Improving CASA and LSPCM 	on high level design for     		offshoring
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To begin with

Improving CASA and LSPCM on high level design for offshoring Students: Nivedita Angadi Guides: Tanya Kudchadker Prof. Mark van denBrand, Tu/e Martijn Klabbers, LaQuso, Tu/e Cornelly Spier , Capgemini Rob Boomsma, Capgemini Rob Ista, Capgemini

To begin with
To begin with… offshoring

What is offshoring?

Why offshoring followed in the Industry?

- Cost Reduction

- Efficient use of skilled labors

- Focus is on core competence and innovation

Challenges in offshoring
Challenges in offshoring offshoring

What are the risks in offshoring?

- Geographical risks

- Project risks

- Infrastructure and Operational risks

Quality and Productivity consideration.

Productivity offshoring


The production or delivery of more products or services with less effort and less cost in a shorter time period with the better quality[1].

Productivity = Output produced by the process

Input consumed by the process

Productivity conceptual model
Productivity offshoring Conceptual Model

  • Inputs

  • People – Experience, Knowledge,Skill

  • Management

  • Processes

  • Systems ,Tools and Materials


  • Outputs

  • Improved Services

  • ReducedCosts

  • Increased Volume

Improving quality of high level design
Improving offshoring Quality of High Level Design

Existing Approaches in Capgemini for Analysis, Design and Architecture

- CASA – Capgemini Acceleratorfor Software Architecture

LSPCM analysis as a quality gate for High Level Design

- LSPCM – LaQuso Software Product Certification Model

Casa c apgemini a ccelerator for s oftware a rchitecture
CASA - C offshoring apgeminiAcceleratorfor SoftwareArchitecture

What is CASA?

- Capgemini Acceleratorfor SoftwareArchitecture

Aim of CASA

- “Building the Product right”.

Positioning of casa
Positioning offshoring of CASA

Positioning of CASA [2]

What casa contains
What offshoring CASA contains ?





Laquso software certification model lspcm
LaQuso Software Certification Model (LSPCM) offshoring

What is LSPCM?

- Rulebased software product certification model.

What LSPCM contains?

- Product areas

- Properties of product areas

- Certification Criteria (CC) for all product areas

[CC1]Completeness [CC2]Uniformity


- SpecificCriterias (Rules)

- Certification levels

Quality improvement for high level design
Quality improvement for High Level Design offshoring

High Level Design

Why quality improvements for High Level Design?

Research goals
Research Goals offshoring

Suggest improvements for High Level Design in the context of offshoring

- LSPCM Certification Model


- Case Studies

Side goals
Side goals offshoring

Improve productivity

- Analyzinginfluence of high level design quality.

- Analyzing the split in activitiesbetweenonshore and offshore teams.

Research question
Research Question offshoring

What aspects of the software artifact High Level Design determine the quality of offshored software development?

Side Questions:

- How can quality of high level design influence project’s productivity?

- How can split in activities between onshore and offshore team influence on the project’s productivity?

Plan for tasks
Plan for tasks offshoring

  • Literaturestudyonproductivity

  • Literaturestudyon Software Architecture and high level design

  • Analysis of necessaryartifacts of CASA for high level design

  • Analysis of defects faced withoffshoredprojects.

  • Analysis of Case studies and Suggestionsforimprovement in high level design.

  • Thesis and Presentation.

Deliverables offshoring

References offshoring

[1] Rob Ista., “Productivity: Point of view”


[3]LaQuso Software Certification Model (LSPCM 1.1)

[4]Ian Gorton., “Essential Software Architecture”, Springer Publications (2006).

[5] Kruchten .P,. ArchitecturalBlueprints – The “4+1” View Model of Software Architecture,IEEE Publication (1995)