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Care Plan (CP) Meeting 90 minutes

With discussion notes. To join the meeting: Phone Number : +1 770-657-9270 Participant Passcode : 943377# WebEx link ( thanks to Canada Health Infoway): https://infoway-inforoute.webex.com/infoway-inforoute/j.php?ED=168011982&UID=494535562&RT=NCMxMQ%3D%3D.

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Care Plan (CP) Meeting 90 minutes

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Presentation Transcript

  1. With discussion notes To join the meeting: Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270Participant Passcode: 943377# WebExlink (thanks to Canada Health Infoway): https://infoway-inforoute.webex.com/infoway-inforoute/j.php?ED=168011982&UID=494535562&RT=NCMxMQ%3D%3D Care Plan (CP) Meeting 90 minutes André Boudreau (a.boudreau@boroan.ca) Laura Heermann Langford (Laura.Heermann@imail.org) Stephen Chu (stephen.chu@nehta.gov.au) 2012-02-01 André to lead *Care Plan wiki:http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=Care_Plan_Initiative_project_2011 HL7 Patient Care Work Group

  2. Revised Next Meeting Agenda – Feb 1st – 90 min. • Review Stay Healthy SB- first draft (Carolyn) • Review Acute Care SB (Kevin) • Review Perinatology SB (Laura) - postponed • Review Pediatric Allergy SB (Susan) • Review Immunization SB (Susan) - no • Start summary of requirements (André) • Advance work plan (André) - postponed • Agenda of next meeting (André) • Review any further comments collected on Home Care SB (André) - postponed

  3. Participants- Meetg of 2012-02-01 p1

  4. Participants- Meetg of 2012-02-01 p2

  5. Review of Storyboards • Reference file from the wiki: Chronic-Conditions_Care-Plan-Storyboard_V0-5_Revised_2012-01-06.docx

  6. Discussion Notes- Stay Healthy SB (Carolyn) • Walkthrough of the SB • See updated document • Brief descriptions of the information created and exchanged will need to be added (Appendix table as in the other SBs)

  7. Discussion Notes- Acute Care SB (Kevin) • Walkthrough of the SB • See document amended • 2 encounters to document at the end: ICU, psychiatry • Also key thoughts on coordination of care in this case should be added

  8. Discussion Notes- Pediatric Allergy SB (Susan) • Walkthrough of the SB • See notes by Ray Simkus • Concept of severity? There was quite a discussion thread on severity in the allergy sub-group • Let’s leave the allergy details to the other group • We stick to Concern • Section on coordination of care: key to review at our next meeting

  9. Discussion Notes- Perinatology CP SB • Postponed to next meeting

  10. Status and Plan for all Storyboards

  11. Status of SBs

  12. Care Plan Requirements

  13. Discussion- Requirements Structure/Approach • See draft doc • Integrate EHR-S FM R2 care plan contents • There is a link with care provision • To be detailed in care plan • In parallel with BPMN

  14. Forward Plan • See Spreadsheet

  15. Last updated: 2011-02-09 HDF- Domain Analysis Overview Source: HDF_1.5.doc, page 37

  16. Forward Plan Discussion Notes 2012-01-19 WGM • Suggestion from William – WRT HDF processes: good to follow • But do not use glossary • Capture data definitions/metadata as data element specification • William to send standard examples of data element specification to the group • Work plan discussed as per work plan excel file contents: • Itemised deliverable components, need to work on and agree on deliverable dates • Target DAM ballot date: possible September 2012 • To be discussed and confirmed in next conf calls Feb 1 • Good storyboards will make the mapping and modelling of process flows a lot easier

  17. Future Meetings • Conference calls between now and May 2012 – see wiki 90 min., Wednesday 5-6:30pm US Eastern, fortnightly (every 2 weeks) Starting Feb. 1st Webex supplied by Canada Health Infoway

  18. Next meeting Agenda- Feb 15th (Lead: André) • Agree on approach for modeling (Luigi) • Pediatric Allergy SB (Susan) • Review coordination of care section • Acute Care SB- complete version (Kevin) • Stay Healthy SB- updated version (Carolyn) • Perinatology SB- updated version(Laura) • Review any further comments collected on Home Care SB (André) - postponed • Action plan to finalize SBs • Decide on consolidated format for SBs • Review and augment draft of requirements (André) • Continue development of work plan • Next meeting agenda

  19. Appendix • Various material

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