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Body in the Water Case Peoria PowerPoint Presentation
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Body in the Water Case Peoria

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Body in the Water Case Peoria - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Body in the Water Case Peoria

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  1. Body in the Water CasePeoria

  2. The CASE • On Monday, November 7, 1999, at 3:30 pm, the body of a young male was found on the western shore of the Chippataugh Lake in Peoria. • Local fishermen have identified the person as Christopher Lansing, a frequent weekend fisherman on the shores of the lake. He was last seen on sunday afternoon, November 6, 1999, with his step brother. Oliver Joseph. Relatives say this was only the second meeting with the step brother after a reunion 6 months ago. The two brothers did not know of each other's existance until the recent death of their father. • Police detectives are investigating whether this was an accidental drowning or a homicide.

  3. Autopsy Report • OFFICE OF THE CORONER OF PEORIA COUNTY • POST-MORTEM EXAMINATION REPORT • AUTOPSY NO: 87-1999 • DEATH D/T: 11/7/99 1700 • AUTOPSY D/T: 11/8/99 @ 1145 • IDENTIFIED BY: DNA & fingerprints 12/3/99 • DATE RECEIVED: November 7, 1999 1800 hours • NAME: Christopher Lansing • AGE: 43 • SEX: M • HEIGHT: 5'9" • WEIGHT: 190 pounds • Coroners Report Summary • When he was found, Christopher Lansing was in a fairly advanced state of rigor mortis, thereby leading investigators to place the time of death at 14-16 hours before he was examined. The examiner states the time of death as being anywhere from 7 p.m. to midnight on Sunday 11/6. Skin was wrinkled due to excessive exposure to water. • Combination of strangulation and drowning were fatal injuries. • First, Christopher Lansing was strangled, then, while still breathing, he was forcibly submerged under water. Fluid was found in the lungs and froth was visible at the mouth and nostrils. Also visible was the bleeding in ChristopherLansing's eyes.

  4. Autopsy Cont… • Additional notes • The strangulation in and of itself was not fatal, although Christopher Lansing would have been gasping for air. Algae and water was discovered in the lungs, indicating that Christopher Lansing was still breathing while forced underwater. Bilateral petrous ridge of temporal bone hemorrhages was also visible. • Christopher Lansing was officially pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. The death certificate was signed by Dr. Paul Hughes at Our Savior Hospital where the body of Christopher Lansing arrived DOA at 6:00 pm. • Toxocology Screen • ethanol • Blood Drug Screen • Negative • FINAL DIAGNOSIS: • I. Asphyxiation due to: • A. partially blocked trachea passage • B. water entering lungs • CLINICOPATHLOGIC CORRELATION: • Cause of death of this male is asphyxiation due to inhalation of water and blocked trachea passage. • Samuel Burgess, M.D. • Coroner

  5. Evidence Found • Hair in victims hand • Blood on victims jeans and shirt • Unknown fingerprints • Skin under victims nails

  6. Column 1: Jason Verndergard Column 2:Oliver Joseph Column 3: David Ho Column 4:Christopher Lansing Column 5:Alejandro Sanchez Column H is the sample of DNA in the hair found in the victim's hand. Column 6: control Column 7: Victor Chavez DNA of hair evidence points to suspect 5 Alejandro Sanchez. DNA Evidence

  7. Results of DNA testing of Christopher Lansings's the fingernail scrapings. Suspect 1: Alejandro Sanchez Suspect 2: Victor Chavez The Fingernail scrapings point to suspect 1 Alejandro Sanchez. DNA Evidence cont..

  8. Results of the blood found on Christopher Lansing's shirt. Column 1: David Ho Column 2: Christopher Lansing Column 3: Victor Chavez Column 4: control Column 5: Oliver Joseph Column 6: Blood on victim's shirt The blood on the victim’s shirt was suspect 3 Victor Chavez. DNA Evidence cont…

  9. Who did it? • After reviewing the evidence everything points to Alejandro Sanchez . • The hair found in the victim’s hand was Alejandro Sanchez • The fingernail scrapings were also Alejandro Sanchez.

  10. The Scenario • The two brothers went fishing and had a great time. The boys left and as they were getting into their separate cars Christopher realized he left something on the boat. As his step-brother drove off he got back out of the car and went back to the boat. As he was searching the boat Alejandro Sanchez approached him from behind and attacked him thinking that Christopher was trying to steal the boat. The two guys started fighting and that’s how Christopher got the scrapings under his nails. Alejandro begins to strangle Christopher and as he is strangling hi he is drowning him. While Alejandro was doing this Christopher was pulling his hair and that’s how it got into his hands. Alejandro after letting Christopher sink into the water runs back up to the office gets his stuff and closes up. As far as the blood found on his shirt it was form the boat as they were fighting his brother said it was there when they were fishing. So Alejandro killed Christopher because he thought he was trying to steal his boat like most people do.