monday september 23 rd 2013
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Monday , September 23 rd , 2013

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Monday , September 23 rd , 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Key Club General Meeting. Monday , September 23 rd , 2013. Quote. “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” —Bill Gates American entrepreneur. The Board :D.

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monday september 23 rd 2013
Key Club General Meeting

Monday, September 23rd, 2013


“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

—Bill Gates

American entrepreneur

The Board :D

President: Kenny Nguyen [email protected]

Vice President: Mary Carson [email protected]

Secretary: Arisa Sato [email protected]

Treasurer: Bradley [email protected]

Webmaster: [email protected]

Public Relations: Michael Heinz [email protected]

Advisor: Mrs. Moss [email protected]


Ohio District Governor: Natalie [email protected]

State Bulletin Editor: Laura [email protected]

website and facebook
Website and Facebook
    • Please submit ALL HOURS ONLINE!
      • If you volunteered at the OSU game, there will be a code
    • PowerPoints and agendas will be posted
    • Calendar will be updated
    • Sign up for events and track your hours
  • Join our Facebook page!
    • Check often for updates
    • Contact the Board
  • Turn in $15 with signed form to Mrs. Moss’s mailbox by October 14th
    • Please DO NOT give Board members your completed registration forms
  • It’s important that you write legibly
    • And please include an email
  • Afterwards, you must fill out a short form online that is send to your email
    • Or else you won’t be able to log in hours!
photo contest
Photo Contest!
  • Take pictures at all events/volunteer opportunities
  • Submit your favorite picture to the Key Club website
  • Winner will be selected, and the winning picture will be shown at the next Key Club meeting
  • Reward: Receive a King Size candy bar ^-^
  • Pictures are for the Key Club scrapbook
pop tabs
Pop Tabs!
  • New project! There will be two huge

Key Club bins

    • One in the Main Office
    • Other in the cafeteria, next to the


  • Please place pop tabs from sodas in there
    • This helps support the Ronald McDonald House Foundation
  • If you submit a small zip-lock bag full = 30 min.
  • If you submit a large zip-lock bag full = 1 hour
Our largest fundraiser~
  • Heads up: You will receive one bag of Anthony Thomas candy bars at our next general meeting (Oct. 4th)
    • Each bag = 30 candy bars
    • Equal distributions of each type: caramel, crunch, almond, and peanut butter
  • Please sell ALL 30 for $1 each
    • You are responsible for selling them!
    • You will receive 1 hour
osu football games
OSU Football Games
  • NEXT GAME: OSU vs. Wisconsin
    • Saturday, September 28th
    • Around 8:00pm, but please show up at 5:00pm
    • 6 volunteer hours
  • If interested, email Kenny at [email protected] or message on FB

Thanks to:

Kareem Ramadan

Jordan Kenny

Amir Mansour

For volunteering at the last game!

columbus marathon
Columbus Marathon
  • When: Sunday, Oct. 21st from 6:15am–10:30am
  • Where: Ohio Federation of Teachers, 1251 E Broad St. This is shortly after mile 7 of the course. Please note that there is no parking allowed on the course that morning
  • What to wear: Comfortable clothing with gloves—It will be very cold in the morning. We’ll be handing out water and cheering on the runners no matter what the conditions are. Registered volunteers will receive a long-sleeved Columbus Marathon Volunteer shirt to wear on race day so they are identifiable by the athletes
  • What to bring: Some pitchers to help pour water if you have them. Same rule goes for rakes and brooms to help with clean-up
  • HOW TO REGISTER: Note that it is required for all volunteers to be registered online prior to the event. Please register at: We will be at Water Stop F
cats crew
  • Our volunteer opportunity every Monday
    • Except for today
  • Helping the CATS Crew
    • Cleaning up the football game decorations after school
    • Washing windows, tearing down streamers, etc.
interkey drive
InterKey Drive

Interact Club President: Jason Ng

  • Key Club and Interact Club will be collaborating this year to do many big projects together!
    • Interact Club is a separate volunteer organization and club at our school
  • We will be collecting canned goods for the Hilliard Food Pantry and gently used books for the Salvation Army right after this general meeting
    • We will deliver brown paper bags + flyers to each house in Britton Farms
    • If you wish to participate, you must have a signed permission form!