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Fairgrounds!!!. By Priya Bharadia. Let The Thrill Begin!.

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By PriyaBharadia


Let The Thrill Begin!

Year 6 have been working hard to learn about rides at a funfair. But we’re not just talking about it, we’re finding out how they work! The forces involved in each ride are all utilised in a way to make you grab a sick bag when you get on. And forces aren’t just push and pull, there is also: friction, up thrust, air resistance, water resistance, compressed air and our old friend, gravity! This slideshow will interest you with fascinating facts, cool pictures and AMAZING explanations! Now... get your paper bag at the ready and read on!

the rollercoaster

Did You Know?

The first rollercoaster invented were in the Russian Mountains.

The fastest rollercoaster ever is called the Formula Rosa in Abu Dhabi. Its speed can reach to 240km/h.

The most expensive rollercoaster in the world is named Expedition Everest in Walt Disney World. We are told that the ride cost them $100 million and took 6 years of planning.

The tallest rollercoaster in the world is the Full Throttle in Los Angeles at a mind-blowing 160 feet.

Ah, the good old rollercoaster – it’s been making people scream since the 17th century! This amazing ride plummets down, rockets sideways, zigzags from one place to another and even turns you upside down! And the most amazing thing is...it doesn’t even have an engine. All it uses is forces e.g. gravity, air resistance etc.

The Rollercoaster
the rotor

The Rotor is a ride that can really make people scared out of their wits! All it uses is friction and central point force.

You start by being put in a barrel like circle and you’re told to put your back to the wall: the barrel then starts to spin round and round, faster and faster…until…WHOOP! The floor drops off and you suddenly realise that you’re only able to stay in place because of friction.

The first Rotor ride was demonstrated in 1949.

The riders are left pinned against the wall.

The Rotor