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  1. Defoamers What, When, Where & Why

  2. Why Should Defoamers Be Used? • Foam in vacuum hoses, wands and waste tanks slows air flow resulting in poor vacuum! Poor vacuum means less soil is removed, less water is removed and carpets dry slower. • Foam can be sucked into vacuum motors or blowers. The moisture will do serious damage. Motors can be shorted or contribute to corrosion that shortens life of vacuums.

  3. What Causes Excess Foam? • Residues from prior cleaning attempts. This can be from professional cleaners who did not rinse properly, DIY cleaning or home use spot & stain removal attempts.

  4. What Causes Excess Foam? • Over-use, improper use or wrong product used • Example – an Oriental rug cleaned with a “box of Tide.” • Loom oil left from manufacturing

  5. Foaming from excess loom oil being flushed from this almost new, never cleaned before carpet!

  6. What Causes Excess Foam? • Some products are designed to be foamy so that they can suspend and lubricate. • Tile & Grout cleaning products • Some spot removers • Shampoos for upholstery or carpet • A few carpet presprays

  7. Various Types of Defoamers • Silicone type • Dilute at 16:1 – which is 8 ounces per gallon of water • Do not put on carpet or upholstery fabric. To be used in hose or waste tank only. Works great with Foam-Downer!

  8. Various Types of Defoamers • Ready-to-use, no dilution required • Sprinkle lightly directly on carpet just before extraction. • Can also be sucked into damp vacuum hose.

  9. Various Types of Defoamers • SPECIAL FORMULA Can be added to prespray for carpet or hard surface cleaning! • This is for CONVENIENCE and TIME SAVING. It is not always the way to get the best performance. • No other defoamer can be added to prespray. • Optimum results are obtained by spraying down defoamer after prespray has some dwell time.

  10. What’s a Foam-Downer? • Attaches to vacuum hose just before it enters a portable. • Injects a mist of liquid defoamer into the air stream. • Included with M1200 but works with any portable.

  11. Do Defoamers Solve All Foam Problems? • They reduce foam but don’t remove foam or the source of the foam. • Defoamers do improve vacuum performance and prevent damage due to foam being pulled into a vacuum. • When carpets are foamy, applying defoamer to the carpet doesn’t clean out what is causing the foam.

  12. Sometimes Lots of Foam is Good! The End