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Fuel Additive

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Fuel Additive - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nano Corporation Ltd Presents. Fuel Additive. Nanotechnology. Fuel Additive. Fuel Additive. Conserving Fuel ( Economy). Protecting Engines (Less Maintenance). Protecting the Environment (Controls Pollution). Nanotechnology for Green Fuel Solutions. Content.

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Fuel Additive

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Nano Corporation Ltd


Fuel Additive

Nano Corporation Ltd.



Fuel Additive

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Fuel Additive

Conserving Fuel ( Economy)

Protecting Engines (Less Maintenance)

Protecting the Environment (Controls Pollution)

Nanotechnology for Green Fuel Solutions

Nano Corporation Ltd.



  • Manufacturer of Nanoplus additive
  • Advantages of modified fuels application
  • Mechanism of Nanoplus
  • Documentation of the additivein Russian


  • Performance tests of fuels with Nanoplus


  • Conclusions

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Manufacturer of Nanoplus additive

  • H2OILCorporation, USA
  • It was founded in 1990 in Hayward, California, USA.
  • H2oil Corporation carries out scientific researches, tests and makes Nanoplus additives to receive non-polluting oil and alternative resource-saving Engine, Boiler, Ship and Gas fuels with usage of Nanotechnologies.

H2OILCorporationis a world leader in Nanotechnology fuel additive manufacturing

Nano Corporation Ltd.


History of Manufacturer

  • Fuels quality improvement with Nanoplus additive has been in use for around 20 years
  • The additive is widely and successfully applied in Engine fuels, Black oil fuels and fuels for Heat power installations
  • Fuels with Nanoplus additive are used in all seasons in any climatic conditions
  • No case of engine damage was registered
  • No claim for quality of Nanoplus additive was received

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Nanoplus additive applications

  • Nanoplusadditiveis dedicated for modification of following fuels with Nano technologies application:
    • Gasoline and Diesel fuel
    • Alternative fuels: Gas, Biodiesel, Gas condensated, mixed
    • Boiler fuels: Residual fuel oils and Bunker fuels
    • Ship low-viscosity andhigh-viscosity fuels
    • Gas turbine fuel
    • Stove domestic fuel
    • Engine fuel for medium-speed and low-speed diesels


НХ 10

Sanitary &


Nano Corporation Ltd.


Application of Nanoplusadditive – Engines, Boiler and Technological fuels

  • Nanoplusimproves fuel quality for Engines and Heat power installations:
    • Machines andmechanisms with 2- and 4-cycle engines
    • Motorcycles, Mopeds, Equipment for lawn care
    • Commercial Vehicles and Automobiles, Buses
    • Tractors, Locomotives, Construction engineering
    • Tug boats, Ships, Ocean liners
    • Stationary Electric generators
    • Agricultural equipment
    • Steam boilers, Furnaces, Tube furnaces

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Advantages of modified fuels application

  • Nanoplus additiveimproves combustion process, ecological properties of exhaust gases, and reducesspecific consumption of liquid and gas fuel inenergy power installations
  • Nanoplus additive increases fuel combustion efficiency by activation of combustion process:
    • Physically
    • Chemically
    • Colloidal and chemically
  • Nanoplusadditive is completely dissolved in liquid hydrocarbon fuel creating billions of dispersion Nano particles:associates, micelles, emulsion micro drops.

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Economical advantages of application of fuel with Nanoplus additive

  • The cost of additive is not more then 2.5% of fuel price
  • The economy of fuel with Nanoplus additive gives

to consumers profit at the rate:

    • Gasoline Ai 80 and 92 from 825 to1485 rub. per 1000 liters
    • Summer diesel fuel from 1050 to 1350 rub. per

1000 liters

    • Naval black oil from 900 to 1500 rub. per ton
    • M 100 and oven fuels from 700 to 1400 rub. per ton
    • Heavy users can receive benefits for non-realized

volume of permitted carbon dioxide emissions

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Protection of environment and health of people at application of fuels with Nanoplus additive

  • Application of fuels with Nanoplus additive reduces air pollution with toxic emissions from Engines and Boiler units, reduces risk of diseases and expenses on public health services:
    • Emissions of hydrocarbons, smoke (soot), CO and

NОx are reduced, smog formation is excluded.

    • The number of diseases of respiratory organs

(including asthmas) goes down.

    • The risk of cancer of lungs because of reduction of

emissions of particulate matter (soot) goes down.

