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The Fisher family is moving from Houston, Texas to Tangerine, Florida. PowerPoint Presentation
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The Fisher family is moving from Houston, Texas to Tangerine, Florida.

The Fisher family is moving from Houston, Texas to Tangerine, Florida.

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The Fisher family is moving from Houston, Texas to Tangerine, Florida.

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  1. The Fisher family is moving from Houston, Texas to Tangerine, Florida.

  2. Paul and his mother arrive at their beautiful new home in “Manors of Coventry” neighborhood.

  3. Paul has a brother named Erik. Erik is an athlete who likes to play football.

  4. Dad is planning Erik’s football career and Erik quickly makes friends in the new neighborhood.

  5. Paul awakens to find the house filled with smoke and he thinks the house is on fire.

  6. The firefighter explains that the muck fire nearby keeps reigniting as it is hit by lightening.

  7. The president of the Homeowner’s Association, Mr. Costello, stops by to welcome the Fishers.

  8. Mr. Costello’s son, Mike, is also a football player.

  9. Mrs. Fisher enrolls Paul in the local high school called Lake Windsor High.

  10. Paul is legally blind and wears glasses to correct the problem.

  11. Paul enjoys soccer and makes friends with Mike’s younger brother, Jerry.

  12. Paul joins the soccer team at his new school and he is a good goalie.

  13. Erik enjoys playing football at his new school.

  14. The football team continues to have practice in heavy rain and lightening.

  15. Mike Costello is hit by lightening and killed during an afternoon football practice in a thunderstorm.

  16. On the same day, Paul gets cut from the soccer team. This makes him really sad.

  17. Later that day, the Fisher family attend Mike Costello’s funeral.

  18. That night, Paul and Joey go to a carnival in the tough part of town.

  19. The principal accuses the soccer team of vandalizing the Wonders of the World Exhibit.

  20. There were heavy rains that caused a deadly sinkhole in Lake Windsor Middle School.

  21. The portable classrooms at Lake Windsor Middle were sucked in to the sinkhole.

  22. The sinkhole fiasco was caused by corrupt engineering run by Mr. Fisher’s boss, Charley Burns, who gets fired.

  23. Mr. Fisher becomes the new Director of Civil Engineering for Tangerine, FL.

  24. Paul gets a chance to attend Tangerine Middle School since most of his school was destroyed by the sinkhole.

  25. Paul joins the co-ed soccer team at Tangerine Middle School.

  26. On the first day, Paul is taken around by Theresa Cruz, whose brother, Tino, plays on the soccer team.

  27. Betty Bright is the soccer coach who is tough but fair and determined to win.

  28. The team wins its first game and Victor, the star player, vows to defend Paul as a fellow member of the War Eagles.

  29. Erik Fisher was deliberately humiliated at his first football game. Mr. Fisher was shocked.

  30. Meanwhile, Paul Fisher continues to do very well on his soccer team.

  31. Mrs. Fisher thinks the girls on the soccer team pkay very well so she calls for a news team to interview them, but they don’t want to be interviewed.

  32. Paul, Theresa, Tino, and others work on a science project, Golden Dawn, invented by Theresa’s brother Luis.

  33. Joey Costello is upset by racial issues and transfers back to Lake Windsor High.

  34. Erik and Arthur treat Paul and Joey very mean. They tease Joey about how his brother, Mike, looked when he died.

  35. Paul visits Luis’ orchards and thinks Luis is very intelligent and friendly. Paul returns to help out in the orchard.

  36. Paul tells Tino that he told on them for the carnival damage and Tino forgave him.

  37. Colleges start coming around Tangerine to recruit Erik.

  38. Paul finds out that his soccer coach, Betty Bright, was an Olympic hopeful.

  39. Paul is disqualified from playing soccer because he does not live in the district.

  40. Betty Bright reveals that Antoine, who is a football player at Lake Windsor, lives out of district also.

  41. So, Paul is allowed to stay on the team and his team wins the championship.

  42. Paul’s friends come to his house to work on the science project. Erik and Arthur humiliate them.

  43. Erik slams Tino. Mr. Fisher lets the incident go without punishment.

  44. Paul cannot get his parents to understand that Erik is very dangerous.

  45. While Luis talks to Erik about assaulting Tino, Arthur hits Luis on the head with a blackjack.

  46. Cold weather hits and Paul helps save the Tangerine saplings at Luis’ orchards.

  47. Mr. Fisher was so worried about Erik’s football dream that he didn’t even know that Paul was on the soccer team and they won.

  48. Luis Cruz dies because of the hit to his head.

  49. At a ceremony dedicating a tree to Mike Costello, Tino assaults Erik to revenge Luis’ death.

  50. Paul attacks Coach Warner to defend Tino.