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Name ______________________________________ Date ____________________ Period ___________ PowerPoint Presentation
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Name ______________________________________ Date ____________________ Period ___________

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Name ______________________________________ Date ____________________ Period ___________ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Name ______________________________________ Date ____________________ Period ___________. Solving a. A GUIDE TO MURDER.

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Name ______________________________________ Date ____________________ Period ___________

Solving a


Directions: This sheet is designed to get you started on solving the murder. Remember, evil is afoot and time is of the essence. Use this only as a guide, and remember to think about what you know, what you don’t, what you need to figure out, what you can assume, what is reasonable, what is not, and why has to happen for it to all make sense. Good luck, gumshoes. We’re all counting on you.

1. Create a list of suspects. Who was in the area? Who could have had access to the crime scene? Who can you, at this point, reasonably exclude?

2. Who do you need to question for more information? How will you question them? Remember, you cannot question a suspect or witness without a warrant. Failure to procure a warrant results in invalidation of the evidence that was collected improperly. You CAN NOT bother a suspect or witness when they are teaching or otherwise academically engaged. Seek them out during study halls, lunches, after school, etc.

3. What other evidence do you need to procure? How do you hope to get this evidence? Again, you cannot search an area other than the crime scene without a warrant. Failure to procure a warrant results in invalidation of the evidence that was collected improperly.

4. Is there a motive? If so, who has it? Use the back of this sheet to sketch out your ideas on motives, and plan the next stage of your investigation. A killer may be on the loose, but simply finding a set of prints doesn’t condemn him or her. You need positive, legal, proof.