The european holstein and red holstein championship cremona 2010
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The European Holstein and Red Holstein Championship Cremona 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The European Holstein and Red Holstein Championship Cremona 2010. FINAL GUIDELINES EHRC Secretaries Meeting Zadar (Croatia) June 15 th -17 th 2010. 2. Programme and schedule. Arrival of all animals: 26 th -27 th October 2010 Show opening: 28 th October 2010

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The european holstein and red holstein championship cremona 2010 l.jpg

The European Holstein and Red Holstein ChampionshipCremona 2010


EHRC Secretaries Meeting Zadar (Croatia)

June 15th-17th 2010

Cremona 2010

2 programme and schedule l.jpg
2. Programme and schedule

Arrival of all animals: 26th-27th October 2010

Show opening: 28th October 2010

European Young Breeders’

Showmanship: 29th October 2010

“European Star Sale”: 29th October 2010

European Championship for

Holstein & Red Holstein: 30th October 2010

European Progeny Groups: 30th October 2010

Departure of animals: 31st October 2010

Cremona 2010

5 assistance l.jpg
5. Assistance

  • From arrival until departure of the animals, is provided to all exhibitors, namely for veterinary services 24h = only service to be used.

  • A contact person for the participating member organisation at the European Championship is provided by ANAFI or CREMONAFIERE

  • Contribution for animal transport (Euro 1.50/km per max 1 truck per breed/country)

Cremona 2010

6 lodging of herdsmen and staff l.jpg
6. Lodging of herdsmen and staff

  • The herdsmen will be hosted without costs in roomswithin the Cremona fairground.

  • Number of herdsmen: max 1 person per cow tomaximum of 15 persons

  • A delegation of five persons for each associationwill be hosted without costs in hotel. Meals included.

Cremona 2010

7 attendees l.jpg
7. Attendees

Cremona 2010

8 programme of the event l.jpg
8. Programme of the event

Thursday, 28th October 2010

21.00h: Welcome Gala

Friday, 29th October 2010

14.00h to 14.30h: Opening Ceremony

14.30h to 16.30h: Young Breeders’ Showmanship

17.30h to 19.30h: International auction “European Star Sale”

20.30h to 24.00h: International reception

Cremona 2010

8 programme of the event7 l.jpg
8. Programme of the event

Saturday, 30th October 2010

09.30h to 11.15h: Individual classes Red Holstein

11.15h to 11.45h: European Championship RH11.45h to 12.15h: Country groups championship RH

12.15h to 13.15h: Presentation of progeny groups in the ring

13.15h to 16.15h: Individual classes Holstein

16.15h to 17.00h: European Championship HO

17.00h to 18.00h: Country groups championship HO

Cremona 2010

9 european young breeders showmanship l.jpg
9. European Young Breeders’Showmanship

  • Young Breeders’ Competition: Showmanship andclipping (not type competition)

  • All countries can participate

  • Heifers are supplied by ANAFI and are drawn forassignment

  • Each country can participate with 2 young breeders(1 junior and 1 senior)

  • Classes of age: (age at the 1st November 2010)16-20 years old = junior 21-25 years old = senior

Cremona 2010

10 2 requirements for registration l.jpg
10.2 Requirements for registration

  • Age defined as at the 1st November 2010

  • 20% of cows must be 1st calvers up to 36 months

  • 20% of cows must be 2nd calvers up to 54 months

  • All cows must be born in Europe and registered 12months in advance in the herd-book and under milk recording in the participating country.

  • Only black & white cows will be admitted in Holstein classes and only red & white cows will be admitted in Red Holstein classes.

Cremona 2010

12 judges l.jpg
12. Judges

Individual Championship

Holstein: John Gribbon, U.K.

Red Holstein: John Gribbon, U.K.

Reserve judge: Tom Kelly, Ireland

Country Groups Championship

Each country must nominate one official judge of the national panel to judge the country groups.

Cremona 2010

12 judges11 l.jpg
12. Judges

  • European Young Breeders’ Showmanship

  • Each participating country will select three judges (+ one reserve judge) but cannot vote for its own candidate.

  • Candidates fromFrance, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerlandand U.K.

Cremona 2010

13 rules committee l.jpg
13. Rules Committee

  • Composition: EHRC Secretary, a representative of the Official Veterinary Service and an EHRC Committee member.

  • The Rules Committee is responsible for monitoring violations.

  • The Rules Committee will have the authority toinspect animals and related materials to determine if violations have occurred.

  • If violations have occurred, the Committee will prevent the cow, or the cows, from entering the ring.

Cremona 2010

14 code of ethics l.jpg
14. Code of Ethics

  • The EHRC Committee has adopted a Code of Ethics for the European Championship. The Rules Committee will act in accordance with the Code of Ethics.

  • Agreement for compliance with the rules for the show

  • to be signed by the owner of each participating cow,

  • the team manager, fitters and agents employed by the breed association of each participating country.

  • The Official Veterinary Service: sole arbitrator for the administration of medicine and treatments.

Cremona 2010

15 staff for ultrasound checks l.jpg
15. Staff for ultrasound checks

  • Staff: Prof. H. Dobson and one Italian veterinary assistant.

  • The udders of the following cows in each class should be checked by ultrasound:

  • - cow 1, 2 and 3: after each class

  • - best udder cow in the class

  • An animal that failed the ultrasonic test is automatically excluded from further participation in the show.

Cremona 2010

20 health regulations l.jpg
20. Health Regulations

  • Based on sanitary rules all animal concentrations areunder the control of the Local VeterinaryAuthority.

  • 2. Before entering the premises of the fair, all animals must be inspected by the Local Veterinary Authority.

  • 6. Only dairy cattle complying with the Dir CE 64 4 andsubsequent amendments will be accepted into the fair sheds. Herd of origin must be officially free from tuberculosis, brucellosis and enzootic bovine leucosis.

Cremona 2010

20 health regulations16 l.jpg
20. Health Regulations

7. For IBR/IPV, a negative serological test (whole virus or -gE) carried out during the 30 days prior to leaving the herd of origin is required.

Isolation requirement prior the show according to the sanitary status of the area of origin.

The area of the fair is considered as collection

centre within 6 days of staying.

For Blue Tongue, animals coming from restrictedareas will be accepted according to conditions of EU Regulation 1266/2007 Annex III A.

Cremona 2010

20 health regulations17 l.jpg
20. Health Regulations


For BVD/MD, the analysis, with negative result of

the viral antigen through PCR or ELISA test carried

out during the 30 days prior to leaving, is required.

Cremona 2010