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Arbetsförmedlingen The Swedish Public Employment Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Arbetsförmedlingen The Swedish Public Employment Service

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Arbetsförmedlingen The Swedish Public Employment Service
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Arbetsförmedlingen The Swedish Public Employment Service

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  1. Arbetsförmedlingen The Swedish Public Employment Service

  2. Where opportunities meet • Arbetsförmedlingen is the largest employment agency in Sweden. • We are there where the needs are, all over the country. • All our services are free of charge. • Over the next few years, many Swedes are going to retire. • We anticipate that more than one million recruitment assignments will be completet in 2011. • Welcome to the place where opportunities meet!

  3. Our mandate We work from a mandate from the Parliament and the Government. Our mission is to develop the labour market by: • Bringing together, in the most efficient way possible, those who are seeking work and those who are seeking labour. • Focusing extra on those who are somewhat distanced from the labour market. • Contributing to long term employment growth.

  4. Our mandate also includes • Working with other partners to ensure that jobseekers obtain work quickly and efficiently. • Taking comprehensive responsibility for disability issues within labour market policy. • Ensuring that recently arrived immigrants quickly enter the labour market. • Encouraging jobseekers in various ways to seek work throughout the country. • Ensuring that the unemployment insurance is used in the right way during the time it takes to find a new job.

  5. Customer at the centre • Employers and jobseekers are at the centre of our activities. • Our customers differ and the support we provide is adapted as far as possible to each and every one of them. • We support our customers to take an active role in their job seeking. • Our customers have access to our services via, our customer service and the local employment offices.

  6. Jobseekers • The purpose of all contacts between the jobseeker and this organization is to enable him or her to find work quickly. • We offer a quick assessment of the needs of the jobseeker and adapt our support to these needs. • We always document and analyze the jobseeker’s qualifications for matching. • We provide information and support to the jobseeker regarding the conditions of the unemployment insurance system. • We pay particular attention to jobseekers at risk of long-term unemployment and jobseekers who have a weak position on the labour market.

  7. Did you know … … that The vacancy database on our website arbetsfö receives around 200,000 visits from jobseekers daily.

  8. Employers • We offer individually support and a contact person for every case. • We offer jobseekers with the right qualifications/skills without delay. • We arrange recruitment meetings in our offices. • We provide advice on how to recruit successfully. • We pay particular attention to employers in professions with a shortage of labour, employers with few employees and employers who are unfamiliar with our services.

  9. Did you know … … that in 2010, Swedish employers completed just over a million recruitment assignments. Nearly half of those obtaining work were registered with Arbetsförmedlingen.

  10. Many ways into employment • We give extra support to certain jobseekers through labour market policy programmes. • The state of the economy, and the labour market situation decides what types of programmes are needed. • The programmes that are designed for people with functional disabilities leading to impaired capacity for work are less susceptible to changes in the economy. • The largest programmes today are the Job and Development Guarantee programme and the Young People’s Job Guarantee programme.

  11. Our organization

  12. Finances 2011 • We are financed by grants from Parliament/the government. • Total funding for 2011 is SEK 62 billion. • SEK 37 billion is paid as support to the unemployed, in the form of unemployment benefit and activity support. • SEK 7 billion is spent on procurement of services, including from the partners with whom we co-operate. • SEK 12 billion goes in wage subsidies and other special initiatives for the functionally disabled. • SEK 6 billion is spent on our pay, premises and other operating costs.

  13. Our employees • In January 2011, we had just over 10,500 employees. • 64 percent were women. • 36 percent were men. • Approximately 8,300 of us have direct contact with jobseekers and employers. • Around 1,000 people are employed as psychologists or in other specialist functions serving jobseekers.

  14. Two new assignments At the beginning of 2010, Arbetsförmedlingen was given two new tasks: 1. Integration and establishment 2. Introduction to working life The objective is to provide support to people who are weakly established in the labour market in their quest for work and the ability to support themselves.

  15. Our opening hours • arbetsfö Open 24 hours a day, all year round • Arbetsförmedlingen by phone 0771-416 416 (in Sweden) Open weekdays 8.00 a.m.–10.00 p.m. andSaturday–Sunday 10.00 a.m.–4.00 p.m. • Our employment offices Open weekdays 10.00 a.m.–4.00 p.m.