ece477 senior design android street car n.
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ECE477 Senior Design Android street car PowerPoint Presentation
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ECE477 Senior Design Android street car

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ECE477 Senior Design Android street car - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ECE477 Senior Design Android street car
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  1. ECE477 Senior DesignAndroid street car Team 12 Libo Dong

  2. Project Overview • Android tablet controlled vehicle • Functions: ~Navigate by the commands sent by the user using the tablet ~Take a 360 degree photo by using a rotating camera • The vehicle can capture images, sensing the surroundings, Receive GPS signal and feedback these information to the tablet. • User Interface: A GUI on the tablet to control and receive information from the vehicle. ~ using cursor to move the vehicle ~ displays vehicle position and related obstacle positions ~ automatic 360 degree photo by one button

  3. Block Diagram

  4. Software flow diagram Start Wait for commands from android devices Movement Command Set up WIFI communications and wait for confirmations from server(Raspberry PI) Information request ( automatically obtained) Send Command to server Camera/video commands Send Command to server Send Command to server Server send command to Micro controller Update battery life no Set up success check Microcontroller send command to H-bridge Server fetch camera image Update mini map and information bar Server send command to Micro controller yes Server process info and send back to Android device Server send image to Android device Microcontroller feed back information on GPS and sensor and fuel gauge Update image/video feed

  5. Microcontroller Code Structure • A Iterating loop with interruption-driven flags • Similar to 362 lab 6 ~ Reading Ultrasonic and GPS signal at a 1Hz ~5 Hz rate. ~ interrupt for Ultrasonic timing for a accurate distance reading. ~ access the Raspberry Pi (server) to obtain vehicle control information

  6. Peripheral Usage and Related Coding • SCI: to provide access to the Raspberry PI for the Microcontroller 2 ) UART: Transmit the GPS information GPS module is sending coordinate information at 1Hz 3) PWM: Control servos and motors. 4) Timer: count ultrasonic time that has collapsed.

  7. Current Software Statues • low level coding : GPS done, Ultrasonic sensor and PWM is testing and debugging. • Microcontroller ISP is testing • Raspberry PI Linux and driver installed.

  8. Questions?