that are

Widely Felt, Deeply Felt and Winnable?

support from loughborough su
Support from Loughborough SU

The Student’s Union is here to support you in whatever way we can, so that you can represent your peers to the best of your ability. The Students’ Union has a dedicated VP Education who is here to deal with cases that can not be resolved through more informal processes. If you have an issue brought to your attention as a rep, you can always come to the Students’ Union for help and advice, as can all students.

The Programme Rep Coordinator is in the Students Union - Alice Swinscoe, you can contact her via:

Alice will be your core support Officer.

We also have our VOICE unit to offer support you can email them via


Student Department Committee

Head of Department

Dept Chair


The Programme Rep

VP Education (Alice Swinscoe)



Other Programme Reps

Departmental Admin Staff

Why use Communication Action Network?

Communication Action Network (CANS) are used

to get to a whole organisation

>> Ensure that information is transient throughout

SU populations

>> Creates a culture where communication result in


>> Effective communication throughout your SU is

key to the success of your campaigns

Developing Network & CommunicationCOMMUNICATION ACTION NETWORK:What they are and why we should use them?
Developing Network & CommunicationCOMMUNICATION ACTION NETWORK: programme Representation as Effective Communicators
  • Programme Reps as CARs:

Your role is to communicate not delegate (Box 1),

Each communication must end in am activity (Box 2)

To ensure that a can isn’t just a top down structure (Box 3)

  • Box 1:

Your role is to communicate not delegate

Keep it simple

  • Communicate actions to and from a small number of students each (e.g. 5-7 each)

Communicate one thing at one time –don’t overload

Communication with the membership/students on a face-to-face and one-to-one basis

  • Box 2:

Your role is to ensure that each communication ends action .

Example: CAN actions may be

>> Surveys >> Submitting papers/proposal to committee

>> Petitions >> Logging on Committee Action Plans

>> Budges/Stickers/Stalls >> Committee Representation

>> Rallies

>> Meeting Minutes

Programme Rep Handbook

Developing Network & CommunicationCOMMUNICATION ACTION NETWORK:Programme Reps as Effective Communicators
  • Box 3

A can must not be perceived as a ‘top down structure’ the information from students that flows towards

the CAN coordination team is just as important as the information that flows out of it.

Adopt a role in the CAN that the campaigning issues required-be flexible!

Therefore it is essential that you facilitate the flow of information to and from the student membership

–education activists

E.g. Allowing time to brief the students membership on actions and return to be debriefed on those


Programme Rep Handbook

Developing Network & CommunicationCOMMUNICATION ACTION NETWORK:Programme Reps as Effective Communicators

Programme Rep Handbook


Developing Network & CommunicationCOMMUNICATION ACTION NETWORK:Your NetworksThink about your course in relation to your Students’ Union . . . . What would youcommunication action network look like?

Course Representation Handbook

overcoming apathy dealing with conflict listen explore equalise empathise elevate
Overcoming ApathyDEALING WITH CONFLICTListen/Explore/Equalise & Empathise/Elevate

University Structure

  • SSLC – The department meetings, held a minimum of 3 per year. Attended by students and academic staff. Chaired by the HoD or their nominee
  • Faculty Board – Look at all matters relating to the organisation of education, teaching and research within the faculty. Report to senate.
  • Senate – Oversee all academic work of university.

>>Your Role and Responsibilities

>>First meeting

>>Course Representation forum

>>Course Representation Steering group

>> Raising issues

>> Loughborough SU– Course Rep Guidelines/Policy


>> ANY QUESTIONS ON THE Programme Rep Hand Book