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  1.  That's Greek to me! What??? A Field Day that is fun for students and teachers too!

  2. Pick a Theme • Search online for related terms • Draw a mind map of all aspects • Start buying/making things related to theme

  3. Think of names different events can be called Use internet to look up related terms Use alliteration Make list of names and write up descriptions Make list of special equipment needed. Make or buy special equipment Enlist classes to help Name Events

  4. Get your neighboring High School Key Club to volunteer! • If you can’t get the Key Club, enlist football team members • This will count towards their community service • Call early to reserve date • Check back 1 month prior • Have breakfast for them on field day and they will come back next year.

  5. Assist in picking T-shirt design Name the events if you want them on the back of the T-shirt. 3 Months Prior

  6. Type up descriptions of relays Make a map of area and decide best place for each relay. Make sure date is advertised in newsletter Buy any special equipment or decorations. Ask for help taking pictures or videos. Ask a strong parent with strong children to help the day before field day. 2 Months prior

  7. Work on signs or ask children or Art teacher for help. Laminate signs. Make large signs for opening ceremonies. Send invitation and volunteer requests home Practice any special dances in PE class. Copy handouts 1 Month prior

  8. Make sure PTA is handling T-shirt orders (3 mo. Prior) Make sure popsicles are bought and are frozen (at least 2 weeks ahead so they will freeze) Ask PTA for morning help with coffee, doughnuts, juice and water for volunteers. Check with PTA volunteer person to provide treats for volunteers. Ask for help with getting volunteers. Ask your PTA

  9. Ask Music teacher to help with setting up for opening ceremonies Meet with teachers to go over handouts Check on coffee and popsicles Make sure grass will be cut early in the week. Make volunteer assignments Start gathering equipment for events Make map for opening ceremonies Assign teachers to two events to make sure the flow of traffic works when exiting opening ceremonies 3 Weeks prior

  10. Make sure all signs are finished and laminated. Make sure you have bought or made all special equipment Organize all equipment in bags with numbers on them. Plan on # of cones… small, medium and large Check on coffee and popsicles 2 Weeks prior

  11. PRAY Teach at the school that does not have field day that week. PRAY Finalize all volunteers and send out letters to volunteers. 1 Week prior

  12. PRAY and SPRAY “paint” the field. Gather all signs for stations and put in order. Get enough washable markers for each station Check on the trailer to make sure lights work. Practice backing up with trailer on. 3 Days prior

  13. 2 Days prior • Try to go to bed at a descent hour. • Drive the trailer to school the next day. • Don’t forget to pack a cooler with water! • Continue to PRAY for good weather • Hook the trailer up and load with rebarb, 2 sledge hammers, gloves and pennant streamers.

  14. 1 Day prior • Hang anything for opening ceremonies. • Set up any tents (Funeral Home tents work well) • Go home, eat and try to sleep. • Get the strong parent with the strong children to help hammer the stakes and hang pennants. • Get up at 5:00 and be on the field by 6:00 • Load the truck and trailer and cover with tarp.

  15. Loading Truck and Trailer

  16. Get up by 5:00 and be to school by 6:00 to meet parents. Drive out onto the field and drink coffee while parents and volunteers take stuff off the truck and trailer Get dressed, change shoes Settle down Check in with volunteers Assign stations The Day!