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Music. Music makes our life more colorful and you can notice that we face with it every day.

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Music makes our life more colorful and you can notice that we face with it every day.

Music has as long story as humanity and was perfected by centuries and nowadays no one holiday is complete without it. It can unit us, can make happy, can made sad. It gives us more energy or make us relax.

Nowadays some people like classic music and some like the modern variant of it. And some like national music.


Every nation has its own national music. And the national of Azerbaijan is mugam.

Mugam is traditional genre of azerbaijan music. The first gramophone record, which was recorded the first mugham, performed by Azerbaijani singers appeared in 1906. Released this shellac British Company "Gramophone." In the period from 1906 to 1914, several European recording companies, including such companies as France's "Brothers Pate" German JSC "Sport-Record", Russian "Monarch Record", "Gramophone-Record", "Concert record "," Premier-Record "and" Extraphone ", released dozens of records with records of these works.


Here is of Azerbaijan is mugam.picture of a musician who plays in one of the musical instruments, of the Azerbaijani-on tar.


And here’s the of Azerbaijan is mugam.

player on kamancha.


And of Azerbaijan is mugam.

it does not matter

which music instrument

you like best of all.

If you like music

so that already means

that you’re an EDUCATED man!