public transportation in fargo moorhead l.
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Public Transportation in Fargo-Moorhead PowerPoint Presentation
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Public Transportation in Fargo-Moorhead

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Public Transportation in Fargo-Moorhead - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public Transportation in Fargo-Moorhead. Is operated by the Cities of Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN Metro Area Transit (MAT) is the name of the public transportation system in Fargo-Moorhead. What kind of bus service is there?. Metro Area Transit (MAT) – the fixed route bus system

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Public Transportation in Fargo-Moorhead

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public transportation in fargo moorhead
Public Transportation inFargo-Moorhead
  • Is operated by the Cities of Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN
  • Metro Area Transit (MAT) is the name of the public transportation system in Fargo-Moorhead
what kind of bus service is there
What kind of bus service is there?
  • Metro Area Transit (MAT) – the fixed route bus system
  • MAT Paratransit – Service to the door for people with disabilities who are unable to independently use MAT
what cities do mat buses travel to
What cities do MAT buses travel to?
  • Fargo, ND
  • West Fargo, ND
  • Moorhead, MN
  • Transfers are available to Clay County Rural Transit, which serves Dilworth, MN
how many mat bus routes are there
How many MAT bus routes are there?
  • 11 Fargo Routes (6 night routes)
  • 6 Moorhead Routes (2 night routes)
  • 1 West Fargo Route
  • 2 NDSU Campus Circulator Routes
when does mat operate
When does MAT operate?
  • Monday through Friday

6:15 am to 6:45 pm

  • Saturdays

7:15 am to 6:45 pm

  • Night routes run until 10:15 pm
who can ride mat
Who can ride MAT?
  • MAT is open to the general public
  • Anyone capable of using the system can ride (getting to the bus stop, boarding the bus, recognizing their destination, etc.)
  • All MAT buses are wheelchair accessible (ramp or lift)
where do the mat buses travel
Where do the MAT buses travel?
  • Most major destinations are served, including malls, schools, campuses, medical facilities, social services, etc.
  • Usually routes travel on major streets.
  • Bus schedules show maps of each City with number and color coded routes.
how do i read the bus schedule map
How do I read the Bus Schedule Map?

Routes are shown on the streets they travel.

Each route is numbered and color-coded.


Arrows show the direction the bus is traveling.

  • Passengers are picked up on the right-hand side of the street.
how do i read the timetables
How do I read the timetables?
  • Major stops are shown as column headings
  • Read the rows from left to right
  • Your destination may be somewhere between columns, adjust your pick up time to the earlier column
  • Transfer points are shown with


when should i be at my bus stop
When should I be at my bus stop?
  • Be waiting at the bus stop 5 minutes early
  • Set your watch to GTC time
do the timetables change in the summer
Do the timetables change in the summer?
  • Times when the Moorhead buses don’t run in the summer are highlighted on the schedule
  • Moorhead Routes 1, 3, 4 and 5 change to hourly service mid-day in the summer, with 30 minute service during peak hours
  • Fargo Routes 13B and NDSU Circulator Routes 31 & 32 do not run in the summer
do the timetables change on saturdays
Do the timetables change on Saturdays?
  • For Moorhead routes, there is a separate timetable for Saturdays, and buses travel on an hourly schedule
  • For Fargo routes, buses don’t run during the times that are highlighted
where do i wait for the bus
Where do I wait for the bus?
  • You must be at a corner or shelter
  • Many bus stops are signed
  • If there are no corners, wait in a driveway (example: cul de sac)
  • On Moorhead Routes 1 and 2, you MUST be at a Bus Stop Sign
how do i signal the bus to stop and pick me up
How do I signal the bus to stop and pick me up?
  • Wave to the bus as it approaches
  • If at a shelter, step outside and wave
  • Wheelchair users stay back 5’ to allow room for the ramp.
what should i do as i board the bus
What should I do asI board the bus?
  • Wait for others to exit first.
  • Enter and pay your fare (ask for a transfer slip if needed)
  • Front seats are reserved for elderly & disabled if needed
  • Accessible ramps/lifts are on all buses
  • The MAT driver can kneel (lower) the bus upon request
what ways can i pay for my ride
What ways can I pay for my ride?
  • Cash
  • Tokens
  • 10 Ride Card
  • 30 Day Pass
  • Coupons (POP,

MeritCare, promos, etc.)

what is the cash fare exact change no canadian coin
What is the cash fare? (Exact change, no Canadian Coin)
  • Adult $1.00
  • Senior (age 62 or older) $0.50
  • Youth (K-12th grade) $0.50
  • Person with disabilities $0.50
  • Medicare Card Holder $0.50
  • Child (birth to preschool) Free
  • MSU-M Students, Faculty & Staff Free
  • Concordia Students, Faculty & Staff Free
  • NDSU & MSCTC Students Free
  • Personal Care Attendant Free
how do i get the discounted fare of 50 cents
How do I get the discounted fare of 50 cents?
  • Senior citizens & people with disabilities need a MAT “Special User Card” or a Medicare Card to get discounts on fares, tokens, or passes.
  • No fee is charged to receive a Special User Card. You must show the driver your card each time you board the bus and when you purchase discounted passes and token.
  • 1 page application for seniors
  • 4 page application with medical verification for people with disabilities
are there different types of tokens
Are there different types of tokens?
  • There are two types of tokens:
    • Bronze for adults
    • Silver for youth, elderly & disabled
  • Sold in packets of 20 at the GTC

and Moorhead City Hall

  • $20 for adults
  • $10 for youth, elderly & disabled
what are 30 day passes
What are 30-Day Passes?
  • The 30-day Pass provides unlimited rides on all MAT buses for 30 days.
  • The 30 days start the first day the pass is used on MAT. The pass is a reloadable Smartcard.
  • Passes are good on all MAT buses
  • Adult cost - $35
  • Discount cost - $23

