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Do Now!

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Do Now!. You have THREE minutes to study for your vocab quiz!. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree). I hit the snooze button today. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree). The quiz was easy. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree). I’ve watched Spongebob this week. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree).

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Do Now!

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Do Now! • You have THREE minutes to study for your vocab quiz!

    2. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • I hit the snooze button today.

    3. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) The quiz was easy

    4. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • I’ve watched Spongebob this week.

    5. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • I wore sweats today.

    6. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • I read ahead in the book.

    7. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • I kind of, sort of like this book so far.

    8. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • Tom’s verdict angered me.

    9. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • I was not surprised with the verdict.

    10. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • Jem should have known Tom would be found guilty.

    11. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • The entire town of Maycomb is evil

    12. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • Things are changing in Maycomb

    13. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • I was surprised by the amount of people in the town who were helping Tom/against the Ewells.

    14. Green (agree)/ Red (disagree) • The title of the book makes a lot more sense now.

    15. Discussion Points Chapters 22-25

    16. Compare/Contrast Ewell Family and Finch Family

    17. Black’s and White’s Reactions

    18. Motif of “Only Children Weep”

    19. Motif: Perseverance

    20. Motif: Responsibility

    21. Ewell Aftermath • What does this tell us/foreshadow about Bob?

    22. New Lesson • What type of people are “trash” according to Atticus?

    23. New Lesson • What does Aunt Alexandra think?

    24. Missionary Circle • Purpose?

    25. The Missionary Circle • Miss Maudie hosts her “missionary circle” (a group of townswomen who drink tea and discuss ways to assist with the Mrunas Africa (a “heathen” and “impoverished” tribe) • Scout is invited to stay (in a dress, of course) in an attempt for Aunt Alexandra to teach her what it means to be a lady • While they discuss ways to assist African tribes (both financially and spiritually), they have another conversation about unrest in Maycomb’s black population because of the trial • The women all hypocritically agree that the black community should stop complaining and accept things the way they are, and serve their usual roles in society

    26. Missionary Circle • Irony?

    27. Tom’s Death • What happened to Tom?

    28. Tom’s Death • He tried to escape from prison, and after two warning shots the guards fired to kill as he jumped towards the barbed wire fence • If he would have had two arms, he would have been able to escape • Atticus is extremely upset, knowing that there was a good chance for appeal in Tom’s case • After this news, Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra are able to pull themselves together and host the missionary circle again with grace and politeness • Scout decides that if they can be ladies at a time like this, so can she.

    29. Tom’s Death • Reactions of Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra

    30. Reinforcement of the novel’s title • Don’t kill/harm innocent beings • Scout and the bugs: • Comes up again… When Helen finds out about Tom she is described as a…

    31. Reinforcement of the novel’s title • Mr. Underwood publishes the comment that Tom’s death was a “senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children”

    32. Town’s View of Tom • Aftermath…the town spreads vicious rumors that Tom’s behavior was “typical” of his community (no thought for the future, flighty, etc…)

    33. Even in death, Tom and his character are murdered… • Remember that even though the trial made baby-step progress, there are still miles and decades to go before any real change of thought will take place in regards to race in society