the heart of a leader presented by michelle spradley cps cap n.
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“The Heart of a Leader” presented by Michelle Spradley CPS/CAP PowerPoint Presentation
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“The Heart of a Leader” presented by Michelle Spradley CPS/CAP

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“The Heart of a Leader” presented by Michelle Spradley CPS/CAP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“The Heart of a Leader” presented by Michelle Spradley CPS/CAP
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  1. “The Heart of a Leader”presented by Michelle Spradley CPS/CAP

  2. Overview • The Difference between a Manager and a Leader • Define an Exceptional Leader • Make an Impression • Leadership Traits • How can an administrative professional lead in the 2009 workplace? • Building a Leadership Plan

  3. Leaders Creates a clearly defined vision/mission Creates Buy in Fosters synergy Defines a common purpose Develops and coaches individuals and teams Managers Manages Tasks Enforces protocols Organizes Data Reports information and facts Leader vs Manager YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MANAGER TO BE A LEADER

  4. Define an Exceptional Leader • What makes a great leader? Characteristics of a successful leader • HONEST – Followers must have trust in a leader and believe in the leaders vision. Leaders display sincerity, integrity and candor in all actions. • FORWARD-LOOKING – Leaders lead with purpose and are always on the lookout for new ideas. • COMPETENT- Leaders base their actions on reason and moral principles. • INSPIRING – Guides by heart, passion and compassion. • INTELLIGENT – Leaders read, study and seek challenging assignments. They do not command excellence, but rather build excellence.

  5. MAKE AN IMPRESSION • Be articulate • Communication is by your tone, your words and your body language. • Learn to think on your feet. • Be sincerely interested in others. • LISTEN! (Do not interrupt or act like you want to) • SMILE! (You can actually hear a smile) • Take notes when people speak. • Use people’s names when talking to them. • Always be poised, in control, “cool and collected”. • Know and demonstrate manners and etiquette. • Take time with your appearance. • Have a sense of humor. • Be trustworthy.

  6. DAILY RULES 1. Wake UP!! 2. Dress Up!! 3. Shut Up!! 4. Stand UP!! 5. Look Up!! 6. Reach Up!! 7. Lift Up!!

  7. Leadership Traits • Superb Communicators • Effective Management Skills • Empathy • Positive Thinkers • Values and Integrity • Vision • Empowerment/Bringing out the best in others

  8. Superb Communication “Real communication happens when people feel safe”

  9. Effective Management Skills “Leadership is not something you do to people.It’s something youdo with people.”

  10. Empathy “If you want your people to be responsive, be responsive to their needs”

  11. Positive Thinkers “Think Big! Act Big! Be Big!” -Norman Vincent Peal

  12. Positive Thinker “Positive thinkers get positive resultsbecause they are not afraid of problems.”-Ken Blanchard

  13. Values and Integrity Take time to identify core values

  14. Values and Integrity • Never! • Never! • Never! • Never! • Give Up! Winston Churchill

  15. Vision “Without VisionPeople Perish” -Proverbs 29:18 (paraphrased)

  16. Effective Management “All good performance starts with clear goals!”

  17. Empowerment/Bringing Out the Best in Others “All empowerment exists in the present moment.”

  18. Leading in 2009 How can an administrative professional lead in today’s market?

  19. Leading in Today’s Market • Continued Education/Certification • CAP/CPS • Software Skills • Professional Image • Communication • Awareness of Business Market Trends • Exceptional Listening Skills

  20. Leading in Today’s Market • Perform Expertly • Learn to Anticipate • Prioritizing Projects • Effective Time Management • Become a mentor

  21. IAAP