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Presented by Linette Y. Caroselli Northeast Region UCC & LaTonya Nelson Immediate Past Western Region Syntaktes PowerPoint Presentation
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Presented by Linette Y. Caroselli Northeast Region UCC & LaTonya Nelson Immediate Past Western Region Syntaktes

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Presented by Linette Y. Caroselli Northeast Region UCC & LaTonya Nelson Immediate Past Western Region Syntaktes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The True Blue Soror: The Costs and Benefits of Membership in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Presented by Linette Y. Caroselli Northeast Region UCC & LaTonya Nelson Immediate Past Western Region Syntaktes.

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Presentation Transcript

The True Blue Soror:The Costs and Benefits of Membership in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Presented by

Linette Y. Caroselli

Northeast Region UCC


LaTonya Nelson

Immediate Past

Western Region Syntaktes

sigma gamma rho sorority inc mission statement
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.Mission Statement

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority's aim is to enhance the quality of life within the community. Public service, leadership development and education of youth are the hallmark of the organization's programs and activities. Sigma Gamma Rho addresses concerns that impact society educationally, civically, and economically.


To raise awareness of Fiscal Responsibility & Sorority Membership

Topics of Discussion:

  • Assessment of members financial perspectives
  • Sorority Membership: Dues and Expenses
  • The true cost of sorority membership explored and explained
  • The responsibility for fundraising to first/support “Greater Service, Greater Progress”
  • The recognition that sorority life is not without cost
  • The inherent financial commitment associated with sorority membership
  • Life Membership
  • The Benefits of Membership

What does it mean to be a

financial soror?







dues and expenses local level
Dues and Expenses- Local Level
  • Local (Chapter) Dues
  • Cotillions/ Debutante Balls
  • Fundraisers (Ticket Quotas)
  • Chapter Bonding Functions
  • Gas
  • Tolls
  • Gifts (Inductions)
  • Sponsorships (Rhoers, Scholarships, etc.)
  • Area Meetings
  • Chapter Support (supporting other chapter events)
dues and expenses regional level
Dues and Expenses- Regional Level
  • Regional Dues
  • Regional Assessments (example- ICHQ donation, regional projects)
  • Regional Conference Registration
  • Donations (example: Project Reassurance, & St. Jude’s)
  • Hotel
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Outfits and Accessories (official sorority blazer, all white for Omega Rho)
dues and expenses national level
Dues and Expenses- National Level
  • National Dues
  • National Assessments- NEF, SPEAR, etc.
  • National Programs
  • Donations
  • Boule’ (Hotel, Registration, Transportation, etc.)
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Vendors (purchases at conferences)
  • Inclusion of Family for Boule’
  • Workbooks (T.O.R.C.H., Protocol, etc.)
true cost of sorority membership
True Cost of Sorority Membership

Sorority membership entails not only money but most importantly, your time. “Greater Service, Greater Progress” is achieved through our dedication to service and mankind. Our commitment to community service serves as the foundation of the cost of membership. We all could think of other ways to spend our time but we took an oath to serve and help improve our communities.

  • The value of time: Community Service, Chapter Meetings, Youth Symposiums, Social Functions, NPHC meetings, etc.
  • The obligation of duty: Officer responsibility, member responsibility, organization responsibility
  • Misrepresentation: When we as an organization do not fulfill our duties as members
  • Personal Fulfillment

The act of fundraising is never for personal gain. It is for the benefit of providing “Greater Service, Greater Progress” for our communities. Therefore every dollar we raise should go towards:

  • National Programs/Projects
  • Scholarships (Local, Regional or National)
  • Rhoer/ Philo Development
  • Chapter Development
  • Community Service Projects
  • Soror Hardships
life membership a candid discussion
Life Membership:A Candid Discussion

