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Fryer Webinar. Frank Barrett-Mills CEC, CFP,CFSP Director of Culinary Affairs and Training Northeast Sales Director March 9, 2009. Fryer Webinar – March 9, 2009. Select Series – Program Background Category Overview Common Features Features & Applications Summary. Agenda.

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fryer webinar

Fryer Webinar

Frank Barrett-Mills CEC, CFP,CFSP

Director of Culinary Affairs and Training

Northeast Sales Director

March 9, 2009

fryer webinar march 9 2009
Fryer Webinar – March 9, 2009
  • Select Series – Program
    • Background
    • Category Overview
    • Common Features
    • Features & Applications
    • Summary
  • Review of fryers and accessories
  • Performance
  • Competitive review
  • Question and Answer
some basic topics
Some Basic Topics
  • Head 4 head is 4 chicken cut in 8 pc each=32
  • Pot, the place where the oil goes 12 ga vs 14 and 20 ga in competition
  • Idle draw-the amount of energy to keep well at 200F
  • Recoup- the time it takes after you drop product into the oil to get back to cook temp
  • Soft finish-like KC original
  • Crisp finish-like KC crispy
pressure fryers1
Pressure Fryers
  • Began producing in 1963
  • Outstanding field performance
    • 30,000 produced
    • No known round pot failures
  • Very easy to service and maintain
  • Controlled low pressure for faster cooking at lower temps
  • Cold zone collects breading fall-off to prolong shortening life
pressure fryer models
Pressure Fryer Models
  • FKM-FC
    • 18 lbs. product capacity, 75 lbs. oil capacity (“6 Head”)
    • Manual or computer control
    • Patented “Quick-Connect” filter system
  • LPF-F
    • 14-lb. capacity, 48 lbs. oil capacity (“4 Head”)
    • Manual or computer control
    • Patented “Quick-Connect” filter system
pressure fryer gas
Pressure Fryer - Gas
  • LGF-FC
    • Super efficient gas fryer
    • Patented Quick-Disconnect filter system
    • Instant on burners conserve pilot light fuel
    • Manual or computer control
    • Patented “Quick-Connect” filtration system
    • 14 lbs. product capacity, 35 lbs. oil capacity, (“4 Head”)
open fryers

Open Fryers

ALF (Auto lift Fryer)

BLF (Big lift Fryer)

auto lift open fryers
Auto-Lift, Open Fryers
  • ALF-FC
    • 14 lbs. product capacity, 48lbs. Oil capacity (“4 Head”)
    • Patented “Quick-Connect” filter system
    • Manual or computer controls
  • BLF-FC
    • 18 lbs. product capacity, 75 lbs. Oil capacity (“6 Head”)
    • Patented “Quick-Connect” filter system
    • Manual or computercontrols
alf f blf f standard features benefits
Simple electromechanical time and temperature controls with integrated auto lift basket

Heavy duty, proven single auto lift motor and mechanism

Built in filter system with patented quick connect filter assembly

Standard, full sized fry basket specifically designed for fried chicken programs

Simplifies operation, reduces purchase cost versus computer programmable controls, reduces overall cost of ownership when considering parts replacement costs

Provides reliably consistent finished products with minimal labor dedicated to the operation; single lift reduces purchase costs versus dual lift “French fryers” and reduces overall cost of ownership when considering parts replacement costs

Simplifies operators use of filter system by ensuring proper alignment, reducing the breakdown and needed replacement of shortening. Simplest docking system in the industry

Offers greater surface area for chicken pieces, ensuring shortening coverage around all pieces, reducing “skin pull off and whitespots” where pieces were stuck together (when smaller fry baskets are used)

ALF-F/BLF-F Standard Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits Continued

  • ● 304 Stainless Steel on all exterior
  • surfaces
  • ● Over-temp shut down standard
  • Round pot design
  • Easy Upgrades with increased volume

Stainless steel last far longer with no rusting cleans easily and is sanitary

Over-temp shut down protects against dry firing of fryer without oil in the unit to protect against pot failure and potentially fires

More surface allows for a quicker re-coup of temperature and offers easier cleaning and oil circulation. No Hot spots and a larger cold zone.

