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El Anuncio Comercial

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El Anuncio Comercial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Español 2H. El Anuncio Comercial. La Tarea :. Puedes trabajar solo o con un grupo . Decide en un producto personal. Necesitarás crear un anuncio comercial para tu producto . Hay que incluír un cartel que demonstrará tu producto . Vas a presentar tu producto en clase.

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la tarea
La Tarea:
  • Puedestrabajar solo o con un grupo.
  • Decide en un producto personal.
  • Necesitaráscrear un anunciocomercialparatuproducto.
  • Hay queincluír un cartel quedemonstrarátuproducto.
  • Vas a presentartuproducto en clase.
proyecto un anuncio comercial
Proyecto: Un AnuncioComercial

You will be working with a partner today to market a new personal care product to the rest of the class. Your job is to sell it to as many people as possible.

proyecto un anuncio comercial1
Proyecto: Un AnuncioComercial

Use your new vocabulary to decide on a product. (i.e. shaving foam, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, etc.)

proyecto un anuncio comercial2
Proyecto: Un AnuncioComercial

You will create an original product and product name for one of the products. Your product must have a Spanish Name that makes sense for the type of product.

proyecto un anuncio comercial3
Proyecto: Un AnuncioComercial

Next, come up with a catchy advertisement for this product with a visual. This must include a poster and live advertisement. (Commercial) You may also includes props, costumes, etc.

proyecto un anuncio comercial4
Proyecto: Un AnuncioComercial

You must have a sample product to accompany your ad as well.(i.e. toothpaste, lotion, bottle) I must be able to see what the product looks like in case I want to buy it.

la gram tica
La Gramática…

You must also include a minimum of 2 affirmative commands, 2 negative commands and 4 reflexive verbs. They cannot count for two different things. This means, you will have 8 different verbs total! Please make sure that you have your pronouns in the correct place if you need them.