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Loading…. x. Earls Colne Cricket Club – January Newsletter. Coach’s Tip Of The Month Bowling Basics When we are bowling we just need to remember to keep things simple. Your run up should be steady don’t try to go too fast.

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Earls Colne Cricket Club – January Newsletter

Coach’s Tip Of The Month

Bowling Basics

When we are bowling we just need to remember to keep things simple. Your run up should be steady don’t try to go too fast.

Keep your head steady and eyes looking at the target or batsman! Turn side on as you approach the stumps and push your front arm out and through towards the batsman. Rotate your shoulders through and remember to keep your bowling arm straight.

Always think about each ball you bowl, the best bowlers are always aware of each delivery and thinking of ways in which to get the batsman out.

Here is a good example of how it should look

Earls Colne Cricket Club

Training Update

We would just like to express to you all how impressed we have been with your efforts at the training sessions. Over the next few weeks we will look to continually build on the skills that will help us in preparation for our league matches this year.

It is important to remember at all times to support your fellow team players positively and to encourage fair play at all times.

Always look to give it your best whether it’s a drill or a game and most importantly learn and have fun!

Meet The Coach

Saturday, Sunday and indoor bowler and specialist tail ender batsman Ben Mason fields this months questions.

‘Who Are your cricketing heroes?’

Andrew Flintoff

‘What's is your favourite cricket shot?’

Reverse sweep

‘What's your best cricketing moment?’

Flintoffs run out of Ricky Ponting in 2009

‘What's your favourite cricket ground?’


‘What’s your all time cricket XI?’

Bradman, Hobbs, Vaughan, Read, Flintoff, Warne, Murali, McGrath, Tendulkar, Kallis, Anderson

  • Umpire Signal of the Month
  • The signal that no player ever wants to see whilst batting. An umpire will signal a batsman out by the raising of his finger. Some umpires have their own unique way of doing this!
  • There are several ways you can be out:
    • Bowled
    • Caught
    • L.B.W
    • Stumped
    • Hit wicket
    • Run Out
    • Double Hit
    • Obstructing the field
    • Handling the ball
    • Timed out
  • See how many you know and look up those you don’t!

Club News

Our major news this month is the fantastic sponsorship deal we have secured with the wonderful people at Colne Stoves.

They have kindly agreed to be our new sponsor for the forthcoming season and we are all extremely grateful to them for their support.

Their sponsorship will allow us to improve our practice and playing facilities for our U13 team and Kwik cricket players.

Look out for more details in our local press or find out more at


Welcome to our January Newsletter for Earls Colne Cricket Club Colts. We hope you all had a good festive break and are ready to continue with some more cricket!

Lets go...Play…!







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Earls Colne Cricket Club – January Newsletter

Earls Colne Cricket Club

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