How a mobile phone network works
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How A Mobile Phone Network Works - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How A Mobile Phone Network Works. Mrs Bhayat. WALT (We Are Learning To). Understand how a mobile phone network works. What a control channel is. The process which takes place when we dial a number. WILF (What I am Looking For).

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Walt we are learning to l.jpg
WALT (We Are Learning To)

  • Understand how a mobile phone network works.

  • What a control channel is.

  • The process which takes place when we dial a number.

Wilf what i am looking for l.jpg
WILF (What I am Looking For)

  • An understanding of the steps taken in order to phone a friend or relative.

  • An understanding of what a Base Station and a Control Channel is, as well as their use while connecting.

What do you already know l.jpg
What Do You Already Know?

How a Mobile Network Works

This should work l.jpg
This Should Work

  • For this we shall need to log onto:

Lets do a role play of this l.jpg
Lets Do A Role Play Of This



Being used

Channel 1

Channel 2

Channel 3

Being used

Who do we need l.jpg
Who Do We Need

Role Playing Exercise

  • 2 people to act as a Base Station

  • 1 person to be the building

  • 1 person to be a lonely friend who is waiting for a call

  • 1 person who will be dialling a number from their mobile

  • 1 person to connect the channel

    Equipment Needed

  • 6 A2 sized coloured paper for Base Station to stand in the middle of.

  • 4 plastic cups attached with string to act as phones and channel.

  • 1 building printed on A4 paper.

    (Please check diagram on slide 6)

Plenary l.jpg




  • Lets look back at our objective on slide 2 have they been meet?

  • Did you know that a Mobile Phone used to be called a Cell Phone, which it still is in some parts of the world e.g. America

  • Cell Phone is short for Cellular Phone

  • Cellular is the way the connection between your phone and your friends phone is made.

Something to think about l.jpg
Something To Think About!

  • Describe how a cellular network operates?

  • State two features of a cellular network that can be used by a standard motorist?

  • State two limitations of relying on a cellular phone to communicate in an emergency?

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