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High Availability Corporate Faxing PowerPoint Presentation
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High Availability Corporate Faxing

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High Availability Corporate Faxing

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  1. High Availability Corporate Faxing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Considerations for Fax Servers in Traditional and IP-PBX Implementations Scott Riley, CEO (949) 270-0300 x772 sriley@otgt.com

  2. My Purpose…. To Build an Awareness of the Importance of Fax Server Deployment Considerations in Your PBX Implementation Strategies

  3. WHY discuss FAX at this Conference? • Corporate “Fax Servers” are like small PBX’s, and hence integrate and co-exist with your overall PBX (and CO) strategy. A Fax Server delivers faxes electronically to the Desktop and/or email (no station device!) • FAX101: Fax is Alive and Well. • More Faxing today than 5 years ago. • ~200M standalone fax machines • One Touch Corporate Fax Business: UP ~ 30% THIS YEAR • Vast Amounts of Business are done by Fax, especially paper intensive organizations such as Mortgage, Financial/Banking, Insurance, Healthcare… (EX. Signed Original Documents, Supporting Original Attachments, PO’s, Confirmations, Orders, etc).

  4. WHY discuss FAX at this Conference? • Just like Phones, Fax can be unappreciated – Traditionally “always there, always available” – Until there is an interruption and Business Stops. (Is the PBX the Least Common Denominator??) • Corporate Fax Servers are the heart of Faxing, NOT standalone Fax Machines. Fax Servers MUST be part of your PBX/IP-PBX Strategy… AND your Network, Database and Application Strategies.

  5. TOP Considerations for Fax DR/BC • THEME: Reduce Single Points of Failure and minimize network administrative burdens while still providing a centralized fax server experience • Distributed and Failover Telco Strategies including DID/DNIS Routing and Virtualization • Multiple/Distributed App Servers (Fax Servers) with Centralized Administration • High Availability “centralized” SQL Database and Image Repositories

  6. Potential Points of Failure • Telco (CO or PBX) • Fax Boards, Fax Devices, T1 Cables, etc.. • Server Platform (e.g. Windows 2003 Server), Fax Server Application • Mail Servers (Exchange, etc) • LAN, WAN, WWW Site Accessibility and Connectivity • Domain or Other Network Issues • SQL Database and Fax Image Repository

  7. Some Tools And Strategies • High Availability Application Servers, Clustering • SQL Server Clustering, Shared Image Foldering/SAN’s, and Site Replication • Distributed Servers in a Server Collective, or Warm Spares to Replicated Sites • Application Traffic Management, IP Load Balancers, Traffic Direction/Prioritization….(BIG-IP, etc) • Telco/CO strategies, inbound portability/fail-over • FOIP Virtualization of Telco, Leverage Benefits of VOIP DR/BC Strategies

  8. Other Suggestions • Understand the Business Needs of your Client. FAX Technology is the preferred method for electronically transmitting original hard copy documents. Demand for Fax technology is DRIVEN by the business need and criticality to the customer. • Beef Up your Knowledge of Fax, FOIP, and the top-tier fax server solutions specialists. Choose an Excellent Partner with Enterprise Experience (even for small implementations)

  9. How Partnering Works For Us • We Partner AND Support providers of VOIP and Traditional TDM PBX Solutions, Network Solutions Providers (CISCO, etc..), Microsoft Partners and Carriers. • In addition to exchanging opportunities, we provide organizations like yours with the expertise and aptitude to successfully sell and/or implement solutions incorporating Fax • Provide OEM Opportunities or Turn-Key

  10. Where do you go for help? • If you need some guidance, feel free to call Scott Riley directly at 949-270-0272 or sriley@otgt.com • Thank you.