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Advantages Nanoplusadditive application in Fuels

  • Low optimal concentration in Fuel:
    • Dosage –1 part of the additive to 5000 –20000parts of fuel (by volume)
    • Dosage is changed in dependence of volume of fuel consumption
    • Non toxicity, low fire risk:
    • Reduction of black oil fuels viscosity
    • Flash point is not lower than 63°C
    • Safe land, water and airtransportation

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Advantages of Nanoplusadditive application

  • Modification of fuels with additiveNanoplusis made:
    • At loading rack of fuel feed stations
    • At filling tanksby fuel metering unit
    • At fuel station and/orin the tank of consumer
    • Vehicles and engines design adaptation isn’t required
    • Low additive’s viscosity provides good mixing with fuel

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Mechanism of Nanoplus

Disperse particles of fuelcontain billions of Nano clusters (micelles) of Nanoplus

Dispersed particle of fuel

NanoplusNano clusters in liquid fuel medium

Blanket of additive and solvation sphere

Core on water basis

Liquid fuel

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Work of Engine with fuel withoutNanoplus additive

  • Instability of characteristics fuel feeding and engine gas exchange leads to :
    • Fuel consumption increase and reduction of power
    • Increase of exhaust gases toxicity
    • Intensive fume evolution leads to pollution of lubricant oil
    • Failures of the engine and release systems
    • Damages of group of movement of engine


Particulate matter




Nano Corporation Ltd.


Work of Engine with fuel with Nanoplus additive

  • Destruction of Nano micelles by hydro blow improves:
    • Fuel spraying
    • Mixing of fuel with air
    • Ignition and burning processes
    • Advantages:
    • Stable process of fuel combustion and more complete combustion of soot
    • Fuel economy
    • Reduction of harmful emissions

Disperse particles of fuel

Nano micelles of


Nano micelle hydro blow with fuel dispersion

Nano Corporation Ltd.




Cleaning of combustion chamber with

Nano micelles of Nanoplus

  • Washing and dispersive action of Nanoplusadditive in the engine:
    • Removal of soot deposits from atomizers, valves and from combustion chamber
    • Prevention soot deposits formation
    • Improvement of heat transfer
    • Improvement of spray and и mixing with air
    • Increase of combustion efficiency
    • Reduction of СО, NOx, fuel particles and soot emissions
    • Reduction of oil soiling speed
    • Environment protection from contamination with toxic substances

Cleaning of the combustion chamber from deposit with surfactant Nano micelles

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Nanoplus additive influence to Engine work

  • Nanoplus additive positively influences engine work:
    • Improves itsecological properties
    • Eliminates vibrations and knocks in the engine
    • Increases turning torque, stabilizes power and reduces fuel rate by 10-17%
    • Increases engine’s work reliability
    • Increases service life of the engine and transmission before running repair and complete overhaul

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Influence of fuel with Nanoplus additive to condition of Engine

  • Removal of deposit from combustion chambers, from

atomizers and valves

  • Increase in resource of work of Engine oil (stability of

quality and working capacity of oil increase)

  • Reduction of expenses on maintenance service of engine

(due to oil cleanliness) and heat power installations

  • Prolongation of endurance of the engine (due to oil


  • Elimination of knock, noise, vibrations in the engine, and

increase of endurance of transmission

  • Improvement of lubricant ability of diesel fuel deeply

rectified from sulphur and impurities

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Reduction of toxic Emissions with Nanoplusadditive

  • Reduction of emission volumes at application of Nanoplus additive in dependence of Fuel composition, Design and work modes of Engine reaches:
  • УВ* CONOxPM**CO2
  • Gasoline: 50% 50% 30% 40% 15%
  • Diesel fuel : 20% 15% 20% 40% 10%
  • */ HC – unburnt carbohydrates,
  • **/ PM – particulate matter (soot)

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Nanoplus additive influence to work of boilers and technologic furnaces

  • Acceleration of transformation of hydrocarbons in zones of burning and afterburning provides:
  • Increase of boiler unit efficiency and reduction of fuel

consumption by 5-15%

  • Stabilization of thermal streams to heat exchange


  • Reduction of speeds of high and low temperature


  • Cleaning of external surfaces of heating
  • Reduction of total toxicity of exhaust gases by 15-25%
  • Cleaning of capacities of storage and units of fuel


Nano Corporation Ltd.


