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Introduction. Founded in 1952 Dean Conrado Benitez Pioneer of rural development and local democracy Fourfold program Education Livelihood Health Self-governance. Mission-Vission. Vision Free of ignorance, poverty, disease, and powerlessness Self-development Mission

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  • Founded in 1952

  • Dean Conrado Benitez

  • Pioneer of rural development and local democracy

  • Fourfold program

    • Education

    • Livelihood

    • Health

    • Self-governance

Mission vission

  • Vision

    • Free of ignorance, poverty, disease, and powerlessness

    • Self-development

  • Mission

    • Enhance rural communities

    • Integrated program

      • Education

      • Livelihood

      • Health

      • Habitat

      • Environment

      • Self Governance


  • To have strong local movements for learning centers for sustainale development

  • To have strong national influence on sustainable development policy and action

  • Financial sustainability

Prrm core features
PRRM Core Features

  • Strengthening civil society capacities and movements

  • Learning for sustainability

  • Influencing public police and promoting development and cooperation

  • Developing and implementing innovative field programs and projects

Major programs of prrm
Major Programs of PRRM

  • Managing the resource base

  • Building a sustainable livelihood

  • Human development and ensuring access to basic services

  • Reducing community vulnerabilities

Managing the resource base
Managing the Resource Base

  • Promotion of community-based nautral resource management (CB-NRM)

    • Tap own resource for sustainable livelihood

Building a sustainable livelihood
Building A Sustainable Livelihood

  • Contribute to security, incomes and livelihood

  • Projects:

    • LEISA

    • SRI

Enhancing human development and ensuring access to basic services
Enhancing Human Development and Ensuring Access to Basic Services

  • Focuses on health, family, and child-development

  • Projects

    • Community based family planning and reproductive health project

    • Responsible parenthood program (RPP)

    • Botika sa Barangay Project

    • Community health financing project

    • Community based social marketing for Women’s health and safe motherhood

    • Community based health project

Reducing community vulnerabilities
Reducing Community Vulnerabilities Services

  • Focus on relief, rehabilitation, and reconstruction aspects

  • Projects

    • Rehabilitation of Negros Occidental

    • Rehabilitation of Nueva Vizcaya

    • Communities hit by super typhoons

Funding Services

  • Both international and national

  • Organizations

    • UN

    • WHO

    • ADB

Research methodology
Research Methodology Services

  • Information from interviews

    • PRRM personnel

  • Information from data

    • PRRM annual records

  • Information from focus group discussion (LICAB)

    • Rapid rural appraisal

Limitations Services

  • Only health-related aspects

  • No official documents in Licab

External analysis prrm
External Analysis (PRRM) Services

  • Opportunities

    • Mission-vission aligned with Millenium Development Goals

    • International knowledge

    • Symbiotic relationship of Phil government and PRRM

    • Ethnic diversity

    • Better technology

External analysis prrm1
External Analysis (PRRM) Services

  • Threats

    • High-paying careers cause low employment

    • Importation of rice weakens agriculture

    • Changing political dynamics

    • Economic recession causes withdrawals of funding

    • Ethnic diversity can cause resistance to change

External analysis licab
External Analysis (Licab) Services

  • Opportunities

    • Municipal government is fully supportive

    • Health system partnered with Makati city

    • Opportunities for practical education

    • Problems considered as opportunities for several projects and/or programs

External analysis licab1
External Analysis (Licab) Services

  • Threats

    • Geographic location is prone for floods

    • Floods cause water-borne diseases

    • Limited financial assistance

    • Lack of health centers

Internal analysis prrm
Internal Analysis (PRRM) Services

  • Strengths

    • Introduction of credo, mission and vision

    • Open communication lines

    • Many sources of funding

    • Utilizes talents and capabilities of people

    • Monitoring ongoing projects

    • Relationships are centered on Filipino values

Internal analysis prrm1
Internal Analysis (PRRM) Services

  • Weaknesses

    • Monitoring and feedback is done verbally

    • Evaluation procedures are not transparent

    • Gray areas in levels of management

    • Funding is mostly based on international sources

    • Success of program is based on LGUs of communities

Analysis of issues
Analysis of Issues Services

  • Licab

    • Lack of accurate and up-to-date health profiles

  • PRRM

    • Lack of documentation procedures

    • Strong partnership with LGU first before integration of NGO projects

Decision making analysis
Decision-Making Analysis Services

  • Problems to prioritize

  • Health related problems

    • Malnutrition

    • Heart disease

    • Infectious disease

  • No official records was collected

Solution Services

  • To create a baseline database to standardize collection

    • Address standardized monitoring and evaluation of projects