Easy upgrade to larger fryer 14 to 18 lb with no learning curve as volume needs increase


Features and Benefits continued

● Chef support available

Idle program for energy savings

●Power needs low

BKI offers support with over 50 years of fry experience to support your menu changes and department needs

ALF and BLF fryers have idle rates among the lowest in the industry at .43kw

47kw power rating allows for smaller breaker and energy use

value added features benefits
Local, established manufacturer

BKI track record of quality

On-going BKI support providing “NO CHARGE” operational procedures development, store level training, factory certified warranty service, and regional warehousing of replacement parts/equipment

Favorable energy use (see included utility report)

Reduced freight costs, prompt access to needed equipment

Consistent operational reliability from BKI over a long period of time/use

Reduction in operational error and equipment downtime, lower maintenance/service costs, and improved overall cost of ownership over the lifetime of BKI purchased equipment

Reduced overall cost of ownership over lifetime use of fryer

Value Added Features/Benefits
astm test results alf fryer astm f 1964 99 results
ASTM Test Results ALF FryerASTM F-1964-99 Results

Model ALF Kettle Fryer Pre-Heat

Energy Impute 13.5 KW Starting Temp 78.8

Measured KW 12.1 kw Energy Consumption (KWh) 1.36

Difference % 10% Duration to 325 (min) 6.75

Oil Capacity lbs 47.2 Preheat rate (F min) 36.75

Cooking energy Efficiency under full load 85.4% with +- 6.6%

Idle rate .43 kw excellent

large volume open fryer
Large Volume Open Fryer
  • DNF-F
    • 15 lbs. product, 70 lbs. oil capacity
    • Patented “Quick-Connect” filter system
    • Manual control
    • 18” x 26” x 3.5” open well
    • 2 dozen donuts in 90 seconds
filtration systems
Filtration Systems
  • Patented “Quick-Connect” built-in filtration system
    • Slide-in/Slide-out
    • Easy Clean components
    • Optional vat dolly
  • Remote filtration unit for extra large fryers (BLF & FMK)
    • Large or small vat
    • Optional Heater
bt 24
  • Breading station with integral manual sifter
  • Three product totes/lugs included
  • Overhead product shelf
  • Swing-up shelf mounts on either side
  • Compact size
  • Locking front casters
bt 24m
  • Breading table with heavy duty marinade system
  • Two deep product pans and one tote/lug included
  • Overhead product shelf
  • Swing-up shelf mounts on either side
  • Compact size
  • Locking front casters
bt 24m1
  • Spring-loaded & hinged marinade basket
  • Landing tray, holding, and transport table
  • Stores 6 full size trays 18”x 26”
  • Removable top & tray slides for cleaning
  • Locking front casters
  • Compact size
  • Optional flat top to convert to machine stand
fh 28
  • FH28 standard model
  • FH-28D with appliance stop
    • Self contained, no exterior exhaust
    • Patented “forced maintenance” system
    • Appliance wired thru hood unit
    • Change filter signal light
    • Two stage filter, high carbon optional
    • Exceptional filtration of grease laden air
    • Floor, wall, or ceiling mount
    • Fire extinguishing system
    • Approval across USA
oc 90
  • 90 lbs. oil capacity
  • Bi-directional pumps 90 lbs. in 2 minutes
  • High temp hose and pump seals handle hot oil
  • 8 inch wheels and dual handles provide ease of transport
alf line backside
ALF Line (Backside)
  • All BKI fryers are open on backside
round fry pot electric
Round Fry Pot, Electric
  • LPF, FKM, ALF, & BLF
  • More product per batch
  • Less oil per batch
    • More energy to product, less energy heating oil
    • Less used oil disposal
  • All energy in pot
    • Less energy heating pot (& other parts)
    • No energy exhausted up the flue
square fry vat gas
Square Fry Vat - Gas
  • Heavy duty stainless steel vat with reinforced welds
  • Built-in “cold-zone” for longer oil life
  • Pressure gas frying more economical than open gas frying
qualified for consideration important intangibles
Qualified For Consideration-Important Intangibles
  • Proven track record as supplier to a Large number of chains
  • Established supplier of reliable, high quality foodservice equipment
  • Manufacturer of field tested and proven auto lift fryer that is designed specifically for fried chicken production
  • Already existing and established local support network, providing knowledgeable in-store service to all regions ns )
  • Manufacturing in Southeast U.S.; providing the ability to offer freight savings to the majority of
  • shipping points and offering easy access to the review of development and manufacturing of prospective
  • Established willingness to provide solutions/options to customer needs:
    • Development of operational procedures/instructions specific to customers (i.e. shortening filtering and removal procedures)
checklist of qualifications
Currently In Place

Proven, established chicken fryer

Favorable energy testing results

Field tested and proven in wide scope of retail locations

Developed operational procedures for shortening filtering and removal

Available accessories currently included (vat dolly, pot stir stick, lid cover, cleaning brushes, and protective gloves

Available option of LTS landing station, filter rinse hose, and OC-90 oil removal caddy simplifying operation

Available 48 piece per load unit (BLF-F) for higher volume demands

Local store level start up, training, and service support in any


Single, heavy duty, auto lift mechanism specifically designed for fried chicken programs

