unique mammalian characteristics n.
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Unique Mammalian Characteristics:

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Unique Mammalian Characteristics: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unique Mammalian Characteristics:. Hair or Fur. Basic Structures of Fur. Scale Patterns. Deer Mink. Caribou Elk Moose. Functions of Fur.

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scale patterns
Scale Patterns

Deer Mink

Caribou Elk Moose

functions of fur
Functions of Fur
  • Regulate Body Temperature: Endotherms!
    • Insulation
    • Water Proofing
  • Protect skin from sunlight
  • Camouflage
  • Sense organ
  • Defense
  • Hair is hollow to provide insulation
  • Heat is kept close to the body
water proofing
Water Proofing
  • Very soft, insulated under coat which protects the outer layer of long guard hairs
  • The outer layer traps air to keep them dry and warm underwater
sun protection
Sun protection
  • Mammals have hair to protect their skin from sunlight as well
  • If animals didn’t have fur/hair sun burning would occur
  • Mammals use their fur to help them hide from predators
  • The snowshoe hare is white during the winter to help blend in with the snow, and brown during the spring/summer time to help blend in to the forest
  • The echidna has sharp spines or quills to defend themselves from predators
  • Quills will release from body when another animal attacks
sensory organ
Sensory Organ
  • Many mammals have whiskers coming out from their snout
  • Used as a sensory organ to feel around when sight can not be used to navigate food
journal 3 review 2 6 14
Journal # 3 Review!!!2/6/14
  • Name 3 functions of mammal fur/hair.
  • Explain a defense mechanism using fur/hair.
  • Name a specific “modified” hair.