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ПРЕЗЕНТАЦ I Я ДО УРОКУ англ i йської мови в 6 клас i «Подорож i в нашому житт i » учителя Б i лозерської ЗОШ I - III ступен i в №15 СТЕПАНЕЦЬ Олени Валер i ївни. TRAVELLING. Фонетична зарядка. East or west – home is the best. There’s no place like home.

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ПРЕЗЕНТАЦIЯ ДО УРОКУанглiйської мови в 6 класi«Подорожi в нашому життi»учителя Бiлозерської ЗОШ I-IIIступенiв №15СТЕПАНЕЦЬ Олени Валерiївни

Фонетична зарядка.
  • East or west – home is the best.
  • There’s no place like home.
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
vocabulary look at the words below and try to do the matching between words and definitions
Vocabulary.Look at the words below and try to do the matching between words and definitions.
  • 1. travel
  • 2. journey
  • 3. voyage
  • 4. luggage
  • 5. advantage
  • a. a long trip, especially in a ship
  • b. to move from one place to another
  • c. the bags carried by the people who are traveling
  • d. a good or useful quality that something has
  • e. a trip from one place to another

Rearrange the letters to make words.

  • My mother travels by SAFT train.
  • We RRAIDEV at the bus stop yesterday.
  • It was a nice RIPT.
  • We spent our holiday at the IDESEAS last year.
choose the correct word to complete
Choose the correct word to complete
  • 1. I will stay ….. my grandparents out in the country

a. at b. in c. with

  • 2. She is wаiting for you….. the bus stop.

a. atb. on c. to

  • 3. Have you got a ticket …. London.

a. forb. to c. at

  • 4. She’s fond of travelling …. train.

a. on b. by c. at

  • 5. He arrived ….. Moscow yesterday.

a. in b. at c. to

  • 6. She usually spends her holidays …. Seaside.

a. on  b. at c. in

  • 7. I don’t like to travel …. foot .

a. on b. Atc. to

  • 8. They have just arrived …. the airport.

a. at b. toc. in

  • 9. They decided to go ….. a journey.

a. at b. Onc. to


Answer the questions

Why do people like to travel?

How can people travel?

Why do people prefer to make journey in a car?

Why do some people like to travel by sea?

Why do people like to travel by plane?

Why do some people like to travel by train?

What do people do on the board the plane?


Your next task will be to make up dialogues according the given

situations and using the following words and phrases

  • Dialogue 1 You are interested if your friend like to travel

Do you like to travel? At a hotel.

Where do you like to travel? By plane

How do you get there?

How long does it take you to get there? To Turkey

Where do you stay?

  • Dialogue 2 Tell your friend about your last trip.

Where did you travel last year? I went to Great Britain.

How was the trip? In the expensive hotel.

Where did you stay? Did you like it there?

What did you do there? Very much

I learned English, went shopping, and took lots of pictures.


Listen to the questions and try to find the right variant

1. a. Los Angeles b. New York c. Washington

2. a. Londonb. Romec. Paris

3a. Parisb. Kyiv c . Amsterdam

4. a. Toronto b. Ottawac. Montreal

5. a. Cairob. Istanbulc. Rome

6. a. London b. Berlinc. Moscow

7. a. Spain b. Francec. Italy

8. a.London b.New York c. Belfast

9. a.Columbus b.Shakespeare c.King Henry b.plane