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SUCCESS SEMINAR. Michael Adebiyi CEO and Lead Training Consultant Global Peak Performance Consulting. Importance of Systems. The greatest skill in the world is the ability to create systems and build networks; People that know how to create and market systems rule their world;

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success seminar


Michael Adebiyi

CEO and Lead Training Consultant

Global Peak Performance Consulting

importance of systems
Importance of Systems
  • The greatest skill in the world is the ability to create systems and build networks;
  • People that know how to create and market systems rule their world;
  • Our entire life is a combination of systems. God is a systemic God. Everything he does is packaged in systems
importance of systems1
Importance of Systems
  • Ability to build the system is 75% of the problem. Just like the architectural design of a building.
  • Luke 14:28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?
  • This means Research, Plan, and Design a system

A system is any ongoing process that

Saves You Stress, Time, Energy and Money, and continues to produce results. Good systems function under the surface to keep things running smoothly so that you can concentrate on more important priorities.

importance of systems2
Importance of Systems
  • Whatis a system
  • A combination of structures that produces guaranteed results with Precision and accuracy
  • Bill gates created a computer operating system called Microsoft Operating and Network Systems: became a billionaire!
  • Other examples: Sysco, etc!
importance of systems3
Importance of Systems
  • 1% of the people of the world control the world by establishing systems;
  • 2% are their associates and family members;
  • 2% work for and support these top three;
  • 95% are ruled and controlled by these 5%
god made systems genesis chapter 1
God Made Systems (Genesis Chapter 1)
  • Atmospheric System
  • Ecological Systems
  • Solar Systems
  • Geological Systems
  • Animal & Botanical Living Systems
    • Nervous System
    • Digestive System
    • Reproductive System
man made systems
Man Made Systems
  • Banking Systems
  • Transportation Systems
  • Financial Management Systems
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Health Care Systems
  • Social Welfare Systems
  • Etc!
  • God divided the light from the darkness that is how He got day and night. He later divide the waters from the waters to get the firmament. He separated the waters fro the earth and the sea and land came forth. System is based on the ability to divide or break down processes into smaller parts. The smaller you can divide, the more precise and accurate will your success be.
  • Division
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication

These are the principles of precision and accuracy for building systems

  • Computer came as a result of the study of human brain
  • Car came as a result of the study of horses
  • Aircrafts came as a result of the study of how birds fly

To build a system you must know the

  • Principles, Laws, Algorithms, or Equations (skeleton)
  • Structure (Body part)
  • Process (blood flow, or oxygen flow etc)
  • Procedure (connectivity of the processes)
  • System is the working together of all (Human functionality)
  • Etc

It involves structures and processes, and Procedures

  • Structures are the different parts of the systems
  • Process is the connectivity of the different parts. How the structures connects together.

The Bible is not written for me to say whaoo God is so powerful, magnificient etc but to teach us principles by which things work.

The parables says “ the kingdom of heaven is like………”

  • The “Ds” of greatness
  • Discovery of the principles
  • Discipline of application


  • To reach and influence 10,000 people in a year 1000 of whom must become part of the team.


  • Jan 2013 to Dec l2013


  • You and your spouse.
  • Your team.


  • We will plan to operate 5 days a week for 52 weeks of the year (295 days)
  • We have 34 lives to touch per day. (10,000/295 = 34)

6 People to go out and touch 6 people

200 people will have each person go out 12 times in a year i.e 1 time every month

400 people will have each person go out 6 times in a year i.e 1 time every 2 months

600 people will have each person go out 4 times in a year i.e 1 time every 3 months

800 people will have each person go out 3 in a year i.e 1 time every 4 months



  • We will operate at
  • Apartment complexes within the community - Youths and single mothers
  • Major malls in the community- shoppers of all classes
  • Random acts of kindness at Gas stations in the community - Car owners
  • Subdivisions in the community- Home owners and the working class
  • Shelters in the community - Less privilege
  • Work place- Corporate America
  • Schools in the community - Special education students
  • Cookouts at strategic locations - Fun lovers
  • Summer camp for the youths and Children - kids and their parents