(youth, seniors, people w/ disabilities)

  • Sold at GTC, 502 NP Ave, Fargo
how much does a 10 day ride card cost
How much does a 10-Day Ride Card cost?
  • $10 for adults
  • $5 for elderly, disabled and youth
  • Valid on all MAT buses
  • Purchase at: GTC, Moorhead City Hall
  • Valid for 10 Rides
  • No expiration date
do i get a special rate as a college student
Do I get a special rate as a college student?
  • Colleges pay a fee to MAT for the U-Pass Program
  • U-Pass provides for unlimited rides on MAT to participating colleges:
    • NDSU Students
    • MSUM Students, Faculty & Staff
    • Concordia Students, Faculty & Staff
    • MSCTC Students
  • Current College I.D. required
what rules must i follow when i ride the bus
What rules must I follow when I ride the bus?
  • Stay seated when the bus is moving
  • Limit yourself to two packages
  • Don’t block aisles
  • No eating, drinking, smoking
  • No playing loud music
  • Rude or violent behavior is not tolerated
  • Do not distract the driver
if i m sight impaired can the driver help me find my stop
If I’m sight impaired, can the driver help me find my stop?
  • The bus driver can use the public address system to announce specific bus stops if you are sight impaired or unable to recognize your bus stop.
  • Notify the bus driver when you board – preferably in writing.
what if i use a wheelchair
What if I use a wheelchair?
  • Drivers can assist people

with disabilities on/off the bus

  • Drivers will fold up seats to expose the wheelchair securement system
  • Wheelchairs must be secured to the floor while the bus is moving
what if i use a service animal or other aid
What if I use a service animal or other aid?
  • Service animals are allowed on the bus
  • Portable respirators and oxygen tanks will be accommodated
how do i tell the bus driver to stop and drop me off
How do I tell the bus driver to stop and drop me off?
  • Pull the cord above the window; the bus will stop at the next corner.
  • Stay seated until the bus stops, then exit.
  • Wait for the bus to leave before crossing the street
how do i transfer between buses
How do I transfer between buses?
  • Ask for a transfer slip on the 1st bus after paying for your ride
  • Place the transfer slip in the bill feeder on the 2nd bus
  • Transfers are only good for that continuous trip
  • Transfers can only be made at transfer points
  • Transfers are free between all MAT buses
  • You don’t need a transfer slip with 30 Day Passes or U-Passes
where are the transfer points
Where are the transfer points?
  • The main transfer point is the GTC.
  • There is a transfer hub located at West Acres in the Roger Maris Wing.
  • South K-Mart on University Drive
  • South Moorhead on 11th Street by the Marriott Hotel
  • Target in Moorhead
what is at the ground transportation center gtc
What is at the Ground Transportation Center (GTC)?
  • The GTC is the main transfer point for Fargo & Moorhead routes at 502 NP Avenue, Fargo
  • Staff at the Help Desk provides information, sell passes, etc.
  • Inside are vending machines, restrooms, phones, seating, displays, etc.
  • Open Monday-Friday from 6am-10:15pm

Open Saturdays from 7am-10:15pm

  • Buses are timed to meet for transfers at the GTC
how do i know which bus to take
How do I know which bus to take?
  • Buses are marked on the front and side with the route number and major stops.
  • At the GTC, buses park in specific locations, which have signs that give the route number and match the route color on the map
  • Ask the bus driver if you are unsure.
can i bring my bike on the bus
Can I bring my bike on the bus?
  • MAT buses are equipped

with front bike racks

  • Two bikes fit on the rack
  • A permit is required to

use the bike rack

  • Practice loading your bike at the GTC, sign a waiver of liability, and receive your FREE permit
what are the benefits of riding mat
What are the benefits of riding MAT?
  • Saves money – costs less than owning and driving a car
  • Reduces pollution & traffic congestion
  • Saves natural resources
  • Reduces need for parking lots
  • Less stressful; more pleasant; meet people
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Provides freedom to go to work, school, shopping, appointments, entertainment, etc.
where do i get information about mat
Where do I get information about MAT?
  • GTC Helpline (701) 232-7500
  • Web Site
  • On buses (literature & driver)
  • Ground Transportation Center (GTC) 502 NP Avenue, Fargo
  • Moorhead Center Mall, Shelters, West Acres Transit Hub, Universities, Social Service providers, Job Service, etc.
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