Large fry basket with greater fry surface area compared to “French fryers”

Patented quick connect filter system

Proximate, U.S. manufacturer

Well established, proven national distribution network of support

BKI auto lift chicken fryers are available with the same features in both 32 and 48 piece capacities 7o pc with grande basket

Lifetime warranty on all BKI fryer frypots

Henny Penny 7 year warranty

Simple, reliable, and easy to replace manual timer and temperature control (with option of programmable controls)

Checklist of Qualifications

Competitive Analysis

Henny Penny E500/561/591 G600/691

Giles Pressure Fryers

Boasters Pressure Fryers

review of topics
Review of Topics
  • Equipment overview
  • Equipment performance
  • Capacity, and operation
  • Desired finish and texture
  • Quality of end products
  • Why buy BKI
equipment overview
Equipment overview
  • The equipment to be compared in this presentation are the:


Henny Penny PFE-500

  • Both units are electric, manual controls with filtration.
  • Spec Sheets are attached
  • Both units are 14 lb, 4 head units

Technical Specs

Mechanical Specifications

BKI LPF-F Manual Henny Penny PFE-500 manual

Points Price Point BKI 32$ cheaper at net to net

Height 32.75” 38”

Width 18.5 “ 19 ½”

Debth 40.1 38 7/8”

Floor Space 4.7 sq Ft 5.1 sqFt

Voltage 208, 3 ph 208 3 phase

Amps 37.5 54

Breaker 45A 60A

Quick disconnect(hands free) yes no (manual release)

Pressure 12psi 12 psi

Safety 15 psi 14.5 psi

Oil 48 lbs 48 lbs

Capacity 14 lbs 14 lbs

Clearances 6” all sides 6” all sides

304 s/s yes yes

Gloves brushes and handle

Supplied with purchase yes no ( brushes only)

equipment performance
Equipment Performance

Fry test BKI Henny Penny

Fries Per Hr 110-140 lbs 65-75 lbs hr

Chicken (bone in) 160 pc hr 128 pc hr

(40 pc per cook) (32 pc per cook)

Recoup time quicker

in BKI as seen by thru-put

Time to temperature


Capacity and Operation


Product Capacity Time cook

Chicken bone in up to 40 pc 32 pc 15 minutes 15 minutes

French Fries 14 lbs 14 lbs 2.75 min 3.30 min

Wedges breaded 16 lbs 14 lbs 6.75 min 6.5 min

Turkey Breast plain 16 lbs 14 lbs 48 min 51 min

Desired Finish

>Both units will produce a soft crunch finish. Pressure fryers by way of the physics used and the theory of how pressure cooks allows for a (“KFC original breading finish)

>Use of course grind breading will give a crispier finish

> Use of sodium marinades will give you a moister interior product with higher weight

>Moister breading or allowing the product to rest after breading will give you more of a batter dip effect

Pressure frying will give you more volume (weight) is selling by the pound.


Why Buy BKI

  • International support
  • We sell equipment that is designed for heavy use, high counts and multiple cook cycles
  • We have the expertise to support you in developing a true “Chicken Program”
  • While others build French fry cookers that will do chicken we make a chicken cooker that can cook fries (chicken is far more difficult than fries)
  • We want your business, and will help make purchasing a BKI Fryer “The most profitable purchase you will make in your Deli Hot Foods equipment package.
ten reasons why pressure fry
Ten Reasons why “Pressure Fry”

Pressure frying seals in Foods natural juices

Pressure fried foods are less greasy

Pressure frying is faster and uses less energy

Pressure frying reduces flavor transfer

Pressure frying is more productive

Pressure frying is cleaner

Pressure frying uses less shortening

Pressure Frying reduces shrinkage

Pressure frying allows for a broader mix

Pressure frying produces a more consistent product

bki vs broaster
Model 2400 Pressure fryer 64 pieces in 10 minutes

Circle Baskets

Auto Comp temp control

Counter balance lid, death trap

Built in filter

Auto cook cycle counter

Preprogram 10

No Idle program

63 lb oil

42 amps 208/3

2 casters

20 ga pot 5 year warr

Price net 7240.00

$500 less but there are many things that make up for 500.00

FKM-FC pressure fryer with Grande basket 72 pc in 10 minutes

Circle basket 2 sizes

Easy lift no counter balance

Easy disconnect filter

Computer cooking system

8 programs

Idle program saves energy

75 lb oil

47 amp better recoup time

4 casters

12 Ga pot life time warr.

Price net $7799.00

BKI VS Broaster
question time
Question Time
  • Thanks for listening, please ask the questions you need to be comfortable with our fryers.
  • More competitive analysis will be available to you as you need it but no time for it in the 1 hr
  • Request from your Sales Directors