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  1. By Isaac Aluminum

  2. Physical Properties -Aluminum is a pure substance. -It’s a shiny, silvery white metal. -It’s light in weight but very strong. -Aluminum’s density is 2.7g/ml which means it will sink in water but it is still very light.

  3. Crystalline Structure -Space group: Fm-3m (Space group number: 225) Structure: ccp (cubic close-packed) Cell parameters: a: 404.95 pm b: 404.95 pm c: 404.95 pm α: 90.000° β: 90.000° γ: 90.000°

  4. Table: basic information about and classifications of aluminum. Name: Aluminum Symbol: Al Atomic number: 13 Atomic weight: 26.9815386 (8) Standard state: solid at 298 K CAS Registry ID: 7429-90-5 Group in periodic table: 13 Group name: (none) Period in periodic table: 3 Block in periodic table: p-block Color: silvery Classification: Metallic ALUMINUM

  5. Uses of Aluminum -aluminum is used everyday by average people: -they are used in the making of cans and foils. -mostly used in as kitchen utinsels -outside building decoration -alloys are of vital importance in the construction of modern aircraft and rockets -aluminum, evaporated in a vacuum, forms a highly reflective coating for both visible light and radiant heat. These coatings soon form a thin layer of the protective oxide and do not deteriorate as do silver coatings. These coatings are used for telescope mirrors, decorative paper, packages, toys, and in many other uses

  6. Where aluminum is found -Aluminum metal is not found as the free element, aluminum is an abundant element in the earth's crust [ppb = Parts Per Billion] Location ppb by weight ppb by atoms Universe 50000 2000 Sun 60000 3000 Meteorite (carbonaceous) 9300000 6700000 Crustal rocks 82000000 63000000 Sea water 5 1.1 Stream 400 15 Human 900 210

  7. Chemical properties: Aluminum -The surface of aluminum metal is covered with a thin layer of oxide that helps protect the metal from attack by air. So, normally, aluminum metal does not react with air. If the oxide layer is damaged, the aluminum metal is exposed to attack. Aluminum will burn in oxygen with a brilliant white flame to form the trioxide aluminum(III) oxide, Al2O3. -Aluminum metal is obtained from the pure hot molten Al2O3 by an electrolytic method. The electrolysis of the hot oxide in a carbon lined steel cell acting as the cathode with carbon anodes is the most common method.

  8. Facts -Aluminum was discovered by Hans Christian Oersted in 1825. Isolated by Friedrich Wohler in 1827. Charles Martin Hall received a patent in 1886. -Ancient Greeks and Romans used alum as an astringent, for medicinal purposes, and as a mordant in dyeing. -It is estimated that since 1972 some 16 million tons of aluminum cans have been recycled. These 785.6 billion aluminum cans placed end-to-end could stretch to the moon more than 249 times. -Transportation (automobiles, aircraft, trucks, railway cars, marine vessels, bicycles etc.)

  9. Aluminum video