1 hr a day to touch 6 people

10 minutes prayer

10 minutes commute

30 minutes to touch 6 people

10 minutes return commute


(9) Monitoring

  • Group leaders to submit daily report to supervisors
  • Supervisors submit weekly report to coordinators
  • Coordinators submits monthly report to the senior pastors

Backup plan

  • Develop 3 sets of systems

Reward and penalty system

church systems
Church Systems

Your systems, in whatever state they may be, are giving you exactly what they are currently designed to give you.

church systems1
Church Systems

Just like human beings all churches are made up of the same exact systems, even though we may view and utilize them in slightly different ways based on our individual calls to ministry. The question isn’t whether or not these systems are in place, but whether or not they are being maximized.

church systems2
Church Systems

strong systems operate without constant supervision.

Strong systems require periodic check up to stay strong

church system
Church System
  • Worship service system
  • Evangelism system
  • Assimilation system
  • Small group system
  • Ministry system
  • Stewardship system
  • Leadership development system
  • Strategic planning system
  • Prayer system
1 worship planning system
(1) Worship Planning System

The Weekend Service System: How We Plan, Implement and Evaluate the Weekend Services at Our Church

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Pushing further
worship planning system
Worship Planning System

(1) Music

(2) Bible reading and prayers

(3) Thanksgiving

(4) Hymn

(5) Special number

(6) Message

(7) Offering

(8) Announcement

(9) First time guest

(10) Closing

worship planning system1
Worship Planning System

If you don’t pay close attention to the details of your worship service, they will atrophy (waste away). Yep, that’s just another way of saying that if you slack, there will be lack.

What was missing?

What was confusing?

How can we be doing things better?

worship planning system2
Worship Planning System

The worst thing you can do is let Sunday run on auto-pilot. God is always up to something new. Make sure you are in a position to magnify whatever that is.

2 evangelism system
(2) Evangelism System

The Evangelism System: How We Attract People to Our Church?

All churches grow through the incarnational and the attractional

The principle of spiritual readiness teaches that God will never give us more than we are prepared to handle

evangelism system
Evangelism System

(1) How do you get that message out?

(2) How do you invite people through your doors for the first time?

(3) What method will your community respond best to? Postcards, emails, phone calls, billboards, or a specific combination of outreach methods

evangelism system1
Evangelism System

(4) Maximizing the seasons of the year when people are most willing to come to church for the first time

Friends day (committee)


Thanksgiving (Service that day & next Sun)


New Year

Heavenly Worship (committee -date change)

evangelism system2
Evangelism System
  • Fun and Drama night- committee
  • Movie night – committee
  • Others
  • Easter
  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day

These will programs that LDC will use to invite their new members to church

evangelism system3
Evangelism System

(5) What has this system looked like in your church over the last six months?

(6) Is it in a baby stage or a well-developed one?

(7) If it has been well developed in the past, are you still seeing result?

(8) Are your methods of outreach effective? Are you seeing a lot of first-time guests?

evangelism system4
Evangelism System

(9) Are you seeing a lot of first-time guests?

(10) If not, there’s a good chance it’s because you’ve been slacking on evangelism.

(11) When was the last time we did a big direct mail campaign?

(12) Have we invested in servant evangelism lately? (Burger king & McDonalds)

Vote money for Evangelism

evangelism system5
Evangelism System

(13) Who was the last person I personally invited to church?

(14) When was the last time we challenged our people to bring their friends to a big day?

Teach on the great commission for a whole month.

Ignite: How to Spark Immediate Growth in Your Church,

Take up offering for outreach event

3 assimilation system
(3) Assimilation System

The Assimilation System: How We Move People From First-Time Guests to Members

You can’t expect first-time guests to come back without action from you and your staff.

assimilation system
Assimilation System

(1) How many guests per week?

