creation man and original sin n.
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Creation, Man, and Original Sin PowerPoint Presentation
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Creation, Man, and Original Sin

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Creation, Man, and Original Sin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creation, Man, and Original Sin. Chapter 4. The Image of God. With a partner, use the textbook (p80) to compare the image of God in the Old Testament with the image of God in the New Testament. Creation. The study of creation is important because we humans are part of creation

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the image of god
The Image of God
  • With a partner, use the textbook (p80) to compare the image of God in the Old Testament with the image of God in the New Testament.
  • The study of creation is important because we humans are part of creation
    • And all that we experience, including Divine Revelation.
  • It helps us to understand our relationship with God and our purpose. (Think of the Grand Designer).
  • Creation is holy because God made it.
    • Humans create by assembling what already exists
    • God creates out of nothing (Think of First Cause)
visible and invisible
Visible and Invisible
  • From the Creed: “I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible.”
  • “Heaven and Earth”: Biblical language for all that exists.
2 creation stories
2 Creation Stories
  • 1st Creation Story: Read Genesis 1-2:3
  • All the God created was GOOD!
2 creation stories1
2 Creation Stories
  • 2nd Creation Story: Read Genesis 2:4-25
  • Man and Woman felt no shame.
creation and science
Creation and Science
  • Did the world come into being by God creating as the book of Genesis states? Or through the process of evolution over millions of years?
  • The Catholic Church says that they can go together.
  • Faith & Reason work together.
  • The Bible is not a science book, and a science book is not a source of Divine Revelation.
    • God’s revelation tells us what we can’t learn through science. & God’s word cannot contradict His own creation.
  • The Catholic Church supports the natural sciences in their task of knowing God’s creation better.
  • And does not oppose the theory of evolution,as long as it doesn’t deny God as Creator and infusing our first parents (Adam & Eve) with an immortal soul
original justice original sin
Original Justice & Original Sin
  • Original Justice: The original harmony between:
    • Humans and God
    • Humans and the created world
    • Humans and each other
  • Read Genesis 3
  • Original Sin, corrupted original justice, and is the selfishness that is innate in humanity.
    • All humanity (except Jesus and Mary) suffers from original sin before baptism because of the first sin.
    • We also experience a temptation and inclination toward sin – concupiscence.
      • Pizza example
  • Protoevangelium(Gen 3:15) : “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers. He will strike at your head, and you will strike at his heel.”
  • God promises to send a Redeemer
the truths of faith in genesis
The Truths of Faith in Genesis
  • God created out of nothing at the beginning of time.
  • Time itself was created by God.
  • God created human beings – in whatever way humans came to be in history.
  • God gave Adam and Eve rational souls
  • Humans are descendants of Adam & Eve
  • Humans participate in creation
  • Adam and Eve were commanded to be obedient to God
  • They sinned against this command
  • The fall from innocence is called original sin
  • At the time of the fall, God promised a Redeemer.