Documentation of the additivein Russian Federation

  • Technical conditions 0257-001-76489972-2009
  • Admittance for manufacture and applicationCertificate TEKCERT

№ 021-08

  • Certificate of Compliance № RОСС US.HX10.
  • Sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion ILZ GZGOENMO RF
  • Test reports of open joint-stock society «Ryazannefteproduct»
  • Policy of assurance of responsibility of goods producer/seller of

«Nano Corporation» Ltd. for 33 million rub.

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Test ofNanoplus additive(Moscow, 2009, RSUoil and gasnamed after I.M. Gubkin)

  • Roentgen fluorescent energy dispersion analysis of additivesNanoplus 5000 and 10000 for metals and sulphur content (%):
  • lead …………………..< 5 ∙ 10 -4
  • iron, manganese ……. Not found
  • calcium ………………… 0,0026-0,0048
  • potassium, nickel, molybdenum …< 1 ∙ 10 -3each
  • stibium, phosphorus, thallium (total)… < 2 ∙ 10 -4
  • sulphur……………………….0,56-0,62
  • other elements of Periodic table from natrium to uranium were not found.
  • Conclusion:Nanoplusadditive don’t contain metals which are not stipulated by Technical regulation.

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Tests of diesel fuel with Nanoplusadditive(Ryazan’, 2009, oil refinery)

  • Improvement of lubrication properties of diesel fuels (method ENISO 12156: 1), wear scar diameter, micron :
  • • Diesel fuel «L» hydro cleaning (without additive) > 460 µm
  • (standart≤ 460 µm)
  • Diesel fuel Euro, sort C, kind 1 (GOST Р 52368-2005)
  • With standard additives………………………………………409 µm
  • Diesel fuel Euro, sort C, kind 1 (GOST Р 52368-2005) with Nanoplus additive…
  • ….………………………………………368 µm
  • Effect:
  • improvement of lubricating properties of refined fuels > 20%;
  • - improvement of lubricating properties of diesel fuelEuro….. > 10%;
  • - increase of work reliability, increase of endurance of high-lift pumps of diesel engine;
  • - improvement of combustion efficiency, ecological properties of fuels with additive.

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Performance tests of fuels with Nanoplus additive

  • 2009:
  • Testing in 3 transport companies in Russia
  • tests in 15 European motor transportation companies
    • Operational tests of more than 500 heavy-duty diesel trucks which are in permanent job.
    • Average economy of fuel confirmed by experts is more than 9 %
    • 2008: tests carried out state bodies of the USA
    • 284 cars for 6 months in the state of California
    • 9 cars from random sampling, average fuel economy was more than 18% (within limits from 9,7% to37,5%)
  • 2006: tests in the Netherlands
    • Carried out by leading independent testing laboratory
    • Tests of heavy-duty trucks for 12 months showed:
    • Average fuel economy 5 - 8%
    • Reduction of emissions by 10 - 30%

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Highlights of technology of fuels withNanoplus additive

  • 2005 and 2006- «Wall Street Reporter Magazine»
    • Featured H2OIL Corporation as one of the top 25 emerging environmental technology companies.
  • 2005 - joint venture with government of China was created
    • Construction of manufacturing facilities near Beijing
    • Producing enough additive to treat 70% of China's consumers demand
  • 1994 - according to UNand «Forbes» magazine rating :
    • Nanoplus is the best fuel additive for alleviating urban transport-related air pollution problems in Asia.
    • Featured Nanoplus in the list of 25 most ecological products

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Advantages of Nanoplusadditive application

  • Modification of fuels with additiveNanoplusis made:
    • At loading rack of fuel feed stations
    • At filling tanksby fuel metering unit
    • At fuel station and/orin tank of consumer
    • Vehicles and engines design adaptation isn’t required
    • Low additive’s viscosity provides good mixing with fuel

Nano Corporation Ltd.



  • Nanoplus additive application in all kinds of fuel gives big ecological and fuel-efficient effect: reduction of fuel rate reaches 10-17%.
  • Completeness of fuel combustion is increased, environment contamination with toxic emissions of carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur oxides, particulate matter (smoke, soot) is reduced.
  • Nanoplus additive application doesn’t require changes in design of engines and refueling systems.
  • Safety and simplicity at Nanoplus additive application are provided.
  • Cleanness of fuel-oil systems, profitability of transport operation are increased.
  • Changes of infrastructure of enterprises-consumers is not required.
  • Additional permissions are not required.

Nano Corporation Ltd.


Super Heater Tubes Scales

Nano Corporation Ltd

nanoplus cleans heater tubes
Nanoplus Cleans Heater Tubes

Nano Corporation Ltd


Thank you for your attention

Nano Corporation Ltd.