(2) How many of those are sticking around?

(3) To be growing consistently, you need to be keeping 20% of your first-time guests.

(4) What can you do to see those results?

(5) How do you bring your new person’s assimilation full circle so that they start inviting their friends?

assimilation system1
Assimilation System

(6) How many of our first-time guests end up becoming members? Are we happy with that number? If not, where is the problem?

(7) When was the last time I looked at our church through a guest’s eyes?

(8) Have I filled out our communication card to make sure it is user-friendly?

(9) What do people say is their first impression of our church?

assimilation system2
Assimilation System

Fusion: Turning First-Time Guests Into Fully Engaged Members Of Your Church

4 the small group system
(4) The small group System

The Small Groups System: How We Fill and Produce Small Groups at Our Church

the small group system
The small group System

(1) How do we fill and reproduce small groups at our church?”

(2) How do you start groups that get off the ground quickly and then sustain their momentum?

the small group system1
The small group System

At The Journey, our Small Groups System is based around four key activities:

(1) Focus

(2) Form

(3) Fill

(4) Facilitate

the small group system2
The small group System

If you have a weak Small Groups System, you will see problems in many of your other systems as well. But a strong Groups System will help you solve leadership, pastoral care, volunteer, and hospitality issues across the board.

the small group system3
The small group System

Think about your Small Groups System.

(1) Would you say that it is healthy?

(2) How are things going?

(3) Are you doing your part and seeing God’s blessing? Or

(4) Have you been slacking off and experiencing lack?

the small group system4
The small group System

(1) How many of our attendees and members are actively involved in a small group?

(2) Are we competing against our own groups by offering too many other activities?

(3) How many passionate group leaders do we have?

(4) Am I involved in a small group?

(5) Is everyone on my staff involved?

the small group system5
The small group System

Your people won’t engage in what you aren’t modeling.

(1) Activate: An Entirely New Approach To Small Groups

(2) The Small Groups Intensive

5 the ministry system
(5)The Ministry System

The Ministry System: How We Mobilize People For Significant Ministry

the ministry system
The Ministry System

The Ministry System, also known as the Volunteer System, determines how you mobilize people for significant ministry at your church. God created people to serve. It’s part of how they grow as disciples. If you don’t have a system in place that helps them get plugged in, you will be hurting both yourself and your potential, untapped leaders.

the ministry system1
The Ministry System

(1) How many passionate volunteers do we have?

(2) How many passionate volunteers would we like to have?

(3) What are we doing to make people want to serve?

(4) When was the last time I personally put some time into investing in our volunteers?

the ministry system2
The Ministry System

What steps do you need to take to create a volunteer system that makes people want to get involved and do the things that you can’t hire people to do? Think about what you want your Ministry System to look like one year from today, and jot that vision down.

Resource: The ministry seminar on CD

6 the leadership system
(6) The Leadership System

The Leadership System: How We Develop Leaders at All Levels of Our Church

7 the stewardship system
(7) The Stewardship System

The Stewardship System: How We Develop Extravagant Givers at Our Church

8 the strategic system
(8) The Strategic System

The Strategic System: How We Constantly Evaluate and Improve Our Church

9 the prayer system
(9) The Prayer System

The Strategic System: How We Constantly Evaluate and Improve Our Church

the prayer system
The Prayer System
  • Friday prayer meetings
  • Two major annual fasting programs (a) Starting up the year – Jan (2) Stepping up the year –Jul. Praying on the phone 1 time a day
  • Round each up with 72 hour (fruits or water fast) praying every 3 hours for 1 hour
  • One time a day daily prayer line
the nine systems
The Nine systems
  • Each system group to go through the materials and seminars on their system
the nine systems1
The Nine systems




personal time management





YES WE CAN !!!!!!

factors of success


Michael Adebiyi

CEO and Lead Training Consultant

Global Peak Performance Consulting

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