Contrast and comparison
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Contrast and Comparison. Mythology. Begin with TOADS.

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Begin with toads
Begin with TOADS

  • Begin with TOADS for your god or goddess. T – What character is thinking; O -What others think or say of them; A- Appearance; D –what the character does (actions); S –what the character says? Find quotes that support your answer, note page number and paragraph so you will find it easily for your essay.

My example artemis
My Example: Artemis

  • T – “Artemis, lover of woods and the wild chase over the mountain.”(Hamilton, 31). (A bit of a wilderness girl)

  • O – “She is fierce and revengeful.” (31) “Hecate of hell, Mighty to shatter every stubborn thing. Hark! Hark! Her hounds are baying through the town. Where three roads meet, there she is standing.”(32). “In her is shown most vividly the uncertainty between good and evil” (32).

  • A – “’the goddess with three forms,’ Selene in the sky, Artemis on earth, Hecate in the lower world and in the world above when it is wrapped in darkness” (32). “...lovely Huntress flashing through the forest” (32).

  • D - “She was the Lady of Wild Things, Huntsman-in-chief to the gods, an odd office for a woman. Like a good huntsman, she was careful to preserve the young; she was “the protectress of dewy youth” everywhere. (Hamilton, 31).

  • “…Artemis glided swiftly..the divine huntress, and shooting with deadly aim they struck down all of Niobe’s sons and daughters. She saw them die..”(239)

  • “...she kept the Greek Fleet from sailing to Troy until they sacrificed a maiden to her. (31).

  • S – N/A

Contrast and comparison

Thesis paragraph
THESIS PARAGRAPH an essay comparing you to your god or goddess.

In Hamilton’s Mythology Artemis, the twin sister of Apollo and one of the three maiden goddesses of Olympus, is ascribed as the Lady of Wild Things and huntsman for the gods. (Hamilton, 31). Though I am no match for a goddess, as a high school teacher of English, I do on occasion emulate her as the master of “Wild Things.” Even though she is venerated and mighty, her association with deeds of darkness and split personality makes me thankful that I am who I am and not Artemis.

Contrast and comparison

Body: three paragraphs: for each paragraph choose one of the contrasts and comparisons that you made in your diagram and elaborate upon it.

I can relate to the eminentgoddess’s love for the great outdoors. On a beautiful El Paso day, without a stack of “Wild Things’” papers to grade, you would most likely find me hiking and consorting with my dewy youths in the Franklin Mountains. Just as Artemis is usually surrounded by her hounds, mine are always found at my side. Unfortunately, I lack her skill and agility and often find myself tripping over the beasts. (32).

Contrast and comparison

I the contrasts and comparisons that you made in your diagram and elaborate upon it. , like Artemis, find myself eager to defend dewy youth. Whether it is my students or my own children, I desire to protect, educate, and assist my youth in daily battles – English assignments. (31) Unlike Artemis, I do not protect them so that they can one day be dinner on the table of the hunter. 

Contrast and comparison

Artemis the contrasts and comparisons that you made in your diagram and elaborate upon it. ’ split personality and ability to be “Selene in the sky, Artemis on earth, Hecate in the lower world and in the world above when it is wrapped in darkness” and her dabbling in sorcery is where my life most differs from hers.(32). I am a Christian believing in a strong connection to one God and witchcraft of any kind does not fit into my belief system. She is known for being fierce and vengeful, though I may on occasion be austere, especially when the “Wild Things” are capriciously creating havoc; I am not vengeful but quite pliant and more often desire to exonerate my charges.

Conclusion three to five sentences summarizing your essay remember your thesis needs to be restated
Conclusion: Three to five sentences summarizing your essay; remember your thesis needs to be restated.

As ludicrous as this comparison has been, I do feel it somewhat plausible to see similarities in my life and that of Artemis. However; I am exultant in my pedestrian lifestyle, and would rather be I than she. Her vindictive nature, split forms, and hunting occupation make her more desolate than sumptuous in my mind. For now I will continue to teach “Wild Things” instead of hunt them. Hopefully equipping them to defend with the pen which is far better than an arrow.

Contrast and comparison

M remember your thesis needs to be restated.