Life Membership within Sigma Gamma Rho represents an elite group of women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the sisterhood. Life Membership holds its privileges and they are not taken lightly. Paying the LM fee is just the beginning. Sorors must be cognizant when they make the decision to join the ranks of LM, they are making the commitment to be ready to make financial contributions for the good of the order. The Grand Basileus and/or any of our other non-profit organizations can ask for a donation at any time for a specified amount. LM’s are expected to meet this call without hesitation.

running for an office
Running for an Office

Running for a Regional or National Office is very expensive. Expenses:

  • Traveling on the campaign trail
  • Campaign Materials (favors, brochures, etc.)
  • Telephone Calls
  • Postage
  • Envelopes
  • Letterhead, paper, ink, etc.
while in office
While in Office….

Not all expenses are covered by the sorority/region. Once your budget is gone….well…you’re on your own.

  • Travel (transportation, hotels, gas, wear and tear on your car, etc.)
  • Telephone calls
  • Office Supplies
  • Cell Phone Minutes
  • Time, time and more time
  • Your sanity
the inherent financial commitment
The Inherent Financial Commitment

Upon our induction into Sigma Gamma Rho, we are expected to be lifetime financial members. Although life can throw challenges at us from time to time that may hinder us from fulfilling our financial duties, we must learn to lean on the shield. Some chapters have programs in place to assist financially challenged sorors with their dues. Even if you can’t pay your dues, your time is still a valuable asset to the sisterhood.

benefits of membership
Benefits of Membership


  • The motivations for joining Sigma vary. But lifelong friendships, community service, networking, leadership development and social activities are key advantages.
  • Sigma membership greatly enriches the experiences for the vast majority of Sorors. Most have found a place to belong and that is just the start. Joining Sigma opens the doors to other opportunities.


life long friendships
Life Long Friendships
  • One of the main motivators for joining a sorority is friendship. Finding a group of friends can make a tremendous difference in feeling integrated into life versus feeling like another individual.
  • Sigma provides a home away from home with a group of supportive women who will cheer you on and provide encouragement during low times.
  • Most Sorors have developed at least a few lifelong friendships that continue in spite of distance and time.
leadership development
Leadership Development
  • By joining Sigma you will undergo Leadership Development. It is a natural part of being in a sorority
  • Some sorors will go on to hold highly visible local, regional and national offices, however every Soror will lead in some way
  • Committee assignments, recruitment planning and execution, and representing the organization all provide opportunities to develop public speaking skills, presentation skills, motivational skills, and organizational skills. These are all benefits of the sisterhood
community service
Community Service
  • Sigma has national programs to which all chapters/regions contribute in meaningful ways.
  • Beyond this, Sorors/Chapters tend to be very service oriented and also participate in other community activities that benefit their local areas.
  • There are multiple opportunities presented each year by both the individual chapters as well as the Sisterhood as a whole to participate in.
  • Membership in Sigma definitely provides networking opportunities.
  • Many leadership positions on campus and even world wide are held by a member of a fraternity or sorority.
  • Networking in Sigma opens the door to meeting other leaders and finding avenues for networking.
  • Sigma has a network of chapters throughout the regions and internationally where Sorors can enjoy their membership as they travel around the world.
social activities
Social Activities
  • Sigma’s love their social events and by joining the sorority certainly expands your social opportunities.
  • Sorors are very creative in offering a variety of social event themes and outlets for fun.
  • Some of these social events involve collaborating with other organizations and some are only for Sorors. In either case, a Soror has the opportunity to keep her social calendar as full as she desires!
a golden opportunity a royal experience
A Golden Opportunity& A Royal Experience

Membership in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. definitely is a commitment! But most Sorors have learned that since joining the sisterhood, they discover that the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices and are thankful for the opportunities in the long run.

  • Sorors are expected to be financial on all levels
  • Time is a valuable asset
  • Life Membership isn’t just the initial fee
  • Our main purpose is service
  • Officers don’t get free rides
  • Everything we do benefits the sisterhood and our communities
  • The benefits of membership are priceless & endless