legal deposit of broadcast material the swedish experience n.
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Legal Deposit of Broadcast Material – the Swedish Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Legal Deposit of Broadcast Material – the Swedish Experience

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Legal Deposit of Broadcast Material – the Swedish Experience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Legal Deposit of Broadcast Material – the Swedish Experience. Riga 2004-10-01 Sven Allerstrand. History of Legal Deposit in Sweden. Since 1661 for printed material The Royal Library and six university libraries (Electronic documents - web harvesting) 1979 for audiovisual media

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legal deposit of broadcast material the swedish experience

Legal Deposit of Broadcast Material – the Swedish Experience

Riga 2004-10-01

Sven Allerstrand

history of legal deposit in sweden
History of Legal Deposit in Sweden
  • Since 1661 for printed material
  • The Royal Library and six university libraries
  • (Electronic documents - web harvesting)
  • 1979 for audiovisual media
  • The National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images (SLBA)
some basic statements
Some basic statements
  • Sound and moving images are important parts of the national heritage
  • AV-media should be available for academic research under the same conditions as printed publications
  • It is a national interest to preserve this part of the national cultural heritage and to make it available
facts about slba
Facts about SLBA
  • Founded 1979
  • Integrated National AV-archive
  • Based on Legal Deposit
  • Staff numbers 70
  • 42 million SEK (4 million EUR) annual budget
  • Under the Ministry of Education
our main tasks
Our main tasks
  • To improve access to information within academic research and to increase the availibility of Swedish recorded sound and moving images
  • National responsibility for preservation of the audiovisual media
general principles for legal deposit
General Principles for Legal Deposit
  • National production
  • Published material
  • Completeness
  • No selection
legal deposit of broadcast material
Legal Deposit of Broadcast material
  • Both Swedish and foreign material
  • Based on ”Reference Recordings”
  • Only recordings with a special documentary value could be kept for posterity
reference recordings
Reference Recordings
  • Made for other purposes
  • The total transmission
  • Leaves selection to a second phase
  • The SLBA has not the authority to prescribe technical standard and quality of the deposited material
total delivery
Total delivery
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Film/video
  • Phonograms
  • Multimedia
a selection
A selection
  • Private local radio and TV
  • Talking magazines
the collection is growing
The collection is growing…

…with 1000 shelf metres or 60 000 (radio and TV 45 000) objects or 600 000 playing hours every year

The total collection is estimated to 4.5 million recorded hours

(1.2 million TV and 2.9 million radio)

Photo: Olof Thiel

  • The whole collection is available for research purposes
  • A smaller part is available to the general public
  • 5000 copies – 6000 visitors / year
for what purposes
… for what purposes
  • Film studies 30%
  • Media studies 17%
  • Musicology 6%
  • Other humanities 26%
  • Social science 19%
  • Natural science 2%
access experiences
Access experiences
  • Increasing demand for audiovisual material from researchers, scholars and from the general public
  • Moving images and especially Television is the most requested material
technical issues
Technical issues
  • Recordings on more than 50 different technical systems in the vaults
  • A lot of material of low technical quality (reference recordings)
  • Migration of analogue recordings to digital systems
  • Automated digital mass storage system
agreements with and
Agreements with and
  • Reference recordings
  • Interlending
  • Catalogue information
  • Deselection
  • Special projects
national preservation plan
National Preservation Plan
  • SLBA
  • SVT
  • Swedish Film Institute
  • National Archives
  • Museums
  • Researchers
  • Film producers
a governmental commission
A governmental commission
  • Report delivered May 2004
  • Bevara ljud och rörlig bild (SOU 2004:53)
main proposals in brief
Main proposals in brief
  • Selection principles

– ”unique” material

– Swedish is more important than foreign material

  • SLBA shall start to make its own recordings of som radio and TV-material
  • A major migration project
legal deposit of electronic material
Legal deposit of electronic material
  • E-plikt (SOU 1998:111)
  • KB – ett nav i kunskapssamhället (SOU 2003:129)
  • Response from the government in November
  • Working group KB/SLBA/the Ministry
  • Broadcast material must be considered as an important part of the national and world heritage
  • Legal deposit is the best means available to ensure that it is systematically preserved and made available for research and study
  • A legal deposit system must take into account that AV-media – and especially radio and television – are different from books and printed material
  • Volume and costs are major problems
  • Co-operation on a national and international level is necessary