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welcome to canterbury school n.
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Welcome to Canterbury School PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Canterbury School

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Welcome to Canterbury School
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Welcome to Canterbury School

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  1. Welcome to Canterbury School

  2. We are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.

  3. Downtown Fort Wayne Lakeside Rose Gardens Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo General Anthony Wayne Downtown Fort Wayne The Old Historic Fort Wayne Allen County Courthouse

  4. Canterbury Lower School

  5. Our Motto Means "Integrity in All Things"

  6. Mrs. Anderson, Lower School Director

  7. Kindergarten Activities Physical education class Valentine’s Day party Science experiment

  8. Math activities Gardening

  9. Making soup from our garden vegetables

  10. The Wonderful World of First Grade !

  11. Reading lesson with Mrs. Corson

  12. First graders learn about the world by making apple pies with librarian Mrs. Presser. They just read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.

  13. One of our first-grade teachers, Mrs. Foland, helps make apple pie.

  14. Mrs. Farashahi’s class presents a poem at Chapel. Chapel is a short daily assembly which is a time for reflection, and for celebrating our community and its values. The program often includes a personal message from a faculty member, a presentation by one or more students or a visit from a community leader.

  15. Mrs. Foland’s class presents a Chapel about colors.

  16. All aboard for our pretend airplane flight to Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital. Anyone want a snack?

  17. Our pilot and co-pilot are ready for takeoff. At the controls

  18. Our pretend tour of Washington, D.C.

  19. Second Graders We learn about Colonial Williamsburg in the 18th century. We are making candles by dipping ropes into wax. This was called candle-dipping.

  20. We explore the outdoors at Fox Island County Park.

  21. Outdoor education

  22. Classroom work

  23. Jackie Robinson Winston Churchill We dress the part for our biography reports.

  24. We are enjoying a classroom Halloween party.

  25. We visit a tree farm to learn more about trees for our study of trees.

  26. Square-dancing in physical education class (We are dressed in Colonial Williamsburg clothing)

  27. Awesome Third- Graders!

  28. Enjoying an Italian lunch Learning about Italy

  29. Performing for Chapel The Emperor's New Clothes We studied fairy tales.

  30. We learned about Native American Indians and Pilgrims

  31. Physical education class field trip Ice skating

  32. Invention Convention

  33. Our third graders are having loads of fun presenting their inventions.

  34. Learning about the human body

  35. Third graders have a summer picnic in the winter. Winter Picnic Wow! They’re good at the limbo.

  36. Winter Picnic Fun

  37. Fourth Grade

  38. Mrs. Rupp and Mrs. Franzino

  39. Mr. Stronczek teaches math.

  40. Zoo Projects/Animal Reports

  41. On our Conner Prairie field trip, students go “back to the time of the settlers.”

  42. Working on a science project together

  43. Reading to our Kindergarten buddy class

  44. Performing a Chapel skit

  45. Community Service at the food bank This is where needy families can receive food.

  46. We are having fun during physical educations class having our own “Winter Olympics.” Our own luge ramp Ice hockey