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‘Reka’. Basics.

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Reka is a 20 year old graffiti artist, he was born in England but he lives in Melbourne. His favourite colour is hot pink. He spends his time off work painting and watching cartoons. He says his hero is Walt Disney, since he was a young boy he always dreamt of getting his art out into the public, as he grew older he thought ‘hey what better way than graffiti?”

His tag
His tag.

The name Reka stuck with him since he started paintingwhen he was younger. At that stage he was more into being hardcore and catching tags. He chose the word for its meaning: To destroy and REK stuff The meaning of the word has evolved with his style over the years.

How he got into graffiti
How he got into graffiti.

Catching trains when he was young had a big influence on him to get into graffiti. He was already creative but he had no direction until he saw all the colourful pieces wizz past on the trains he caught. He was very curious to find out why they were there and he just got involved from there. He started in 1999 but at that stage he was just tagging stuff. He started doing characters in 2002. He found he could relate to doing characters a lot more than the letterform pieces as he had a lot more fun doing characters and just wanted to do something different. But these days he’s doing a bit of both, he doesn’t want to limit himself.

His style
His style.

Reka is known for his characters. When he started them in 2002 they were a lot more influenced from cartoons and anime. He was into B-boy styles and traditional graffiti characters. His style has evolved and changed over the years.


Reka graffiti’s anywhere in the city, look out your window in the city and you’ll probably see something that he has painted.

Reka’s art work cannot be bought. Many people take photos of the various pieces throughout the city, but for now that’s as close as you’ll get to owning a piece of his work

Relates to me
Relates to me.

Reka’s art work relates to me because I have been to the city a fair few times and every time I stop to look at the graffiti, and the pieces that truly draw my eye are the Everfresh ones (done by Reka and his mates).